"There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with
power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Thursday, August 31, 2023

NASA Killed Life on Mars

NASA Stuck The First Blow
To Save Earth

(Daily Mail)  NASA may have discovered alien life on Mars 50 years ago when it first put its two Viking landers on the Red Planet, but the agency may have also accidentally killed it.

The claims were made by Dirk Schulze-Makuch from the Technical University Berlin, who believes an experiment carried out in the 1970s that added water to the soil drowned any life lurking in the Martian landscape.

The test, known as the Viking Labeled Release experiment, initially returned positive for metabolism, but a related investigation found no trace of organic material.

Schulze-Makuch believes the water containing a nutrient solution in the soil may have been too much liquid 'and [any life] died off after a while.'

While the theories may sound outlandish to some, this is the case for microbes living inside salt rocks in the Atacama, which has a similar landscape to Mars, that do not need rain to survive - and too much water would eradicate them.

The two landers in NASA's Viking mission touched down on Mars on July 20, 1976 (Viking 1) and September 3, 1976 (Viking 2).

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Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Warrior Woman Wednesday

Screw The News
I'm Blue Pilling it with Warrior Women

  • Damn, it feels good taking the Blue Pill, ignoring the news and losing myself in SciFi and Fantasy.

  • I say let the War-Pigs burn Ukraine to the fucking ground and start World War III. The liar politicians don't care so why should I give a shit?
  • I refuse to be a puppet on the strings of the corrupt media complex. I will not dance on command to their latest propaganda.

Judge FORCES Girls To Shower With Male Transexual

You get what you vote for

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Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Taco Bell's War on Cash

Boiling The Frog
  • One business at a time, cash is gradually being abolished to introduce a 1984 Police State.

(Yahoo News)  Is it time to put the cash away? Taco Bell and other popular fast-food chains might become digital-only in the near future.

During an earnings call earlier this month, parent company Yum! Brands, Inc. addressed plans to eventually move to 100% digital sales at its restaurants.

This includes fast food chains like Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and KFC.

So, what does this mean? In an interview with the CFO Journal, Chief Financial Officer Chris Turner said more customers would be ordering through apps, websites or kiosks in the stores.

Yum! Brands is already testing the use of artificial intelligence to take drive-thru orders, the CFO Journal reported.

According to company leaders, “in the U.S., digital sales have increased almost 35% year over year with kiosks now deployed in 100% of Taco Bell stores.”

It’s unclear when the company plans to reach its goal.

Many other chains have also turned to technology in recent years. Wendy’s began testing an AI chatbot at an Ohio drive-thru earlier this year while many sit-down restaurants have started using robot servers to bring meals to patrons.


Digital "Money" Makes You a Slave
Your modern slave collar is your digital bank account, and your modern slave brand is your cell phone.

Billionaires to build a super, mega city

Follow The Money

“It may well be that the determination of the government (in which, gentlemen, it will not waver) to punish certain malefactors of great wealth, . . . ."

Theodore Roosevelt

Address at the Pilgrim Memorial Monument, Provincetown, Mass., August 20, 1907

EDITOR - Roosevelt was right about the super rich.  They own all the important land, own the politicians, own the courts, own the media.

So what do we do?

In the days of monarchy when some ultra-powerful nobles threatened the state then the King would confiscate their wealth and estates. That land and wealth would be re-distributed to the peasants and lesser nobles. 

The pitfalls of confiscation are obvious. It is truly Communism. But how else do you break up the power of Oligarchy?

The New York Times revealed a group of Silicon Valley billionaires are behind the $800 million in land purchases, or about the size of two San Franciscos, around Travis Air Force Base in Solano County, California. 

We previously covered the mysterious Flannery Associates, which has quietly amassed a staggering 55,000-acre farmland portfolio encircling three sides of the military base. The landowners weren't previously known until now: 

Billionaire venture capitalist Michael Moritz, Reid Hoffman, the LinkedIn co-founder, venture capitalist and Democratic donor; Marc Andreessen and Chris Dixon, investors at the Andreessen Horowitz venture capital firm; Patrick and John Collison, the sibling co-founders of the payments company Stripe; Laurene Powell Jobs, founder of the Emerson Collective; and Nat Friedman and Daniel Gross, entrepreneurs turned investors. --NYT

Brian Brokaw, a representative of Flannery Associates, stated the investor group is mainly "Californians who believe that Solano County's and California's best days are ahead." He said the group will begin talking with Solano County leaders, residents, and Air Force officials next week. 

ABC7 News I-Team learned Flannery Associates has purchased a total of 55,000 acres of dry farmland that have been acquired since 2018. 

ABC7's Stephanie Sierra asked a local official: "Have you seen anything like this in your career?"

"No, I definitely haven't," responded Glenn Zook, Solano County's Assessor.

Zook continued, "We see a lot of investors. There's usually a target, a plan, but there doesn't seem to be that in this case, other than targeting the specific area, which happens to be around the Air Force Base."

One local rancher told the San Francisco Chronicle that Flannery Associates' buying spree "was like a hostile takeover ... it was Shakespearian, a 'Game of Thrones' kind of thing."

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Monday, August 28, 2023

Saying Goodbye to "Nancy Drew"

Thanks for the Memories

By Gary;

It all started in 1997 with Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Independent networks produced programming that is still popular today.

Now after 4 seasons and 62 episodes the CW network gave the axe to brilliant teenage detective Nancy Drew.

Like Buffy, Nancy is assisted by a group of close friends.

The character first appeared in 1930 in the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories series, which lasted until 2003 and consisted of 175 novels.

I'm looking forward to streaming the entire series. There are a lot of episodes that I missed.

As a lover of mysteries I enjoyed the series. 

Rated a 7 out of 10

‘Nancy Drew’ EP Slams CW Execs For Abrupt Cancellation: “They Suck”

Following the Aug. 23 series finale of Nancy Drew, executive producer Larry Teng is making clear how he feels about the show’s cancellation.

Teng took to X/Twitter Thursday night to vent his frustration over what he considers was the inconsiderate way the team was informed about the cancellation, and that they had no opportunity to craft a proper conclusion to the show.

“From what I’ve read, the reaction to the series finale have been mostly positive,” Teng wrote. “Now imagine if you watched that finale without us knowing it would be the last episode of #NancyDrew ever. Because that’s what almost happened.

Teng notes that star Kennedy McMann was readying to shoot The Good Lawyer, and CBS Studios was hoping for a way that she could do both and reached out to the CW around the time they were prepping Episode 410 about any indication of a future pickup and scheduling. That’s when they learned that there would be no fifth season of Nancy Drew.

“And it was then, he said to us, ‘Oh, we’re not picking you up … the show is too expensive.’ Had our studio not made that call, who knows if we would’ve ever been told. At that point in the season there were only four episodes left to shoot and the writers were already breaking the finale.

“What a f*cking shitty way of telling us we were getting canceled. Thank God the Studio called. Because you all deserved the most proper ending possible. That’s why I praise the writers for pulling it together at the end. It was so glib. No consideration for letting Noga and Melinda give you a proper goodbye. No closure. No consideration for the fandom who support and watch this show. I’ve been pissed at the upper brass of this new CW since November. They suck. They have every right to turn a profit…Which means canceling shows. But to have clearly known in advance e and not tell us until a random call 3/4 into our season is just plain f*cking disrespect. I’m glad y’all enjoyed the finale. You deserved that. Long live our #Drewds and the #DrewCrew,” he concluded.

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Kennedy McMann as Nancy Drew

Saturday, August 26, 2023

Saturday Sultress - Joan Blondell


A Blast From The Past

Rose Joan Blondell (August 30, 1906 – December 25, 1979) was an American actress who performed in film and television for 50 years.

She won the 1926 Miss Dallas pageant, was a finalist in an early version of the Miss Universe pageant in May 1926, and placed fourth for Miss America 1926 in Atlantic City, New Jersey, in September of that year. 

Blondell began her career in vaudeville. After winning a beauty pageant, she embarked on a film career, establishing herself as a Pre-Code staple of Warner Bros. Pictures in wisecracking, sexy roles, appearing in more than 100 films and television productions. 

Blondell died of leukemia in Santa Monica, California, on Christmas Day, 1979, with her children and her sister at her bedside.