"There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with
power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Friday, March 31, 2023

Friday Femmes with Firearms

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

The Republic is Dead - Long Live The Empire

The Republic is Dead
Long Live The Empire
A long time ago, in a Republic far far away, Caesar crossed the Rubicon. We are witness to the Death of America.

By Gary;

The Republic died this week.

But it's not just the crossing of the Rubicon with Trump's indictment. 

The fall of the Republic began in 2001 with a "Conservative" Republican controlled Congress joining with Democrats to pass the unconstitutional Patriot Act.

Just this last week the "Conservative" GOP was furiously masturbating about passing the ban TicTok bill that would establish a centralized Police State.

The corrupt Washington DC Uni-Party simply does not give a flying fuck about the Peasants. 

All that matters to the Elites is protecting the Globalist Ruling Class of the Imperial City-State of Washington DC.

In the big picture what happens to Trump does not matter. 

  • Trump or no Trump, the Globalist-Marxist-Corporatist alliance will not stop until the American people are crushed.
  • Trump or no Trump, the "Conservative" GOP in DC has done, and will do nothing to protect the American people.

Our only hope is Governors and state legislatures using the 10th Amendment and refuse to obey dictatorial orders from the DC Uni-Party. 

Caesar crosses the Rubicon
and the Republic dies

Raw Military Power
The ultimate power behind all thrones
That raw military-police power of the state is now targeted against the American people.  

Thursday, March 30, 2023

COVID "Vax" Caused 300,000 Excess Deaths

(Newswars)  In the U.S., COVID-19 vaccines injured 6.6 million people, disabled 1.36 million people, caused more than 300,000 excess deaths and cost the economy an estimated $147 billion in damage — in 2022 alone — according to a new analysis by Humanity Projects, a wing of Portugal-based research firm Phinance Technologies.

The researchers behind “The Vaccine Damage Project,” released this month, said they sought to “estimate the human cost,” including “deaths caused or hastened by the vaccines,” as well as “the impact on the overall economy of each aspect of the vaccine damage.”

Phinance Technologies was founded by former BlackRock portfolio manager Edward Dowd, along with Yuri Nunes, Ph.D., and Carlos Alegria, Ph.D.

Dowd, who came out as a whistleblower against the COVID-19 shots and Big Pharma corruption, is the author of “‘Cause Unknown’: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 and 2022.”

A substantial portion of the population — 18% — falls into the mild-to-moderate injury category. This category refers to those “who experienced mild to moderate adverse effects after vaccination” that “could be temporary in nature, or long-term or even permanent,” leading to “lower productivity at work.”

Using the “excess rate of related adverse events in vaccinated individuals (23.90%) obtained from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s V-safe database, versus the placebo baseline (5.98%) in the Pfizer clinical trial,” the researchers concluded, “the pool of possibly injured individuals due to the vaccine is about 18% of the population.”

General findings for this category include a 50% increase in lost work time between 2019 and 2022, a 28.6% increase in absence rates — an 11 standard deviation variation from 2019 — and an estimated 26.6 million Americans affected.

Approximately 1% (0.93%) of the population fell into the “disabilities-severe outcome” category. This figure refers to the “estimated pool of the Civilian Labor force aged 16-64 that were disabled since 2021.”

The team drew from previous research it conducted on disability claims in the U.S. labor force, and from “the excess rate of Serious and Severe Adverse Events in vaccinated individuals versus the placebo baseline in the Pfizer and Moderna clinical trials,” the rise in disabilities at the population level in the U.S., and the hospitalization rate as derived from the V-safe database.

In all, the researchers found a 24.6% rise in disabilities since 2021, affecting an estimated 1.36 million individuals.

More at Newswars.com


German Health Minister, Prof. Dr. Karl Lauterbach just made a massive mistake on-air. He recently went on a German news station and admitted COVID vaccine injury is 1 in 10,000 with no way of helping the injured. The genie is out of the bottle never to return again. But is that the real rate? Jefferey Jaxen reports.

U.S. Ruling Class Received $400 Million In Royalties From Moderna

Corruptus in Extremis

(SHFT Plan)  The United States government has released the licensing agreement it hammered out with vaccine manufacturer Moderna and it’s highly concerning. The ruling class received $400 million in royalties for helping to “sell” the COVID-19 experimental gene therapy shots to the public.

COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

As of right now, the rulers have refused to confirm any payment details. According to a report by The Epoch Times, Moderna agreed to pay the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) to license spike protein technology. This is confirmed in the contract that the company and the U.S. ruling class agreed to with regard to its COVID-19 vaccine.

The Epoch Times was able to obtain this contract through the Freedom of Information Act.

Moderna resisted for years acknowledging the work by government researchers on the spike protein but relented in late 2021 and announced the contract during an earnings call on Feb. 23. Moderna said it provided a “catch-up payment” of $400 million to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), which is part of the NIH, under the agreement.

If you ever thought this was about health, you’ve been wrong the whole time. Follow the money. This was a wealth transfer from the beginning:

The newly disclosed contract says that Moderna would pay the NIH a “non-creditable, nonrefundable royalty in the amount of Four Hundred Million dollars.”

Portions that would confirm Moderna’s statement that the company would pay “low single-digit royalties” on future sales of its COVID-19 vaccines are redacted.

The contract, running 34 pages, has key sections redacted as to future royalties.

One section, for instance, says, “The licensee agrees to pay to the NIAID earned royalties on net sales … as follows.” But the rest of the section is redacted. –The Epoch Times

More at shtfplan.com

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

GOP Abolishes The Bill of Rights With TikTok Bill

Fuck the "Conservative" GOP
  • I left the open borders, warmongering, Patriot Act Fascist loving GOP around 2002.
  • Nothing has changed. The Democrats are Marxist scum and the GOP can't wait to shit all over the Bill of Rights.

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., broke from his Senate GOP colleagues on Tuesday over their opposition to TikTok, arguing that banning the popular social media app "goes against the First Amendment."

Asked why he’s opposed to a bill introduced by Sens. Mark Warner, D-Va., and John Thune, R-S.D., that would give the president a pathway to banning TikTok, Paul replied, "I'm for the First Amendment to the Constitution, which says that companies that operate in the United States, we shouldn't limit their speech, or people who try to broadcast speech on those platforms."

More . . .


The Ban TikTok Bill Is Legit TERRIFYING & Must Be Stopped! Far Worse Than The Patriot Act!

Now Fascist Biden Targets Air Conditioners

First, they came for gasoline-powered cars and diesel trucks.

Then, they came for your gas stoves.

Now, Biden and his eco-extremist bureaucrats are coming for your air conditioning units.

The Biden administration announced its latest home appliance regulations this week, targeting air conditioners in an action it said would reduce the nation’s carbon emissions.

The regulations, unveiled Thursday by the Department of Energy (DOE), finalize energy efficiency standards for home air conditioning units, or window air conditioners, and portable air cleaners. The DOE said the move would cut air pollution and push consumer costs down by billions of dollars via energy savings.


Tuesday, March 28, 2023

The entire western financial system is a grand CON

Based on the combination bail-in / bail-out that just took place on an emergency basis in Switzerland yesterday, we now know that the entire western financial system is a grand con. They will change the rules at any moment and steal your money, just like they did to Russia in 2022 by seizing $300+ billion in Russian deposits held at western central banks. 

Yesterday, as part of the panicked, illegal bailing out of Credit Suisse, they wiped out US$17 billion in AT1 (tier-1) bonds, leaving the bond holders high and dry.

As CNBC reports, “The $17 billion wipeout of Credit Suisse bondholders has not gone down well in Europe.”

One section of Credit Suisse’s bondholders is set to be wiped out following the struggling bank’s takeover by UBS, causing them to see investments worth 16 billion Swiss francs ($17 billion) become worthless. The Swiss regulator FINMA announced Sunday that the so-called additional tier-one bonds, which are widely regarded as relatively risky investments, will be written to zero as part of the deal.

The message to the financial world is crystal clear: Your money isn’t safe in any western bank, not in Europe, America, Canada or anywhere.


– The Credit Suisse BAIL IN wipes out $17 billion in bond value
– Swiss government liquidity adds BAIL OUT factor to UBS acquisition
– Global financial crisis began in crypto, moved to Silicon Valley and spread to Europe
– The entire western financial system is headed for catastrophe
– Janet Yellen says the government will CHOOSE which banks survive and which ones fail
Only the WOKE banks will be bailed out in order to keep WOKE startups alive
– Most SVB startups were focused on WOKE topics like climate change
– All deposits and financial instruments have counter party risk
– Only things you physically control have no counter party risk:
– Gold, silver, land, food, ammo, etc.
– Where to hide your gold with certainty that no one will mess with it
– As the collapse accelerates, people will become even MORE desperate
– As the banks fail, chaos will prevail

More . . . .

David Morgan (the Silver Guru) warns Mike Adams...

Monday, March 27, 2023

A Little Monday Music - IMY2 Channels the Beatles

Blue Hair
Stunning Beauty
The Voice of an Angel

My favorite new band.

IMY2 released their debut single “Bubblegum” in May, 2020.

Currently their YouTube channel has 56 Million views.

Comprised of Cal Tucker who plays piano and bass, Michael Monahan on guitar, and vocalist and songwriter Annalise Mahanes, the trio has played around the world to rave reviews.

The three-piece pop group based in Nashville, TN.


Trans Woman's Testicles Hurt By TSA Agent

“[The TSA agent] followed me into the women’s bathroom and began talking about me to a coworker while I sobbed in a stall,” Mara reportedly said

She claimed that the TSA agent “yelled at me for having a penis” and that “My balls hurt so bad.”

More . . .

Transgender Alleges TSA Agent Punched Them In Their Female Testicles

Support Independent Media
Stop watching CNN, FOX, ABC etc.  The bought and paid for corporate media machine will always parrot what the Deep State and Wall Street want. 

Follow independent internet news providers like the Salty Cracker, Tim Pool or Styxhexenhammer.

Saturday, March 25, 2023

Saturday Sultress - Bo Krsmanovic

Born on March 1, 1992 in Belgrade, Serbia, Bo began modeling at the age of 14, and was introduced to the fashion world by her sister who is a fashion designer by profession. 

In 2016, she graduated from the Univerzitet of Dzon Nezbit in Belgrade, Serbia with a degree in economics.