"There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with
power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Communist Chinese on buying spree in Australia

Yin Jianzhong inspects irrigated farmland under development in Australia's far-flung Kimberley region. Yin is the Australia-based head of Chinese conglomerate Shanghai Zhongfu's ambitious A$700 million Outback project. ROB TAYLOR/THE WALL STREET JOURNAL  (Read More)

Communist China buys Australia

  • The Communists are on the march and are bankrolling the massive purchase of Australian ranches, mines and businesses.
  • Australia is to act as a food and raw materials colony for their new Lords and Masters in Communist China.
  • The moronic Australians are selling off their nation to Communists for a few fast dollars in profit.  With those purchases the Communists gain huge political and economic influence inside Australia.

(Framland Grab.org)  -  CHINESE investors have spent a quick-fire $120 million in the last two months buying rural properties across Australia and the signs are that the buying spree is only the beginning, with more than $1 billion worth of deals in play.
After a disappointing foray into Australia's resources sector Chinese investors have taken a far more cautious approach to agriculture but are now finally starting to act, buying a $40 million farm every fortnight for the past two months.
Chinese groups were identified as far back as 2012 as the next major group of foreign investors for rural Australia, but aside from Shandong Ruyi buying Australia's largest cotton irrigator Cubbie Station for $232 million it took three years to see a serious buying spree by the Chinese.
Dashang Group, Hailiang Group, Fucheng Group, Tianma Bearings Group and New Hope have outlaid about $260 million since March on rural holdings and production.

"The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them."
Vladimir Lenin

There are more Chinese investors waiting at the farm gate. They include one of China's largest beef producers, Chongqing Hondo Agriculture Group, which is looking to buy up to $100 million worth of cattle stations in Australia.
They also include Pengxin's listed subsidiary, Dakang Farming, along with Shanghai CRED, financial services group Zendai and textile, property and logistics conglomerate Shanshan Group who are all said to have shown interest in Australia's largest land holder S. Kidman & Co or the Terra Firma backed Consolidated Pastoral.
Austrade's trade commissioner in Chengdu, Jeff Turner, said in May that the line-up of Chinese interests was extensive, with as many as 300 Chinese cattle and cattle-related companies looking to invest in Australia.
However it is the comments of Chinese buyers that have fuelled the hopes of farm vendors, agents, bankers and lawyers all looking to do deals with the Chinese giants.
The chairman of New Hope Group, Liu Yonghao, who has pledged to invest $500 million in Australian agriculture over the next three years said China's land was seriously overloaded, with too much fertiliser degrading the land. "Australia has a vast landmass, good grasslands and sunshine," he said. "It is our hope to bring Australia's beef and mutton into the market of China. We should say these investments are beneficial to Australia and China."
With the recent increase in Chinese investment, local law firms who have represented Chinese buyers say such investors are now making fewer mistakes. "Early investors who came in made substantial losses as a result of their inexperience," Holding Redlich partner Brian Healey said. "They are much more savvy than they were three or even two years ago. They study our social, legal and political systems very carefully."
Australians will become landless Serfs
working the estates of their foreign
Lords in China.

His colleague, Holding Redlich partner Carl Hinze, who speaks Mandarin and has worked for a decade in China, said Chinese investors in Australia were looking to diversify from commercial and residential investment into agriculture.

"Their initial investments abroad are about doing what they know best, investing in commercial and residential property, but the scale in the Australian market is so much smaller than what they are used to in China, so they then diversify into areas they are not so familiar with, and the classic area is agriculture," Mr Hinze said.
"We see it especially with Chinese property developers and that's not a surprise given what has happened with the property market in China where the risk-return profile has recently changed," Mr Hinze said.
"They are looking for more secure investments abroad now that the investment returns on property in China are trending down. It's about combining the commercial objective of pursuing profit-making opportunities with the added benefit of achieving China's food security objectives."
Mr Hinze said it is likely that a large percentage of Chinese investors in Australian agriculture will want to bed down their investments in the next 18 months and "seek to collaborate effectively with Australian management."
Thynne + Macartney partner Bill Loughnan said that while the Chinese were astute deal makers and also faced more hurdles including foreign investment review board approvals, some farm vendors should not be waiting forever for the magical Chinese investor.
"One particular issue in today's environment is whether aspiring vendors are prepared to wait for the foreign investors to come out of the woodwork to do a deal where they could get good values," Mr Loughnan said.

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Workers will become landless Serfs in their own nations working for
foreign governments and businesses.
The Modern Road to Serfdom
The world is moving toward a modern form of Neo-Serfdom where everyone works for the all-powerful State, businesses controlled by the State or businesses that have bought "protection" from the State.  A world where individual property rights and freedom do not exist.

Freedom is slowly vanishing.  What happens when the major employers are owned by government backed investment groups, or your food comes from government owned farms, or your news is delivered by so-called "private" corporations that are in reality connected and interconnected to governments?

George Orwell had a name for it:  Big Brother.  Benito Mussolini had a name too: Corporatism or Fascism.

Afghanistan in Collapse?

Going, Going, Gone?

  • The military "geniuses" in the Pentagon and D.C. have no clue about the power of people's wars or guerrilla warfare.  
  • Maybe these loser generals should re-take classes on the American Revolution, the Boer War and Vietnam.

(New York Times)  -  Afghanistan was plunged deeper into crisis a day after the Taliban seized the northern city of Kunduz, as the insurgents on Tuesday kept assaulting the reeling Afghan security forces and the government struggled to mount a credible response.

Not only did a promised government counteroffensive on Kunduz not make headway during heavy fighting on Tuesday, but the day ended with yet another aggressive Taliban advance, with insurgents surrounding the airport to which hundreds of Afghan forces and at least as many civilians had retreated, thinking it would be safe.

After more than a day of relative silence as the situation worsened around Kunduz, the American military showed the first signs of increased involvement in what the Pentagon called “a setback,” conducting at least two airstrikes, and reportedly more as attacks continued at the airport late Tuesday.

Beyond the Taliban’s gains in Kunduz, there was evidence that the insurgents were also pushing a broader offensive in northern Afghanistan, officials said. One particular point of concern was Takhar Province, just east of Kunduz, where the insurgents were said to be heavily assaulting military checkpoints and government facilities in several districts over the past two days.

Questions about how thousands of army, police and militia defenders could continue to fare so poorly against a Taliban force that most local and military officials put in the hundreds hung over President Ashraf Ghani’s government and its American allies.

In the hours after Kunduz’s fall, Afghan officials said an overwhelming Afghan Army force was on its way to retake the city. But by the end of the day on Tuesday, only a few hundred had materialized at the airport — a small fraction of the number who had fled the city the day before. Many more traveling by road were said to have been slowed by ambushes and roadside bombs, in another sign of growing Taliban control in Kunduz Province and nearby areas.

The Afghan police prepared for a counteroffensive on
Tuesday in Kunduz, but they were unable to beat
back Taliban insurgents
. CreditEuropean Pressphoto Agency

In Kunduz, the city’s limited medical facilities were overwhelmed with the flow of wounded, although the number of dead from the two days of fighting remained unclear. The main trauma center, run by Doctors Without Borders, had received 171 wounded, including 46 children, many of them in critical condition with gunshot wounds.

But the looting of institutions and businesses continued, including of the United Nations regional branch, the Afghan intelligence agency’s provincial office, two radio stations and a number of car dealerships. Even broken-down cars were being towed out of dealerships, residents said. A vault at the central bank’s Kunduz branch was blown up early Tuesday, residents said.

“The Taliban are strolling around freely like this is their home,” said Ghulam Rabbani Rabbani, a member of the Kunduz provincial council, who like many Kunduz officials had retreated to the airport but was in touch with residents. “They took a lot of weapons from the intelligence agency’s office, weapons that were stocked for arming pro-government militias. We fear that there was cash and vehicles also.”

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INTENSE Firefight In Afghanistan From The Taliban's Point Of View During Attack On Coalition Outpost

The Jews caused the crane collapse in Mecca says Iran

And these loons want nukes

(The Times of Israel)  -  The deputy chief of staff of the Iranian armed forces suggested Monday that the deadly Mecca crane collapse and hajj stampede were orchestrated by Israel and Saudi Arabia.

At least 107 people were killed and 238 injured when a crane collapsed on the Grand Mosque during a storm on September 11. The head of Saudi Arabia’s civil defense directorate said high winds caused the incident, which also led to the death of a top Iranian scientist. 

Last week, over 700 people were trampled to death during the annual hajj pilgrimage in Mecca, including some 150 Iranian nationals.

At least 107 people were killed and 238 injured when a crane collapsed on the Grand Mosque during a storm on September 11. The head of Saudi Arabia’s civil defense directorate said high winds caused the incident, which also led to the death of a top Iranian scientist. 

Last week, over 700 people were trampled to death during the annual hajj pilgrimage in Mecca, including some 150 Iranian nationals.

Armed Forces Brigadier General Massoud Jazzayeri linked the two incidents and said Israel and Saudi Arabia were likely behind both.

“Given the usurper Zionist regime’s infiltration and influence on the al-Saud, there is a growing possibility that the crane crash incident at the Grand Mosque (in the holy city of Mecca) and the death of thousands of people in Mina were the result of deliberate crime,” Jazzayeri told the semi-official Fars News Agency.

“Given the eyewitness accounts and the increasing possibility that the two painful and regrettable incidents at the Grand Mosque and Mina have been the result of intentional action, fact-finding groups from all Muslim states have the responsibility to decrypt this al-Saud’ crime,” he added.

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The Trump-Putin Factor: 60 Minutes Ratings Soar

A 2016 ticket for many
Both Putin and Trump gave impressive interviews

(Breitbart News)  -  Sunday night’s ratings are in, and while football is still king, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump helped CBS to take second place.

Trump’s Sunday evening interview with 60 Minutes, in which Russian President Vladimir Putin was also interviewed by Charlie Rose, brought in big ratings for CBS, which finished only behind NBC’s Sunday Night Football.
Sunday’s NFL matchup between the Denver Broncos and the Detroit Lions won the evening, bringing in 19.7 million viewers, and 7.3/21 in the key 18-49 demo for the 8:30pm-11pm ET time slot, reports TheWrap.
Scott Pelley’s sit-down with GOP frontrunner Donald Trump brought in 15 million viewers, for second place with a 2.9/9 rating among the key demo.
Trump candidly criticized the media, teased his tax plan and advocated for the middle class during the interview.
Putin spoke in-depth with Rose about Russian intervention in Syria, Ukraine, and offered a rare glimpse into his perspective of Russia’s place in the world.
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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Chinese aircraft carrier docks in Syria - 1,000 Chinese Marines to fight ISIS

Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning-CV-16.

Ain't life just fucking grand?

  • Putin warned us to stop arming the Islamists in Syria. But noooo . . . . Obama just had to fuck with Russia and Syria.
  • Now Syria in filling up with Chinese Marines as well as Russians. On the bright side, at least they will be killing ISIS soldiers.  ISIS soldiers that we armed, but ISIS all the same.

(EDITOR'S NOTE - I got taken with this false story. For some reason the story appeared in the Israeli press. A "false flag" by Israel to encourage more U.S. involvement? Don't know. 10-3-16.)

(Examiner)  -  With it already verified by numerous media sources world-wide that Russian Naval Infantry is already ashore in Syria, it's now being reported that the Chinese have a mini-armada already dropping anchor in a Syrian port. And as being reported, Beijing is far from done beefing up its presence in the Mediterranean Sea, formerly known in naval circles as an American Lake.

As reported by Johnlee Varghese of the International Business Times - India edition (IBD) on Sept. 27, 2015, and also by the staff of the Israel-based new media portal DEBKAfile.com on Sept. 26, 2015, the hundreds of Russian Naval Infantry (Marines) and at least 1,000 Iranian Revolutionary Guards are already setting up shop in the war-torn West Asian nation of Syria. Widely understood that the Russians and Iranians are in-country to prop-up embattled President Bashir al-Assad, the two anti-American powers are already joined by yet a third nation who doesn't exactly look upon the United States as their BFF.

Fighting in Syria?
Naval Marines of China's People's Liberation Army

While Barack Obama was welcoming Chinese President Xi Jinping to the White House on Friday, Sept. 25, and spoke of the deep friendship between the two countries, the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning-CV-16 docked at the Russian naval station at the Syrian port of Tartus, accompanied by a yet to be identified guided missile cruiser. And in the vernacular of infomercial gadget pitchmen, but wait... there's more.

As noted by IBD's Varghese, a Syrian National Army officer was quoted by the Lebanese new media English language website al-Masdar al-'Arabi (The Arab Source) verifying a Chinese naval vessel carrying dozens of "military advisers" is on its way to Syria. Upon arrival, the Chinese troops will then join with the "hundreds" of Russian troops stationed in the government controlled northwest of the nation. While not disclosing any specifics, the Syrian officer flatly stated the Chinese military personnel were expected to arrive at the Russian base in Tartus within the next six weeks.

Meanwhile, the staff from Israel's DEBKAfile is citing that the Chinese aircraft carrier docked at Tartus without its aircraft contingent. Reportedly, "the warplanes and helicopters should be in place on its decks by mid-November - flying in directly from China via Iran or transported by giant Russian transports from China through Iranian and Iraqi airspace." 

Not done yet, it's also reported that the Chinese will be sending to Syria "a squadron of J-15 Flying Shark fighters, some for takeoff positions on the carrier’s decks, the rest to be stationed at the Russian airbase near Latakia. 

The Chinese will also deploy Z-18F anti-submarine helicopters and Z-18J airborne early warning helicopters. In addition, Beijing will consign at least 1,000 Marines to fight alongside their counterparts from Russia and Iran against terrorist groups, including ISIS."

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China's new aircraft carrier

The Russian Naval base at Tartus, Syria.

Why do I get the feeling that you don't
want to fuck with Putin?

Donald's Trump's Conservative Socialism

"In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes."
Benjamin Franklin

By Gary;

With his new tax plan Donald Trump has fully embraced the mainstream position of Conservative Republican Socialism.

While Trump's move is positive there was no talk about abolishing the IRS or a simple flat tax.

Under Trump fewer and fewer voters will have to pay taxes, but those voters who do not pay taxes will still receive benefits from the state that will be paid for by others.

Pro-Business Conservative Socialism, and the Marxist re-distribution of the wealth, dates back to the GOP of William Howard Taft which enthusiastically rammed through the Federal income tax constitutional amendment.

The aim of the GOP was to buy the votes of those who would not have to pay the tax and use that new cash to spend on projects benefiting those voters.  The entire income tax is Marxist class warfare that flares up as a useful campaign issue every two years on election day.

Trump's buying of votes is good politics

Only a few "insane" people like me would abolish the IRS and the income tax.  So Trump's move is good politics from the mainstream GOP viewpoint.

Trump would consolidate the current seven tax rates to four:  0%, 10%, 20% and 25%.  Those changes would exempt all married couples makes $50,000 or less from the income tax.  Business taxes would drop to 15%.

Certainly simplifying the tax code and lowering rates moves us closer to the freedom end of political spectrum.  With this plan The Donald firmly places himself in the camp of political and financial freedom.

The real test will come on spending where the "small government" Republicans can't stop themselves from ringing up the nation's Visa card and piling debt up to the moon.

American Empire vs Roman Empire:
Monetary history repeats itself

Taxes as a Weapon
From the dawn of history taxes have been used by the all-powerful state to reward supporters of the regime and to punish political enemies.  Thus is has always been and thus I am afraid it always will be.

Republican William Howard Taft
America's First Socialist President
kIn 1909 GOP President William Howard Taft urged the Republican controlled Congress to adopt the Marxist progressive income tax.  Taft and a GOP Congress brought Marxism and class warfare to the U.S. by passing the income tax amendment to the Constitution.

The Republican Party promised to "soak the rich" (the top 1%). The GOP adopted Marxism in a shameless pandering for the votes of those who would not have to pay the tax.  Both Democrats and Republicans have been loyal to Karl Marx ever since.
See our article:
It's Income Tax Day - Thank a Republican

Facebook to censor your posts on immigration

"Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is
the merger of state and corporate power."
Benito Mussolini

Thought Criminal
Zuckerberg to make sure that only government 
approved thoughts are posted on the Internet.

(Infowars News)  -  Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was caught discussing the censorship of anti-migrant posts at the United Nations development summit Saturday while speaking with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
According to CNBC, the pair were picked up by a hot mic after Merkel confronted Zuckerberg on social media posts critical of “the wave of Syrian refugees entering Germany.”
After being asked about Facebook’s efforts to curtail speech, Zuckerberg stated, “We need to do some work,” confirming he’d already started looking at ways to hinder comments in opposition to Merkel’s immigration stance.
“Are you working on this?” Merkel asked. “Yeah,” Zuckerberg responded before their microphone was cut.
In response to the shocking revelation, media outlets such as Bloomberg immediately leapt to the defense of the tech giant, insinuating that any critique of the German government’s response to the migrant crisis would be “racist” and “xenophobic.”
Only just last week, an article by Infowars’ Kit Daniels examining the pope’s controversial comments on mass immigration was pulled and barred from Facebook without explanation.
Since the migrant crisis began, news outlets across the globe have both covered up crucial facts, specifically NATO’s responsibility in destabilizing Syria, and gone out of their way to outright ignore any stories that highlight the criminal acts of migrants.
Zuckerberg’s penchant for censoring speech deemed politically incorrect is unsurprising given his meeting late last year with Lu Wei, the czar of China’s authoritarian Internet censorship system.
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5 Things the Media Won't Report About the Refugee Crisis

Republicans couldn't find Iran on a map, says Rouhani

Let's do the blank map test.

There is an element of truth
  • A Test Please  -  I would like to have every member of Congress fill in the names of countries on a blank map of the world.  I suspect that a huge percentage of these egomaniacal chest thumpers are a dumb as a box of rocks.  
  • But for reasons I can't understand we are told that these "leaders" are our "betters" and that we must respect them.  Fuck that shit.

(CNN)  -  The Republican candidates for U.S. president who are attacking the nuclear deal with Iran could hardly find the country on a map, or know that Tehran is the capital, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani told CNN's Christiane Amanpour on Sunday.
"Sometimes when I would have time, some of it was broadcast live and I would watch it -- some of it was quite laughable. It was very strange, the things that they spoke of," he said through an interpreter.
"Some of them wouldn't even know where Tehran was in relation to Iran. Some of them didn't know where Iran was geographically, not distinguishing that one is the capital of the other."
"So what they spoke of was quite far away from the truth. So the people of Iran were looking at it as a form of entertainment, if you will, and found it laughable."
The U.S. Congress failed to block the implementation of a deal between Iran and six world powers that trades curbs on Iran's nuclear program for the elimination of many sanctions that have been placed on the country.
But Republican candidates for president have vowed to tear up the deal if elected.
"I will rip to shreds this catastrophic Iranian nuclear deal," Ted Cruz said in a recent CNN debate.
Were the U.S. to do that, Rouhani said, it would destroy the country's credibility abroad, and Iran would abide by its commitment to the deal.
"Can a government become a signatory to an international agreement and then the subsequent government tear it to shreds? This is something that only the likes of Saddam Hussein would do," he said.
"Saddam Hussein, previous to attacking Iran in 1980, did sign an agreement with Iran and then tore it to shreds himself and then attacked Iran."
"So any government that replaces the current government must keep itself committed to the commitments given by the previous administration; otherwise, that government, that entire country, will lose trust internationally and no longer have the type of needed trust to operate in the international arena."
"So finally, I think most of these are political slogans at best."
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Speaking of Dumb Asses
Remember This One
(CBS News)  -  Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) is raising some eyebrows with a comment he made about the U.S. territory of Guam during a House Armed Services Committee.
In a discussion regarding a planned military buildup on the Pacific island, Johnson expressed some concerns about the plans to Adm. Robert Willard, head of the U.S. Pacific fleet.
"My fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize," Johnson said. Willard paused and replied, "We don't anticipate that."  Read More . . . .

Monday, September 28, 2015

Trump: GOP rivals ‘want to start WWIII over Syria,’ should let Russia fight ISIS

Wars for Fun and Profit

  • The open borders Republican war hawks are always pushing to bomb something or arm Islamists in order to distract voters from their Big Government agenda and their care and feeding of the military-industrial complex.
  • Trump is dead on.  You need military power, but you don't need to get involved in every conflict on the planet. 

(Washington Times)  -  GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump shared more of his views on foreign policy Friday, telling an audience in Oklahoma his 2016 rivals want to “start World War III over Syria” and suggesting the U.S. let Russia take up the fight against the Islamic State in the region.
“They want to start World War III over Syria. Give me a break,” Mr. Trump said at the State Fairgrounds in Oklahoma City, The Hill reported.
“You know Russia wants to get ISIS right,” Mr. Trump said, using the acronym for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. “We want to get ISIS. Russia’s in Syria. Maybe we should let them do it? Let them do it. What the hell are we, crazy?”
Mr. Trump’s remarks come as Russia is increasing its military forces in Syria, a move which has alarmed U.S. military and administration officials.
The U.S. is concerned that Russia will lend its own troops to help embattled Syrian President Bashar al-Assad take on the Islamic State terrorist group. While the U.S. is also leading a coalition force against the terror group, it also opposes Mr. Assad’s regime and has urged him to step down from office.
Mr. Trump, an opponent of the nuclear deal with Iran, also said Friday that the U.S. had only empowered Iran by invading Iraq.
“I said don’t go into Iraq. I’m the most militant person here, the most militaristic person you’ll ever meet. I believe in the military strongly but I didn’t want to see us invade Iraq,” he said, The Hill reported.
“We spend $2 trillion, thousands of lives, wounded warriors all over the place that I love by the way… we got nothing. We can’t even go over there.”
Mr. Trump also said Iraq and Iran were in cahoots over oil in the region.
“And right now as you are standing here, Iraq is negotiating with Iran. They’re going to merge and Iran is going to get the oil… and the one that gets the rest of it is going to be ISIS.”
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The War May Be Over: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 110)
In spite of warmonger Republicans, somehow the war in the Ukraine appears to be winding down all on its own.  I guess the U.S. did not need to go to war after all.

Communist China will build Boeing 737 jets

Using Communists to Bust Unions

  • Because of so-called "free trade" millions of good paying American jobs are flooding into Communist nations like China and Vietnam where, by coincidence, labor unions and freedom of speech are illegal.
  • Boeing will fire American citizens while now joining arm-in-arm with an anti-union Communist dictatorship to build airplanes.

(International Business Times)  -  Boeing is finally going to China. The American aerospace giant will build its first overseas airliner assembly plant in China, state news agency Xinhua reported Wednesday. As part of the deal, Boeing also will sell 300 new aircraft to three Chinese companies.
Boeing has not yet issued a statement. Nor has the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, the union that represents more than 33,000 workers at the company’s longtime manufacturing base in Washington’s Puget Sound region.
The move is Boeing’s latest step away from its home in the Pacific Northwest -- something it has pinned, in part, on high labor costs. More than a dozen years ago, the company moved its corporate headquarters to Chicago; in 2011, it opened an assembly plant near Charleston, South Carolina, where it now builds the 787 Dreamliner jet. Since 2013, Boeing has shed 6,800 jobs from Washington, although the state still hosts about half of the corporation’s 160,000-person workforce, according to SEC filings.
Observers also say the company’s pivot to China is driven by its rivalry with Airbus. Like Boeing, Europe’s top aerospace manufacturer has set up shop in the American South. Seeking new markets and friendly business environments, it cut the ribbon on a shining new factory in Mobile, Alabama, last week. And it, too, has a manufacturing presence in China: In July, Airbus signed a deal for a second Chinese factory. The firm already has an assembly plant in the northeastern port city of Tianjin.
China is expected to add more than 6,000 new aircraft worth $950 billion to its commercial fleet within the next two decades, according to Boeing. The new plant in China will manufacture a model of Boeing's 737 passenger jets. "China's rapidly growing aviation market plays a crucial role in our current and future success," Chairman Jim McNerney said in a statement last week.
Chinese President Xi Jinping is visiting Boeing’s factory in Everett, Washington, Wednesday. Some employees there are gearing up for a protest. In contrast to the United States, there are no independent trade unions in China. 
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A Communist - Business Alliance
Nike uses Communist thugs in Vietnam to make sure their sweatshop work force never forms a union to demand good wages and working conditions.
See our article:
Is "free" trade the death of America? - Jobs flood out of the U.S.

A Permanent Great Depression
The poverty of the 1930s Great Depression is coming back.  The moronic politicians and TV talking heads blunder forward thinking the future will look like the past as they talk about new jobs and economic recovery.
Those of us still able to think for ourselves see the writing on the wall.  Technology, free trade agreements, robotics, the Internet and outsourcing are permanently abolishing jobs by the millions.  At some point the consumer economy will collapse as people with jobs to buy products simply vanish.
Welcome to a future of eternal poverty, unemployment, EBT cards and government housing.