"There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with
power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Monday, July 31, 2017

Obamacare? Taxes? No, it's Russia 24-7 says GOP

It's 24-7
Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia

  • The Leftist GOP has broken all of their campaign promises.
  • The one thing Republicans do agree on is beating the Russia drum to distract voters. The Republicans use new sanctions on Russia and endless GOP run Russia hearings to attack Trump 24-7.

By Gary;

Ronald Reagan used to say he did not leave the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party left him.

I am right there with him. But in my case it is the screwed up, clusterfuck mess calling itself the "Conservative" Republican Party that left me.

This last week provided jarring proof.

After years of passing total repeals of Obamacare the GOP spit in the faces of their own voters and did nothing.

Both the House and the Senate totally and completely have failed:

  • NO Obamacare repeal
  • NO tax reform
  • NO immigration reform
  • NO border wall
  • NO spending cuts

There are only two things the "Conservative" Republican Party has any interest in doing:

#1)  Re-starting a Cold or hot war with Russia for the Military-Industrial Complex and

#2)  Joining with Democrats to hold 24-7 Russia hearings in an effort to bring down their own President and install an open borders Pence in the White House.

The Oligarch Elites are not frightened of the voters.

Members of Congress and the Senate sleep well at night knowing their Open Borders Wall Street Masters will pour in countless millions of campaign dollars to protect them from being defeated.

So here we are.  We are ruled over by two bought and paid for parties and there is no way in Hell of defeating them in what passes for "elections" in America.

"We surrender"

Rehab Clinic For Jihadis is Empty

Liberalism is a Mental Disorder
Insane Leftists think they can "cure" Islamists
if only they would check into rehab

(Daily Caller)  -  France is shutting down its only rehab facility for radicalized individuals after failing to attract extremists, the government announced Friday.
The French government launched its first de-radicalization center in October for people who were “looking for a way out.” The facility has been empty since February and the interior ministry is now moving to close it.
“The experiment has not been conclusive,” the government said in a statement, according to The Local.
Eleven more centers were planned as part of a 40 million euro ($47 million) program. The project would have had the capacity to host hundreds of people, but just nine signed up. All of them dropped out of the one-year course.
Despite the failure, the government has not given up on the project entirely.
Local residents and politicians complained over the fact that potentially dangerous individuals had the ability to wander around in their community since the program was voluntary.
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Judicial Watch Files Three Lawsuits on FBI

Put Them All In Jail
I would fill the prisons with corrupt FBI, CIA, 
NSA and political hack scum. 

(Canada Free Press)  -  Judicial Watch today announced that it filed three separate Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuits against the U.S. Department of Justice seeking records for current FBI Acting Director Andrew McCabe relating to his political activities, travel vouchers, and employment status. 
The first two lawsuits specifically seek records of McCabe’s political activities involving his wife’s failed campaign for political office and interactions with Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe.
The first FOIA lawsuit, filed on July 24 (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Justice (No. 1:17-cv-01494)), seeks the following:
  • Any and all records of communication between FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and other FBI or Department of Justice (“DOJ”) officials regarding, concerning or relating to ethical issues concerning the involvement of Andrew McCabe and/or his wife, Dr. Jill McCabe, in political campaigns;
  • Any and all records related to ethical guidance concerning political activities provided to Deputy Director McCabe by FBI and/or DOJ officials or elements.
The second Judicial Watch FOIA lawsuit, filed on July 26, seeks communication records between then-Deputy Director McCabe and Gov. Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic National Committee (DNC), and the Democratic Party of Virginia (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Justice (No. 1:17-cv-01495)), including:
  • Any and all records of communication between Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe and any of the following individuals:
    • Any official within the office of the Governor of Virginia, including but not limited to Governor Terry McAuliffe;
    • Any official, representative or employee with the Democratic National Committee;
    • Any official, representative or employee with the Democratic Party of Virginia.
In 2015, a political action committee run by McAuliffe, a close friend and political supporter of Bill and Hillary Clinton, donated nearly $500,000 to Jill McCabe, wife of McCabe, who was then running for the Virginia State Senate. Also, the Virginia Democratic Party, over which McAuliffe had significant influence, donated an additional $207,788 to the Jill McCabe campaign. In July 2015, Andrew McCabe was in charge of the FBI’s Washington, DC, field office, which provided personnel resources to the Clinton email probe.
The Hatch Act prohibits FBI employees from engaging “in political activity in concert with a political party, a candidate for partisan political office, or a partisan political group.”

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Instead of being the Guardians of the Republic, our Watchmen are knee deep in the corruption of the swamp.

Pro-Trump Ex-NFL Cheerleader Files for ‘Trump Divorce’

Bye Bye Democrat Husband

(New York Post)  -  Politics isn’t only dividing the nation, but tearing apart marriages too, according to one newly separated Florida couple.

The tony Palm Beach couple’s “Trump Divorce” was announced Thursday in a press release from a firm representing the wife.
“Dave and Lynn Aronberg Sign Amicable Divorce Settlement Putting an End to What Some Were Calling The Trump Divorce,” the release said.
Lynn Aronberg, a former Miami Dolphins cheerleader, and Dave Aronberg, the Palm Beach County state attorney, had been married for less than two years, according to the Palm Beach Post.
In an unusual move, the release goes on to detail the personal differences that led to the end of the marriage.
The release said Lynn Aronberg, 36, is a “staunch Republican and supporter of President Trump” and felt “increasingly isolated in the marriage.” Her ex-husband, 46, is a Democrat.
The statement also included the financial terms of the settlement, the Palm Beach Post reported.
Lynn Aronberg, who runs her own media relations firm, reportedly will receive $100,000 worth of benefits in “exchange for her signature on the dotted line.” Her ex will also cover Lynn’s rent in a luxury Boca Raton condo until next summer along with a new BMW and $40,000 cash.
The settlement comes after she filed for divorce in March — less than two months after President Donald Trump was inaugurated.
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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sunday Comics

Are tests biased against students
who don't give a shit?

1984 - Employers insert tracking chips in workers

Insert The Tracking Chip Deep
For Best Results

  • The chips don't stop tracking you when your shift at work ends. Plus Big Brother NSA and FBI will access this data in the holy name of "national security".
  • The business in Wisconsin claims the program is "optional". But employees who do not get chipped will no doubt be viewed by management as not being "team players" and denied promotions.

(Fox 8)  -  A Wisconsin company will become the first U.S. company to provide employees implantable microchips.

According to a press release, Three Square Market will offer the technology to all employees during a “chip party” on Aug. 1. The program is optional.

“Employees will be implanted with a RFID chip allowing them to make purchases in their break room micro market, open doors, login to computers, use the copy machine, etc.,” the company said in the press release.

Over 50 staff members are expected to be voluntarily chipped between the thumb and forefinger underneath the skin. The chip uses the same NFC chip technology used in credit cards.

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No RFID chip, no work

Obamaites scrub Christian Genocide from documents

(World Net Daily)  -  The Obama administration repeatedly fudged on the issue of Islam.
Barack Obama himself said Muslims were a key to the founding of the nation and after all, the U.S. wasn’t a Christian nation.
Muslim advocates, including some fairly radical, were installed in influential positions in Washington.
Never were the words “Muslim” and “terrorist” to be used together, it seemed.
Now, a report is confirming that those left in the government, and there are many, from Obama’s tenure are busy trying to erase the references to ISIS’ “genocide” of Christians in the Middle East.
It is the American Center for Law and Justice that is, well, a little upset.
“In a startling revelation, news is breaking this week that Obama holdovers within the State Department are actively attempting to scrub its records to remove any mention of the ISIS genocide against Christians,” the organization reported.
“This is outrageous and the ACLJ has had enough, so we are preparing a new set of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to find out why – and to expose deep state operatives who would use the delay of confirming new State Department officials as cover to strip legal protections from Christians facing genocide.”
The activist team quoted from the Washington Free Beacon that, “The State Department’s top lawyers are systematically removing the word ‘genocide’ to describe the Islamic State’s mass slaughter of Christians, Yazidis, and other ethnic minorities in Iraq and Syria from speeches before they are delivered and other official documents, according to human rights activists and attorneys familiar with the policies.’
“This is absolutely unacceptable and cannot be tolerated. And it begs the question, ‘Why?'” the ACLJ said.
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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Saturday Sultress - Stephanie Seymour

One of Mike Rowe's Dirty Jobs that I would volunteer for.

A Blast From The Past

Stephanie Seymour (born July 23, 1968) is an American supermodel and actress. Seymour has modeled for many notable fashion magazines and designers.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Seymour appeared in numerous issues of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and on the cover of Vogue as well. During the same period, Seymour was a primary lingerie and hosiery model for the relatively new Victoria's Secret company in its mail-order catalogs and retail stores. In March 1991, and again in February 1993, Seymour posed for Playboy.

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Now Dog "Gender Re-assignment Surgery"

People Have Way Too Much
Time on Their Hands

  • We spend $$$$ on dog gender re-assignment surgery while human children go without food or medical care.

(Daily Caller)  -  An English woman claimed that her dog underwent gender reassignment surgery because she was “an intersex dog,” The Guardian reported Friday.
Mary Finlay adopted her Jack Russell Terrier, Molly, in 2015. While the dog seemed completely normal and had “feminine-looking” features upon adoption, Finlay began noticing issues when the dog appeared to feel uncomfortable when sitting down and exhibited characteristic male behavior by cocking her leg to pee.
“Molly started to behave more like a male dog, mounting cushions and soft toys, although this often left her sore and unhappy. When she was six months old, we took her back to the vet, where a senior practitioner, Ross Allan, examined her,” Finlay said. “X-rays and other tests confirmed his suspicions – Molly was an intersex dog. In fact, she was most likely genetically male, meaning she was a male pseudohermaphrodite. She had a small vestigial penis within what looked like a female vulva and testicles inside her abdomen that hadn’t descended.”
The dog’s condition was a rare case that affects approximately 6,800 dogs, causing great physical discomfort and raising the risk of cancer.
Finlay decided to let the dog undergo the operation, calling it “gender reassignment surgery” because her male genitalia were removed, due to the risks of them becoming cancerous.
“She’s a cheeky little dog, full of character,” Finlay said. “She’s still unmistakably our Molly, whatever her genetic makeup.”
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Muslim children are the future of Europe says Archbishop

Welcome to the Future Brother

(Breitbart London)  -  “If you want to see the face of Europe in 100 years, barring a miracle, look to the faces of young Muslim immigrants,” Philadelphia Archbishop Charles J. Chaput told a group of Catholics Thursday.
Speaking at an annual conference of the Napa Institute in California, Chaput tied the future of civilization to a willingness to have children—an area where Muslims lead every other group.
“Islam has a future because Islam believes in children,” Chaput said. “Without a transcendent faith that makes life worth living, there’s no reason to bear children. And where there are no children, there’s no imagination, no reason to sacrifice, and no future.”
“Christian” Europe, on the other hand, languishes under a loss of hope in the future, illustrated by a birthrate well below replacement levels, which is offset only by its uncontrolled mass immigration.
“At least six of Europe’s most senior national leaders have no children at all,” the Archbishop noted.  “Their world ends with them. It’s hard to avoid a sense that much of Europe is already dead or dying without knowing it.”
French President Emmanuel Macron, along with the leaders of Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden and the Netherlands, have zero children among them, a feat perhaps never matched in European history. This startling fact has led some to speculate that as a group these leaders have less of a stake in the future of their nations because they have no children of their own.
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Teaching the next generation to hate infidels.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Russia Must Die - The Deep State has Spoken

The Bipartisan Deep State Uses
Russia to Destroy Trump

  • Never did I think I would publish an article from Pravda, but here we are. I am not frightened of the opinions of others and this article makes a lot of good points.
  • The Deep State, CIA, NSA, FBI, Military-Industrial Complex and open borders Wall Street Oligarchs control what passes for "news". But our "news" is little more than a 24-7 anti-Trump, anti-Russia, pro-war propaganda machine.

(Pravada)  -  It is hard to overstate the no-holds-barred media assassination of all things Russian.  It is beyond the Cold War days, when the same ideological crowd now vilifying Russia were considered "soft on Communism".  You hear it all over, including the oft repeated phrase that, "Russia is our biggest enemy." Yes, you heard right: Our. Biggest. Enemy.  

Putin is, according to the US mainstream media, the equivalent of the antichrist, the beast, or the head of the oligarchic mafia that is out to rule, and by implication ruin, the world.

And Donald Trump is to be eviscerated and hung on the cross of Russia.  This canard is a bone the media will not let go of - this "guilt by association". 

Any contact with Russia is treated by our media malefactors like contact with smallpox, or the ebola virus.  Legal, or verbal, or ANY association is transformed by media-black-magic into a grave offense against everything American.
Putin a Godless Communist?
Those days are long gone, this is more Military-Industrial Complex propaganda. Putin has protected the Orthodox Church and helped it grow. Sure Russia in authoritarian but so what. They have been authoritarian for 1,000 years.

Even a conversation between President Trump and President Putin at an international dinner, -- conducted in "broad daylight" in the same banquet room with dozens of heads of state and their spouses in attendance, -- was treated as a sinister conspiracy against the world by MSNBC and CNN.

So, let's get this straight.  Russia is our mortal enemy because they are pinko commies?  Nah, that's not it. They left communism and became a democracy with a capitalist economy decades ago.  Did we rejoice and welcome them into the fold?  Like how awesome is that?  No, we did not.

So, Russia is anathama and a detestation because they want to dominate Europe and take over the world?  Well, let's see. I think that would be ... us -- the United States of America with over seven hundred military bases in over one hundred countries.  Russia?  Not so much.  Less than ten military bases outside of Russia.  
So, hmmmm, we hate them and we demonize them because they are godless?  Nah, actually that would be us.  They are bringing back traditional values and Putin is a professed Christian, going to confession to an Orthodox Russian priest once a week according to more than one source. In the months of May, June, and July millions of Russians stood in lines sometimes a mile long to venerate the relics of 4th century Bishop St. Nicholas on display in a glass case in Moscow in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow, rebuilt under President Putin.
And Russia recently outlawed the lascivious website Pornhub, a huge porn aggregate which is alive and well in the USA. Godlessness? Can't be that.
Russia has actually banned GMOs.  They want to be friends with the USA.  We hate them because ... because ... it's fun to hate Russians?  It's fun to have a big, bad enemy?? 
And, here's the kicker: our Overlords can justify spending insane amounts of money on more nuclear bombs and bigger and better weapons -- if the Media-Military-Industrial Complex crowd can fabricate a scary enough enemy for us to hate, fear - and potentially drop the bombs on (or at least on their allies). 
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Teddy was right.
But now corporate control of news is even worse.

“These international bankers and Rockefeller-Standard Oil interests control the majority of the newspapers and the columns in those papers to club into submission or drive out of office officials who refuse to do the bidding of the powerful corrupt cliques which compose the invisible government.”.
Theodore Roosevelt
(New York Times)