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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Top Ten Horror Films of All Time

Happy Halloween

By Gary;

I cannot let my favorite holiday pass without listing my personal favorite top ten horror films.

Now the question come up, exactly what is a horror movie? 

That is hard to answer.  Would the movies "Alien" or "The Thing from Another World" qualify as horror?  They are far more scary than many so-called horror flicks.  But I think we need to weed out Science Fiction style films. . . . . but on the other hand, "Frankenstein" would be perhaps the first Science Fiction book ever written.

Oh, screw it.  No aliens or Sci Fi.   Let's go with movies that feature scenes that startle the viewer, and the macabre and the supernatural. These films may overlap with the fantasy, supernatural, and thriller genres.

Plots within the horror genre often involve the intrusion of an evil force, event, or personage, commonly of supernatural origin, into the everyday world.

Prevalent elements include ghosts, vampires, werewolves, curses, satanism, demons, gore, torture, vicious animals, monsters, zombies, cannibals, and serial killers.

So considering those guidelines, here is my top ten horror movies.

#1  -  Dracula (1931)

Renfield: He came and stood below my window in the moonlight. And he promised me things, not in words, but by doing them.
Van Helsing: Doing them?
Renfield: By making them happen. A red mist spread over the lawn, coming on like a flame of fire! And then he parted it, and I could see that there were thousands of rats, with their eyes blazing red, like his, only smaller. Then he held up his hand, and they all stopped, and I thought he seemed to be saying: "Rats! Rats! Rats! Thousands! Millions of them! All red-blood! All these will I give you! If you will obey me!"
Van Helsing: What did he want you to do?
Renfield: That which has already been done!

There is no other way to say it.  Dracula is the classic of all classics.

The great Bela Lugosi had the role of a lifetime.  The atmosphere of Dracula's castle and turn of the century London is spot on.  And then there is Renfield.  My God, what an acting job.

#2   -  Halloween – (1978)

This movie blew me away in the theater . . . yes, I am dating myself. But the film freaked me out. I had never before seen anything like it.

This 1978 classic American low budget independent slasher horror film was directed, produced, and scored by John Carpenter and starring Donald Pleasence and Jamie Lee Curtis in her film debut. The film was the first installment in what became the Halloween franchise.

Halloween was produced on a budget of $325,000 and grossed $47 million at the box office in the United States, and $70 million worldwide.

#3   -   Underworld  - (2003)

Underworld breathed fresh life, so to speak, into the endless Vampire movie saga.

The main plot revolves around Selene (Kate Beckinsale), a vampire who is a Death Dealer hunting Lycans.

The film's greatness comes from the stylish Gothic visuals, the "icy English composure" in Kate Beckinsale's performance, and the extensively worked-out vampire–werewolf mythology that serves as the film's backstory.

#4   -   Frankenstein - (1931)

Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein" in 1818 is perhaps the very first Science Fiction book.  By chance it doubles as horror.  Certainly the movie is a classic of acting and atmosphere.

Boris Karloff as Frankenstein's monster created the very image of the horror movie.

The scene in which the monster throws the little girl into the lake and accidentally drowns her has long been controversial. Upon its original 1931 release, the second part of this scene was cut by state censorship boards in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and New York.

Those states also objected to a line they considered blasphemous, one that occurred during Frankenstein's exuberance when he first learns that his creature is alive. The original line was: "It's alive! It's alive! In the name of God! Now I know what it feels like to be God!" Kansas requested the cutting of 32 scenes, which, if removed, would have halved the length of the film. Jason Joy of the Studio Relations Committee sent censor representative Joseph Breen to urge them to reconsider. Eventually, an edited version was released in Kansas

#5   -   The Silence of the Lambs – (1991)

Hannibal Lecter: You know what you look like to me, with your good bag and your cheap shoes? You look like a rube. A well scrubbed, hustling rube with a little taste. Good nutrition's given you some length of bone, but you're not more than one generation from poor white trash, are you, Agent Starling? And that accent you've tried so desperately to shed: pure West Virginia. What is your father, dear? Is he a coal miner? Does he stink of the lamp? You know how quickly the boys found you... all those tedious sticky fumblings in the back seats of cars... while you could only dream of getting out... getting anywhere... getting all the way to the FBI.

If you have never seen this movie on a full screen in a dark theater then you have no idea of its power.

The Silence of the Lambs was released in 1991, and grossed over $272 million.

The film was the third film to win Oscars in all the top five categories: Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay. It is also the first winner of Best Picture widely considered to be a horror film, and only the second such film to be nominated in the category, after The Exorcist in 1973.

#6   -   Psycho – (1960)

Alfred Hitchcock created the modern slasher film.  All the films that come after "Psycho" use that movie as a baseline to expand on.

The murder of Janet Leigh's character in the shower is the film's pivotal scene and one of the best-known scenes in all of cinema history. As such, it spawned numerous myths and legends. It was shot from December 17 to December 23, 1959, and features 77 different camera angles. The scene "runs 3 minutes and includes 50 cuts."

Most of the shots are extreme close-ups, except for medium shots in the shower directly before and directly after the murder. The combination of the close shots with their short duration makes the sequence feel more subjective than it would have been if the images were presented alone or in a wider angle, an example of the technique Hitchcock described as "transferring the menace from the screen into the mind of the audience".

#7   -   The Wolf Man - (1941)

The film stars Lon Chaney, Jr. as The Wolf Man, featuring Claude Rains, Evelyn Ankers, Ralph Bellamy, Patric Knowles, Béla Lugosi.

The transformation of Chaney from man into monster was laborious. The makeup had been designed originally for Henry Hull and the film Werewolf of London but it was uncomfortable to wear and difficult to apply and Hull refused to wear it. Chaney adopted it as his own.

Chaney claimed he was forced to sit motionless for hours as the scenes were shot frame by frame. At times he claimed he was to remain sitting even while the crew broke for lunch and was not even allowed to use the bathroom. Chaney even went as far as saying special effects men drove tiny finishing nails into the skin on the sides of his hands so they would remain motionless during close ups

Do not make this mistake - Zombies are not your friend.

#8   -   The Walking Dead - (2010) 

Most fans have never seen a "classic" film on the big screen in a theater the way it was intended to be viewed.  The only experience they have is on a small screen in their living room.  So there is no reason not to consider TV movies as candidates for this list.

"Days Gone Bye" is the first episode of the post-apocalyptic horror television series The Walking Dead.  The film is off the charts.  A movie on a small screen.  It originally aired on AMC in the United States on October 31, 2010. The episode was written and directed by Frank Darabont, the series creator.

I choose to lump all six episodes of season one of "The Walking Dead" as one production.  If you watch the DVD without commercials it becomes one full, long and a damn good movie.

#9   -   The Hills Have Eyes - (2006)

His first mistake was voter registration . . . . . .

Big Bob:  "Bobby, leave Doug alone. He's a Democrat. He doesn't believe in guns."


The movie is disturbing, very disturbing in so many ways.

It should be noted that the great Ted Levine has now been in two horror classics.  This movie and The Silence of the Lambs.

This is a remake of Wes Craven's 1977 film The Hills Have Eyes. Written by film making partners Alexandre Aja and Grégory Levasseur of the French horror film Haute Tension, and directed by Aja, the film follows a family which becomes the target of a group of murderous mutants after their car breaks down in the desert.

The film was released theatrically in the United States and United Kingdom on March 10, 2006. It earned $15.5 million in its opening weekend in the U.S., where it was originally rated NC-17 for strong gruesome violence, but was later edited down to an R-rating.

#10   -   The Exorcist – (1973)

Demon:  "Your mother sucks cocks in Hell, Karras, you faithless slime."


The film has had a significant influence on popular culture.  It has often been named the scariest movie of all time. 

It became one of the highest earning movies of all time, grossing over $441 million worldwide. It is also the first horror film to be nominated for Best Picture.

The Exorcist contained a number of incredible special effects.  The effects were so unusually graphic that it is amazing that it received an R rating and not the X rating.  Theaters provided "Exorcist barf bags". 

Because of death threats against actress Linda Blair, Warner Brothers hired bodyguards to protect her for six months after the film's release

American Werewolf in London

Bubbling Under - the almost top ten

An American Werewolf in London  -  (1981)

The Lost Boys  -  (1987)

John Carpenter's Vampires  -  (1998)

Dawn of the Dead – (1978)

The Shining – (1980)

30 Days of Night - (2007)

(Wikipedia - List of horror films)

Zombies - It's the end of the world as we know it

It's the end of the world as we know it.
It's the end of the world as we know it.
It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine.

EDITOR'S NOTE - Judging by the stories in the news, I am firmly convinced we have reached the End of Days. Human beings are fucking idiots. We are doomed.

Zombie Cannibal Cops?
Is the government hiding the truth from the people?

Zombie Cop?  -  New York police officer charged over 'cannibal plot'

A New York City police officer was charged with plotting to kidnap, rape, torture and kill women, and then cook and eat their body parts.

Gilberto Valle was taken into custody by the FBI and suspended from the New York Police Department.  In a criminal complaint, investigators cited numerous emails and other Internet communications that portray a ghoulish scheme of torture and cannibalism reports the UK Telegraph.

According to the complaint, the FBI intercepted emails from Valle to an unidentified co-conspirator "discussing plans to kidnap, rape, torture, kill, cook and eat body parts of a number of women".

In one online exchange in July, Valle and another person talked about abducting a woman and eating her, the complaint said.

"I was thinking of tying her body onto some kind of apparatus ... cook her over low heat, keep her alive as long as possible," Valle allegedly wrote.

The complaint alleges that in February, Valle negotiated to kidnap another woman for someone else, writing, "$5,000 and she's all yours".

It says he added: "I will really get off on knocking her out, tying up her hands and bare feet and gagging her. Then she will be stuffed into a large piece of luggage and wheeled out to my van."


Deeper, Deeper
I know my cell phone is there somewhere.

"I lost my phone up a cow's ass"

It takes a lot to separate some people from their phones, but these excuses used to claim insurance on lost or broken handsets really make the mind boggle.
Website mobileinsurance has listed some of the most far-fetched claims it has received in the last twelve months, including phones baked into cakes, flushed down toilets, and lost inside cows.

One farmer claims to have damaged his iPhone while calving, accidentally inserting it into the rear of a cow while attempting to use it as a flashlight.

He was using the flashlight to help him deliver a calf. . . . yeah, right.  I believe that.
(UK Daily Mail)


The End of the World
First there was a rain of frogs . . . now sharks from the sky.

SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, Calif. (AP) — Nobody yelled "Fore!" at a Southern California golf course when a 2-foot-long shark dropped out of the sky and flopped around on the 12th tee.
The 2-pound leopard shark was apparently plucked from the ocean by a bird then dropped on San Juan Hills Golf Club, Melissa McCormack, director of club operations, said Thursday.

No one was teeing up when the shark fell, although some golfers had just left the area, she said.

A course marshal, who makes sure players maintain an appropriate pace, saw something moving around on the tee and went to investigate. He found the shark bleeding with puncture wounds, where it seems the bird had held it in its grasp.

The marshal put the shark in his golf cart and drove it back to the clubhouse.

(Yahoo News)

As usual no one talks about the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is the last barrier against a tide of Marxism and Oligarchy Dictatorship.

Perhaps the greatest Presidential power is his appointments to the Federal Courts
  • The lifetime Federal Court appointments have a massive impact on society from property rights to business to civil rights.
  • Franklin Roosevelt had eight Court appointments followed by Dwight Eisenhower's five and Richard Nixon's four. 

The Supreme Court has hardly been spoken of at all in this campaign.  But the appointments made by Presidents impact American society, and Comrade Obama cannot be allowed to fill the Court with even more Leftist loons.

Although much less visible, presidential elections also determine the composition of the lower federal courts. The vast majority of cases are never heard by the Supreme Court. Last year, the high court decided only 65 cases out of almost 10,000 petitions for review.

In the overwhelming majority of cases in federal courts, it is the appeals courts that get the last word. Federal district court and court of appeals judges also have life tenure and often remain on the bench for decades. There has been a huge difference between Democratic and Republican appointees in areas such as individual liberties, civil rights and access to the courts.

Some past cases include:

  • Federal agricultural price supports, for example, were sustained by New Deal justices in Wickard vs. Filburn in 1942, and that decision became one of the pillars in this year's opinion on Obamacare.
  • Rent control and zoning laws were sustained in two 1920s Supreme Court decisions against the claim that they were unlawful takings of private property, and those rulings continue to be cited to this day as justification for denying rights to property owners.
  • The National Labor Relations Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act also weathered constitutional challenges in the 1930s, and the ramifications of those decisions still affect such things as minimum-wage laws and overtime pay.

The next President's Court appointments could impact the US for generations to come.  Those appointments cannot be made by Leftist Socialists. 

American Concentration Camps.
Who is appointed to the Federal Courts matters.  The Supreme Court said it was legal for the government to put over 150,000 Japanese-Americans into concentration camps without a trial and to confiscate their private property. 

Big Brother Concentration Camps, confiscation of
private property and racial identity cards. The only
thing missing was a final solution plan.

Plessy v. Ferguson (1896)
The Supreme Court said that segregation was legal.

"John Marshall has made his decision; now let him enforce it!" 
Andrew Jackson
Thousands of American Indians died on the Trail of Tears in government forced re-locations when President Andrew Jackson refused to obey the Supreme Court.  Even when the Court does the right thing the political hacks often do everything possible to undermine the decision.  The threat of dictatorship is always just around the corner.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New England may save the Democrat Senate

Republican Weakness  -  New England may keep the US Senate in Democrat hands
  • The GOP in the region is so weak that the states of Maine, Rhode Island, Massachusetts,Vermont and Connecticut do not send a single Republican House member to Washington.
  • Republicans could lose the Senate seats of Maine and Massachusetts.
  • Democratic control of the Senate means repealing Obamacare is dead in the water.

New England was once the heart of Republican Party strength.  Now the GOP nominee from Massachusetts cannot carry his own state in a national election.

For all the talk about the importance of Ohio no one mentions Massachusetts and Romney.  If Romney wins it will be the first time since Woodrow Wilson in 1916 that an incoming President failed to carry his own state.

To save Socialist Obamacare the Democrats are counting on GOP weakness in New England to help them pick up Republican-held Senate seats in New England and construct a barrier against losses in Nebraska and elsewhere that could erase their majority.

In Senate math, the loss of two seats in New England complicates the GOP calculation for majority control. Republicans would have to gain a net of six seats while holding suddenly uncertain Indiana, or a net of five seats if Romney wins the presidency.

Democrats currently have the edge 53-47, including two independents who caucus with the party reports the Washington Times.

Scott Brown for Senate  -  "Growing Up"

The National Republican Senatorial Committee has stopped spending money in Maine, where former Gov. Angus King, an independent, leads in the polls and is seen as likely to side with Democrats if he wins.

In Massachusetts, Republican Sen. Scott Brown is suddenly considered the underdog against Elizabeth Warren as the state is poised to easily back President Obama over former Gov. Mitt Romney for president.

Republican hopes of swiping the seat in Connecticut are fading. Democratic Rep. Christopher S. Murphy has steadied his campaign against former wrestling executive Linda McMahon, who spent $50 million on an unsuccessful bid in 2010 and $42.6 million and counting this year.  McMahon has had to fight the state’s Democratic tilt which has undercut the GOP candidate’s prospects.

Massachusetts Senate
A 47%  -  47% tie

A new Boston Globe poll shows the race between Senator Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren in a dead heat, with ample opportunity for both candidates to win the nation’s most expensive Senate race.

The survey indicates Brown holds a razor-thin 45 percent to 43 percent lead over Warren among likely voters, well within the poll’s margin of error of plus or minus 4.1 percentage points. Brown’s lead evaporates, with 47 percent for each candidate, when voters who are undecided are asked which candidate they are leaning toward. (Boston Globe)

Colonel Scott Brown
(R - Massachusetts)

For years, Massachusetts was one of the most solidly Republican states in the nation. From the founding of the Republican Party through 1928, the state voted for only a single Democrat, in 1912, when the Progressive wing of the Republican Party split off to form a short-lived third party.

But as time passed and more and more Irish and other minorities moved to Boston, the Democrats' strength grew. By the late 1800s Boston was a mostly Democratic city, by the 1930s the state was Democratic in national elections, and by the 1960s it was donkeys all the way down.

Today the Republican Party is now virtually extinct in the state legislature, and the state hasn't sent a Republican to the House of Representatives since 1996. But in January 2010 the political world was shocked when an obscure state senator defeated Attorney General Martha Coakley in a special election to claim Ted Kennedy's seat by a five-point margin. Coakley won the solidly liberal western portion of the state and Boston, but it wasn't enough to offset Scott Brown's margins in the suburbs.

Rhode Island House of Representatives
The weakness of the GOP in much of New England is shown in the lower house of the Rhode Island legislature.  There are only nine Republicans out of 75 members.

RI HR diagram.png
Political groupsDemocratic Party (65)
Republican Party(9)
Libertarian Party (1)

Sex changes at taxpayer's expense

Ria Cooper made headlines last year when she became Britain's youngest sex change patient aged 17 after years of begging her family and the NHS to turn her in to a girl. But now, after living as a women for less than a year the 18-year has decided to change back in to a man after suffering huge "mental anguish" as a woman.

People are Fucking Nuts!
The so-called "oppressed" and put upon always want your money to solve their problems
  • Socialist "free money" medical care insanity for all.

Ria Cooper made headlines last year when she became Britain’s youngest sex change patient aged 17, after years of begging her family and the NHS to turn her in to a girl.

But now, having lived as a women for less than a year the 18-year has decided to change back in to a man after suffering huge mental anguish as a woman.

She has cancelled the full sex change operation that was scheduled for January and ceased the female hormone therapy that has seen her develop breasts saying that she has found the changes overwhelming and that they have made her deeply unhappy reports the UK Daily Mail.

American Taxpayer Funded Prison Inmate Sex Changes
Insanity is running wild in the Western world.  Now it is coming to America.

She told told the Sunday Mirror: ‘The hormones have made me feel up and down. One minute I feel moody and the next minute I feel really happy.’

‘The night I tried to slash my wrists I’d downed a bottle of Jack Daniel’s and just thought about how alone I am, and how my decision has alienated my family and how I will have to become a boy again to resolve it.’
Born a male called Brad, Ms Cooper began dressing as a girl aged 12, and at 15-years-old begged doctors to help her become a woman.

But she has failed to find happiness as a female, even admitting to dabbling in prostitution in an attempt to counteract the loneliness she felt .

Ms Cooper also says the hormone injections left her with extreme emotions and a high sex drive, but that she can not find the love she craves with either sex.

Janet Napolitano: 'DHS must grow quickly'

Napolitano says we must grow the unconstitutional centralized police state even faster
  • In a violation of the 10th Amendment and the Bill of Rights, both political parties eagerly vote to fund this vast expansion of Federal Police power.

CNS News reports Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano said Thursday that as a new department, DHS is “an infant,” because it is just under 10 years old, but it must grow quickly.

“We’re not yet 10 years old. In terms of government institutions, we are an infant, but we are an infant that needs to walk and run very— right now, so we can’t take the normal steps, so everything that we’re doing, we’re trying to accelerate. There’s a sense of urgency here that is so very important,” Napolitano said.

Unconstitutional Internal Checkpoint 70 miles from the border
Napolitano wants more and more of these Fascist checkpoints.  The Founding Fathers would be so proud.

In keynote remarks on “Building a Cyber Security Workforce Through Diversity” at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C. on Thursday, Napolitano said the Department of Homeland Security has increased the number of cyber security staff 600 percent in the last few years to keep up with the growing cyber threat.

“We have now grown our cyber security staff 600 percent in the last few years, and we are working very closely with universities to develop and attract talent,” Napolitano said, adding that they are using competitive scholarships, fellowships, and internship programs to attract new talent.

(CNS News)


Monday, October 29, 2012

$60,000 in Welfare Spent Per Household

The monster bi-partisan Marxist welfare state is re-distributing wealth faster than it can be created.

New data compiled by the Republican side of the Senate Budget Committee shows that, last year, the United States spent over $60,000 to support welfare programs per each household that is in poverty. The calculations are based on data from the Census, the Office of Management and Budget, and the Congressional Research Services.

This report is out just for the election.  Naturally the GOP does not bother to tell you that the votes to fund this re-distribution of wealth has come from both parties for decades and decades.

The Weekly Standard reports the U.S. Census Bureau estimated that almost 110 million Americans received some form of means-tested welfare in 2011. These figures exclude entitlements like Medicare and Social Security to which people contribute, and they refer exclusively to low-income direct and indirect financial support—such as food stamps, public housing, child care, energy assistance, direct cash aid, etc.

For instance, 47 million Americans currently receive food stamps, and USDA has engaged in an aggressive outreach campaign to boost enrollment even further, arguing that “every dollar of SNAP benefits generates $1.84 in the economy… It’s the most direct stimulus you can get.” (Economic growth, however, is weaker this year than the two years prior, even as food stamp “stimulus” has reached an all-time high.)

Almost all Americans are sucking furiously at the Public Teat.

John Stossel - A Nation Of Moochers
Thanks to welfare, subsidies, grants, bailouts and other handouts, government has created a nation of moochers.

"According to the Census’s American Community Survey, the number of households with incomes below the poverty line in 2011 was 16,807,795," the Senate Budget Committee notes. "If you divide total federal and state spending by the number of households with incomes below the poverty line, the average spending per household in poverty was $61,194 in 2011."

This dollar figure is almost three times the amount the average household on poverty lives on per year. "If the spending on these programs were converted into cash, and distributed exclusively to the nation’s households below the poverty line, this cash amount would be over 2.5 times the federal poverty threshold for a family of four, which in 2011 was $22,350," the Republicans on the Senate Budget Committee note.

To be clear, not all households living below the poverty line receive $61,194 worth of assistance per year. After all, many above the poverty line also receive benefits from social welfare programs (e.g. pell grants).
(Weekly Standard)

Free Socialist Pizza for all.
(Paid for by some other guy somewhere.)
Democrats  -  The Democrats eagerly re-distributes the wealth in order to buy the votes of the forever poor and uneducated masses every two years.  And the votes of the unionized government workers needed to provide the programs for that "free" Socialist pizza.
Republicans  -  The GOP eagerly re-distributes the wealth in order to buy the votes of their supporters.  For example, the farmers who provide the products for the "free" Socialist pizza, giant agri-business firms all the way down to the local business owner providing the pizza to the poor. 
Everyone gets to suck either a little or a lot on the Public Teat.

Minnesota, Wisconsin & Michigan are in Play

Obama and Romney in a Great Lakes dead heat
  • Michigan last went Republican in 1988.
  • Wisconsin last went Republican in 1984.
  • Minnesota last went Republican in 1972.

The Great Lakes States.  The most hardcore center, the heartland of the Democrat Party.  But the economy is so fucking bad and Comrade Obama such a poor leader that even in this center of Democrat liberal power the GOP is running neck and neck.

47%   -   Comrade Obama

44%   -   Governor Romney

As the presidential race tightens across the country, a new Star Tribune Minnesota Poll has found that it is narrowing here as well, with President Obama holding a 3-point lead and Republican Mitt Romney making gains in the state.

The poll shows Obama with support from 47 percent of likely voters and Romney earning backing from 44 percent -- a lead within the poll's margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.

Last month, Obama had an 8-percentage point advantage in the Minnesota Poll. Romney has apparently cut into the Democrat's advantage among women since then and picked up support from Minnesotans who were previously undecided or said they would vote for a third-party candidate.   (Star Tribune)


49%   -   Comrade Obama

49%   -   Governor Romney

By now, it has been widely acknowledged that Ohio is arguably the most important swing state in the presidential race this election year-even with key swing states Michigan and New Hampshire still in play-but a new poll from Rasmussen Reports says that Wisconsin and its 10 electoral votes might actually be the "new Ohio."

A new Rasmussen reports poll released Thursday that showed the Badger State all tied at 49 apiece for both candidates.

A week ago, the president held a slight 50% to 48% lead. Earlier in the month, he was ahead 51% to 49%. In surveys in Wisconsin since October of last year, the president has earned 44% to 52% of the vote, while Romney’s support has ranged from 41% to 49%.

Ninety-six percent (96%) of Badger State voters say they are sure to vote in this election. Romney leads 51% to 47% among these voters.

Among the 90% who say they’ve already made up their minds whom they will vote for, it’s Romney 51%, Obama 48%.

Romney has a six-point lead over Obama – 50% to 44% - among all voters in the state when they are asked which candidate they trust more to handle the economy. When it comes to national security, the candidates are almost tied: 48% trust Obama more, while 47% have more faith in Romney.   (Rasmussen Reports)


Detroit  -  The Failure of Liberalism.
The bombed out empty shell of Detroit, Michigan.  In 1950 the population was 1,849,000.  Today it has crashed down to only 713,000.  But with the horror of total and complete liberal failure shoved in their faces everyday, the residents of Detroit and Michigan keep voting Democrat.
Liberalism is a mental disorder.

46.9%   -   Comrade Obama

46.5%   -   Governor Romney

1,122 respondents fully participated in the survey. The margin of error for this total polling sample is 2.93% with a confidence level of 95%.   (My Fox Detroit)

America's unconstitutional Middle East wars


The Imperial Presidency  -  The US has attacked Libya, Somalia and Yemen with no vote at all from Congress
  • Members of Congress hide under their desks too frightened to go on the record with a yes or no vote on sending American troops to war.
  • Nearly every week the President is assassinating people without a trial on his orders alone.
  • Neither the lapdog Media nor an apathetic public will ask either candidate about the issue and the unconstitutional Imperial Presidency.

DJIBOUTI CITY, Djibouti — The Washington Post reports that around the clock, about 16 times a day, drones take off or land at a U.S. military base here, the combat hub for the Obama administration’s counter terrorism wars in the Horn of Africa and the Middle East.

Some of the unmanned aircraft are bound for Somalia, the collapsed state whose border lies just 10 miles to the southeast. Most of the armed drones, however, veer north across the Gulf of Aden to Yemen, another unstable country where they are being used in an increasingly deadly war with an al-Qaeda franchise that has targeted the United States.

Camp Lemonnier, a sun-baked Third World outpost established by the French Foreign Legion, began as a temporary staging ground for U.S. Marines looking for a foothold in the region a decade ago. Over the past two years, the U.S. military has clandestinely transformed it into the busiest Predator drone base outside the Afghan war zone, a model for fighting a new generation of terrorist groups.

Drones in Yemen
The CIA wants the authority to launch "signature strikes". A signature strike means that they don't have to know the identities of those who could be killed, but can hit targets based solely on intelligence which indicates patterns of suspicious behavior.

The Obama administration has gone to extraordinary lengths to conceal the legal and operational details of its targeted-killing program. Behind closed doors, painstaking debates precede each decision to place an individual in the cross hairs of the United States’ perpetual war against al-Qaeda and its allies.

Increasingly, the orders to find, track or kill those people are delivered to Camp Lemonnier.   Virtually the entire 500-acre camp is dedicated to counterterrorism, making it the only installation of its kind in the Pentagon’s global network of bases.

Secrecy blankets most of the camp’s activities. The U.S. military rejected requests from The Washington Post to tour Lemonnier last month. Officials cited “operational security concerns,” although they have permitted journalists to visit in the past.

About 300 Special Operations personnel plan raids and coordinate drone flights from inside a high-security compound at Lemonnier that is dotted with satellite dishes and ringed by concertina wire. Most of the commandos work incognito, concealing their names even from conventional troops on the base.

Other counter terrorism work at Lemonnier is more overt. All told, about 3,200 U.S. troops, civilians and contractors are assigned to the camp, where they train foreign militaries, gather intelligence and dole out humanitarian aid across East Africa as part of a campaign to prevent extremists from taking root.

In Washington, the Obama administration has taken a series of steps to sustain the drone campaign for another decade, developing an elaborate new targeting database, called the “disposition matrix,” and a classified “playbook” to spell out how decisions on targeted killing are made.
For the full story go to The Washington Post.

War of 1812.
President James Madison gives a bloody nose to King George III.

Madison both wrote and followed the Constitution.
Unlike Caesar Obama and many other modern Presidents, Madison asked Congress for a debate and a vote if the nation should go to war or not.