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Friday, December 21, 2012

Pat Caddell on Obama & Benghazi: "These people have no honor!"

And the cover-up goes on
Obama Sent No Rescue:  Benghazi Lasted ‘8 Hours’ But Was ‘Over in ... 30 Minutes’
  • The corrupt liar bastards are all over the map.
  • Hillary remains in hiding, avoids going under oath until she can get her story straight.

The chairman and the vice chairman of the State Department Accountability Review Board (ARB) that investigated the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on U.S. facilities in Benghazi, Libya, made dramatically different statements on Wednesday about the duration of those attacks that resulted in the deaths of four Americans.

The relevant duration of the event shrunk from "almost eight hours" to "only about 20 or 30 minutes" when a reporter asked this "accountability" team why the U.S. military had not been sent to Benghazi to help that night.

During his opening statement at a State Department briefing, Ambassador Thomas Pickering, who chaired the ARB, said the terrorist attacks occurred over a span of almost eight hours.

“What happened on September 11th and 12th in Benghazi was a series of attacks in multiple locations by unknown assailants that ebbed and flowed over a period of almost eight hours,” Pickering volunteered.

About 20 minutes later in the same briefing, as Ambassador Pickering nodded his head in agreement, retired Admiral Michael Mullen, the vice chairman of the ARB, put the Benghazi terror event in a very different time frame. He said it lasted only about 20 or 30 minutes.

(CNS News)

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