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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Egypt in Chaos - Is it Obama's Fault?

Riot police at the palace faced off against activists chanting "leave, leave" and holding Egyptian flags with "no to the constitution" written on them.

Newspapers in Egypt went on strike to protest dictatorship
  • No one has picked up that Morsi declared himself dictator only hours after extensive "negotiations" with Comrade Obama for Egypt's help on Gaza. 
  • But it would be evil of me to think Obama cut a deal with the Muslim Brotherhood in return for their help.

Egypt is so broke that their President can't visit the men's room without checking with the US first.  But somehow Morsi felt he could make himself dictator with no fear of American money being cut off.

But Obama would never cut a deal with the Brotherhood.  That would be crazy talk.  But it's all classified and we will never be allowed to know.

Now violence broke out between police and protesters Tuesday outside the presidential palace as part of escalating a crisis over the nation's new constitution and the future shape of the Egyptian state almost two years after the toppling of former despot Hosni Mubarak.

Riot police stand guard near the
Presidential palace in Cairo.

Thousands gathered for a final "warning" to President Mohammed Morsi, who self-issued a constitutional decree in November that opponents saw as a power grab but supporters viewed as vital to ensuring the path to stable democracy.

The violence erupted hours after independent Egyptian media outlets began a temporary strike on Tuesday in a nation already intensely divided and riddled with unrest less than two weeks before Egyptians are set to vote on a draft of a new constitution reports USA Today.

At least eight influential dailies, a mix of opposition party mouthpieces and independent publications, suspended publication for a day to protest against what many journalists see as the restrictions on freedom of expression in the draft constitution.

Those who oppose Morsi, backed by the Muslim Brotherhood, say that Tuesday's newspaper media suspension, which will continue with several television channels on Wednesday, is an effort to speak out against threats to expression and press freedoms that are posed by the Brotherhood-led government and the draft constitution.

"The media strike is a good step on the way to protect freedoms," said Basma Addeq, 29, an trainer in information technology.

Clashes outside Egypt's presidential palace
Anti-Morsi protesters in Cairo moved past riot police get to the presidential palace.

Protesting against the Muslim Brotherhood

Anti-Morsi Protesters March to Presidential Palace

Police fired tear gas to stop protesters approaching the palace in the capital's Heliopolis district. Morsi was in the palace conducting business while protesters gathered outside. But he left for home through a back door when the crowds "grew bigger."

The violence erupted when protesters pushed aside a barricade topped with barbed wire several hundred yards from the palace walls. Police fired tear gas, and then retreated. With that barricade removed, protesters moved closer to the palace's walls, with police apparently choosing not to try and push the crowds back.

Protesters also commandeered a police van, climbing atop the armored vehicle to wave Egypt's red, white and black flag.

In the coastal city of Alexandria, some 10,000 opponents of Morsi gathered in the center of the country's second largest metropolis. They chanted slogans against the leader and his Islamic fundamentalist group, the Muslim Brotherhood.

A Military Dictatorship.
American Liberals and Conservatives made an error in backing General Hosni Mubarak and General Anwar Sadat.  Liberals don't care and Conservatives simply forgot America's own roots of overthrowing dictatorship. 

The Egyptian people rose up and threw off a cruel and corrupt military dictatorship and held the first free elections in 8,000 years. 
But all you heard from Conservatives was endless hand-wringing about the Arab Spring and Egyptians daring to want their freedom.  Conservatives screamed for more support for Mubarak's dictatorship with no thought at all for the freedom of the people of Egypt.

America's Last King
Americans pulling down the statue of our last King.  George III claimed
that God himself gave him the authority to rule.  Sounds familiar.

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