"There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with
power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Friday, November 30, 2018

Friday Femmes with Firearms

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Pentagon to Build Iron Men and Super Soldiers

We are that fucking stupid

(Reuters) - The U.S. Army is investing millions of dollars in experimental exoskeleton technology to make soldiers stronger and more resilient, in what experts say is part of a broader push into advanced gear to equip a new generation of “super-soldiers.”

The technology is being developed by Lockheed Martin Corp (LMT.N) with a license from Canada-based B-TEMIA, which first developed the exoskeletons to help people with mobility difficulties stemming from medical ailments like multiple sclerosis and severe osteoarthritis.

Worn over a pair of pants, the battery-operated exoskeleton uses a suite of sensors, artificial intelligence and other technology to aid natural movements.

For the U.S. military, the appeal of such technology is clear: Soldiers now deploy into war zones bogged down by heavy but critical gear like body armor, night-vision goggles and advanced radios. Altogether, that can weigh anywhere from 90 to 140 pounds (40-64 kg), when the recommended limit is just 50 pounds (23 kg).

“That means when people do show up to the fight, they’re fatigued,” said Paul Scharre at the Center for a New American Security, who helped lead a series of studies on exoskeletons and other advanced gear.

“The fundamental challenge we’re facing with infantry troops is they’re carrying too much weight.”

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Step #1  -  Iron Men

Step #2 - Super Soldiers
Created in 1941, the bio-engineered Captain America
character was ahead of its time. . . and I am sorry
to say science is catching up with fiction.

Step #3  -  Terminators
Once artificial intelligence is good enough the Iron Men and Super Soldiers will be replaced by Terminators. The public relations BS will be "We will reduce human casualties in wars." But the truth is the Elites think the Terminators will not disobey orders.
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Pentagon to implant chips in soldiers’ brains
Russia to build Terminators
Science to create Superhumans
Killer Robots: The Soldiers That Never Sleep
Robo-Terminator Cop is on Duty in Singapore
Teaching Terminators to run and kill

Robot Soldiers
Yes, we are that fucking stupid.

Every aspect of society is being taken over by robots, computers and an Internet run "automatically" by an ever growing artificial intelligence.
Have any of these idiot scientists and generals ever seen a Sci Fi film . . . or maybe they have and they are using books and movies as their guide to slowly take over society from humans.

Transgender Murderer to get sex change operation in prison

Liberalism is a Mental Disorder

(Infowars)  -   transgender murderer in the UK serving a life sentence for torturing and beating a man to death has been given the green light to undergo a sex change operation at taxpayer expense.
Along with two accomplices, 27-year-old Paris Green (born Peter Laing), who has identified as a woman since 2011, tortured, sexually assaulted and beat a man to death and was jailed for life in 2013.
Green’s victim, 45-year-old Robert Shankland, was beaten so badly that his attackers left a footprint on his neck. He was also raped with a rolling pin. Green was initially held at a women’s prison in Stirling but was moved after having sex with other prisoners in the same cell.
Having claimed gender reassignment surgery as a human right, Green will now be transported on a 1,000-mile round-trip from a prison in Scotland to a hospital in the south of England before undergoing the surgery at a cost of tens of thousands of pounds.

The operation will be undertaken by NHS doctors, meaning that the British taxpayer will pick up the bill.
“Most of the people I’ve discussed this with think it’s outrageous,” one police source told the Times. “You can murder someone brutally but while you’re in prison you’re entitled to everything you ask for, no matter the burden you put on a stretched system, because it might breach your human rights to say no.”
“What about the rights of the victim and his family? Is anyone thinking of them? Is it not another slap in the face they could do without?” asked the officer.
Former prison doctor and author Theodore Dalrymple warned that prisoners were demanding sex change operations in increasing numbers merely as a way to exploit the system and annoy authorities.
“Prisoners used to change religion, sometimes with accompanying changes of diet, as a means of occupying their time and irritating or embarrassing the prison authorities. But increasingly, prisoners are changing sex to achieve the same ends. No one in authority has sufficient courage to say no to them,” he said.
Dalrymple said the case highlighted “a deep moral cowardice infects many countries in the Western world, with Britain in the vanguard of the rush to surrender.”

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Thursday, November 29, 2018

The Federalist Shadow-Banned by Google, Part VII

Censorship Report on
The Federalist
Google Censorship
We are eagerly Goosestepping into 1984

By Gary;

The Federalist is being censored by Big Brother Google.

I am basking in my Through Crime.

When I first read 1984 in high school never in my wildest dreams did I suspect that I would be declared a Thought Criminal.

Deep down it makes me kind of proud that the Billionaire Internet Cartels are frightened shitless by a little hobby Blog like mine.  Indeed my thoughts must be dangerous.

We badly need a modern Theodore Roosevelt to break up the Internet monopolies if anything resembling freedom is to continue to exist.

The Right and now even the Left is getting censored by Google, YouTube, Facebook and more.  And naturally the "Conservative" GOP is silent as the free speech of Conservatives is being strangled.

I started this little Hobby Blog back in 2011 to talk about freedom and Constitutional Federalism in a world that increasingly worships Big Brother. Well I must have hit a nerve. We shot past 4 million page view this year often hitting 3,000 to 5,000 pages viewed daily. In August, 2017 we peaked with 173,345 views in just one month.

It looks like my Blog and others have finally attracted the attention of the Internet Oligarchs in their drive to become Big Brother.

Both Democrat and Republican political hacks and their lap dog media are silent.

One wonders in the dead of night if there is anyone left out there who cares.  Is the Republic dead?  Is all we are seeing is the twitching of a still warm corpse?  

I hope not, but I fear the worst.

Google Shadow Banning
Your website is still allowed to exists --- for now. But the public just can't manage to find it when searching on the internet.

Here are some of my posts for August, 2017 when this site hit 173,345 page views.  Each story often received hundreds of clicks (highlighted in yellow below).

Forward to November, 2018
Starting in September, 2017 the Shadow-Banning started.  This Blog "magically" dropped from 173,345 views in August to 61,919 in September. 

Our numbers have continued to drop and now average 30,000 pages viewed a month. As you can see the number of clicks on individual articles dropped from hundreds down into the 30s.  Isn't it interesting that every article "magically" gets clicks in the 30s and almost never more than that.

Thought Criminal - 1984

“Nothing was your own except the few cubic centimetres inside your skull. ” 
― George Orwell, 1984

Oregon And California Crabbers Sue Fossil Fuel Companies Citing Climate Change

 ''The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers."
Henry VI, Part II

(KRCR)  -  Commercial crabbers in Oregon and California are suing 30 fossil fuel companies, claiming they are to blame for climate change which has hurt their industry.
News outlets report the Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations filed the lawsuit last week in California State Superior Court in San Francisco against companies including Chevron and Exxon Mobil.
West Coast crabbers experienced significant losses starting in the 2015-16 season when massive algal blooms caused by warm ocean temperatures resulted in a domoic acid outbreak that reduced the length of the crabbing season.
The season was cut short again in 2016-2017 for the same reason.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Migrant Caravan Charges Through The U.S. Border

Build The Wall

  • If the GOP controlled Congress gave a shit they would have built the wall and reformed our insane asylum and chain immigration laws. . . . . if they gave a shit, which they don't.

The wall along the Turkey-Syria border.
Leftists, ball-less "Conservatives" and their Media dogs call you a racist for wanting to protect the borders of your nation. They "forget" to tell you that countries all over the world have border walls.

Illegal alien Muslims come up against Hungary's border fence.

The Jordan Border Wall
Funded by both the Dems and the GOP.
This wall protects Arabs.

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GOP betrays voters - Builds border wall in the Middle East

Laura Loomer Releases Statement on Twitter Ban

Laura Dared To Question Our Puppetmasters
You must obey the Multi-National Corporations who own the Media and the liar politicians.

(The Gateway Pundit)  -  Prominent conservative journalist Laura Loomer was suspended from Twitter in late October before the 2018 midterm election.

Laura was confronting Democrat candidates at their rallies at that time.

Last Wednesday, Laura Loomer was notified her account had been shut down permanently.

Laura had 265,000 followers.

She was tweeting about Democrat lawmaker Ilhan Omar’s support for female genital mutilation (FGM).

For speaking the truth Laura was banned.
Truth is the new hate speech.

On Tuesday Laura Loomer posted a statement on Twitter’s decision to ban her from their platform.
My name is Laura Loomer. As many of you may have heard, I was permanently banned from Twitter for life on November 21, 2018, and then I was banned for 30 days from Facebook less than 24 hours later, in another example of collusion by tech giants to censor conservative voices.
What was my offense?
Did I spew hateful, violent rhetoric towards anyone as we frequently see leftist celebrities and politicians do online?
Did I post racist comments or call for genocide against a group of people?
Did I incite a riot or call for the President to be assassinated, like Leftists often do on Twitter?
I merely shared a fact. Yes, the truth can now get you banned for life from the Internet, in America, the land of the free, and the only country with a First Amendment right.
The tweet that Twitter decided to ban me for was a tweet full of facts about Sharia law. It was a tweet directed at Ilhan Omar, a newly elected Congresswoman, a politician, a public figure, which pointed out that her support of Sharia law does not make her an ally for gay people, women, or Jews, as Twitter would like you to believe.
This is the tweet that earned me a lifetime ban. Is this “hateful conduct,” as Twitter accused me of practicing?
Read the rest here.
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I have Been Permanently Suspended From Twitter. Here’s why.

'The problem is Facebook,' - 'corporate fraud on a massive scale'

(CNBC)  -  Facebook refused to entertain the idea of antitrust regulation of during a hearing in the U.K. on Tuesday with representatives from nine governments.
Canadian representative Charlie Angus concluded the hearing with a fiery exchange with a Facebook vice president, and suggested the company get to what he saw as the heart of the issue — Facebook's dominance in social media.
CEO Mark Zuckerberg declined to attend the hearing, despite the representatives' repeated insistence. Instead, Facebook's vice president of policy solutions, Richard Allan, showed up to answer questions next to an empty chair with Zuckerberg's name on a placard.
"What we're regulating ... are the symptoms," said Angus, vice chairman of the House of Commons' standing committee on access to information, privacy and ethics. "Perhaps the best regulation would be antitrust."

Angus said the problem lies in the fact that people who want to use a social media platform other than Facebook often only have the option of another Facebook-owned service like WhatsApp or Instagram. He said the lack of competition allows Facebook to shy away from accountability for its platforms. Angus suggested breaking up the company or even making it like a public utility.
In response to the question of whether Facebook would entertain discussion of antitrust regulation, Allan said, "It depends on the problem we're trying to solve."
"The problem is Facebook," Angus replied.
Allan responded, "Unless you're going to turn off the internet, I'm not confident that people, the people we serve, you serve, would be better off, in a world where Facebook is not able, however imperfectly, to offer services where we spend 15 years learning how to do it."
Angus said he was not suggesting to turn off the internet, but that antitrust may be a way for governments to hold Facebook to corporate accountability standards.
The Canadian representative also brought up Facebook's dominance over the news cycle and its failure to deliver accurate metrics in the earlier days of its video product.
"You are the arbiter right now of the news cycle around the world because of your video metrics," Angus said. "And what we learned in 2014 you became aware they were highly inflated and did nothing. Now you can say you're on a learning path and a journey and you might get back to us. I would consider that corporate fraud on a massive scale."
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Facebook Censors Black Conservatives, Calling Them Dangerous and “Unsafe to the Community”

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Twitter Permanently Bans Feminist For Writing That ‘Men Aren’t Women’

Reporting Facts is a Thought Crime

Despite its CEO telling Congress the contrary a few months ago, Twitter has amped up its pattern of politically one-sided application of its terms of service.

Last week, the social media giant permanently banned Meghan Murphy, a writer based in British Columbia, for critiquing transgender ideology online. The platform repeatedly suspended her account for this then ultimately banned her last week, saying such behavior “violated [its] rules against hateful conduct.” Here’s a sampling of tweets Twitter required Murphy to delete as “objectionable” before allowing her access back to her account:

At Feminist Current, Murphy writes about her ban:
What is insane to me, though, is that while Twitter knowingly permits graphic pornography and death threats on the platform (I have reported countless violent threats, the vast majority of which have gone unaddressed), they won’t allow me to state very basic facts, such as ‘men aren’t women.’ This is hardly an abhorrent thing to say, nor should it be considered ‘hateful’ to ask questions about the notion that people can change sex, or ask for explanations about transgender ideology. These are now, like it or not, public debates — debates that are impacting people’s lives, as legislation and policy are being imposed based on gender identity ideology…

On Twitter, Murphy regularly engaged in debates about sex, gender, and women’s studies. In fact, she holds a master’s degree in the field from Simon Fraser University. In other words: She isn’t stupid or a troll. She’s an educated, opinionated woman, seeking to use her Twitter platform to develop her understanding of the topics and to engage others in debate.

“In August, I was locked out of my Twitter account for the first time,” Murphy writes, explaining the timeline. “I was told that I had ‘violated [Twitter’s] rules against hateful conduct’ and that I had to delete four tweets in order to gain access to my account again. In this case, the tweets in question named Lisa Kreut, a trans-identified male.”

Her tweets called out Kreut for trying to boycott and defund Vancouver Rape Relief. Twitter didn’t care what the feud was about or that it was legitimate and fact-based. They only cared about the fact that Kreut was transgender and decided to define disputes about transgenderism as “hate speech.”

Twitter also recently banned “deadnaming”—the practice of referring to a trans person by his or her legal name, or birth name. This also likely played a role in Murphy’s suspensions and ultimate ban.

Murphy continues in the article:
I deleted the tweets in question, then publicly complained on Twitter, saying, ‘Hi @Twitter, I’m a journalist. Am I no longer permitted to report facts on your platform?’ I was promptly locked out of my account again, told I had to delete the tweet in question, and suspended for 12 hours. I appealed the suspension, as it seemed clear to me that my tweets were not ‘hateful,’ but simply stated the truth, but received no response from Twitter.

Murphy said her account was locked again on November 15. She was told she must delete tweets that read: “Women aren’t men,” and “How are transwomen not men? What is the difference between a man and a transwoman?” Murphy deleted the tweets to regain access to her account. However, at this point, she was angry and tweeted:

“This is f—— bull—, @twitter. I’m not allowed to say that men aren’t women or ask questions about the notion of transgenderism at all anymore? That a multi-billion dollar company is censoring basic facts and silencing people who ask questions about this dogma is insane.”

This tweet went viral, garnering at least 20,000 likes. Then Twitter locked her account again and demanded she conform—I mean, delete it. Following these suspensions, Murphy was then permanently banned. Her fans were disappointed, to say the least.

It appears Murphy was banned solely due to repeatedly pointing out that men cannot be transformed into women simply because they want to call themselves women.

Murphy writes, the platform has so persistently done the opposite in its treatment of her and other trans-critical feminists that she has started to think about the political right’s positions and be willing to dialogue with them:

I no longer believe leftist positions are necessarily most right or most ethical. I no longer believe everyone on the right is wrong about everything. I do not believe all those on the right necessarily have ill intentions, and suspect that many, like those on the left, believe they are working towards a better world.

Read More . . . .

Laura Loomer Twitter Ban Stands

Republicans in Congress have no interest in freedom of speech for Real Conservatives. They know we would use the Internet to rip a new hole in their open borders asses. 

Ungrateful Mia Loves rips Trump and the GOP

From The Ungrateful Asshole Department

  • Black Republican Rep. Mia Love trashes as "anti-minority" the very GOP that got her elected to Congress in the first place.
  • She also ripped into The Donald. Sorry Mia but any other Republican would have lost the White House in a landslide. Trump cares about Blue Collar and Rust Belt Americans. 
  • The standard open borders GOP platform is to ship as many factories as possible to China and Mexico to fatten Wall Street profits at the expense of American workers.

Republican Rep. Mia Love sharply criticized President Donald Trump during a concession speech on Monday, saying Trump's vision of the world is "no real relationships, just convenient transactions."

In her concession speech Monday, Love hit back at the president for his comments about her immediately following Election Day. In a press conference, Trump blasted a number of Republican lawmakers, including Love, for not embracing him closely enough and losing their races. 

"Mia Love. I saw Mia Love, and she would call me all the time to help her with a hostage situation, being held hostage in Venezuela," Trump said on Nov. 7, in reference to Josh Holt, a Utahn who was imprisoned in Venezuela without trial for nearly two years. "But Mia Love gave me no love. And she lost. Too bad. Sorry about that, Mia."

Love then tore into Republicans for their treatment of minority voters before vigorously defending conservative policies as more beneficial to all Americans.

"Because Republicans never take minority communities into their home and citizens into their home and into their hearts, they stay with Democrats and bureaucrats in Washington because they do take them home or at least make them feel like they have a home," Love said. "I've seen the cost of conservatives for not truly taking people into their hearts."

Read More . . .

GOP Shafts American Workers AGAIN

U.S. Workers Are Fucked Again

  • The GOP controlled Congress that has done exactly Jack Shit about immigration is trying to ram through a last minute bill to flood the economy with imported workers to keep down the wages of American citizens.
  • It's called supply and demand. The bought and paid for GOP wants an endless supply of foreign workers so wages will never increase.

(Washington Times)  -  A key group of lawmakers has struck a deal to double the number of visas doled out to temporary seasonal guest workers each year, suggesting a breakthrough on an immigration issue that’s bedeviled Congress for years.
The number of visas allowed would rise from 66,000 to 132,000 annually. The tradeoff is that businesses hoping to use the H-2B visa program will have to submit to strict checks on their workforce, making sure anyone hired since 2012, and those they hire going forward, are in the country legally, according to a memorandum of understanding seen by The Washington Times.
Staffers for Republican Sens. Thom Tillis of North Carolina, Chuck Grassley (R) of Iowa and Mike Rounds (R) of South Dakota, as well as Rep. Andy Harris (R) of Maryland, agreed to the terms with the H-2B Workforce Coalition and the Seasonal Employment Alliance.
“Sen. Tillis has been working with his colleagues on ways to ensure America’s small businesses have the temporary, legal workers they need to sustain their business while also making sure there are integrity and accountability measures in place to protect American workers and promote a legal workforce,” Tillis spokesman Daniel Keylin said. “There is broad bipartisan consensus in support of seasonal small businesses and the American workers they employ, and progress is being made on a fair compromise.”
A Senate aide said GOP leaders are aware of the negotiations, and the lawmakers hope to add their plan to the must-pass spending bill looming next week.
That’s a fast timeline, but the spending bills have been the nexus for battling over the size of the H-2B program the past couple of years.

Monday, November 26, 2018

A Little Monday Music - Samantha Fox

Starting The Week off on a High Note
  • I have decided to try and start each new week off on a positive high note. But being a glass half empty kind of guy I suspect things will turn into crap soon enough.

Samantha Fox (born 15 April 1966) is an English dance-pop singer, songwriter, actress, and former glamour model. In 1983, at age 16, she began appearing on Page 3 of The Sun, and continued as a Page 3 girl until she was 20. During this time, she became the most popular pin-up girl of her era, as well as one of the most photographed British women of the 1980s.
In 1986, she launched her pop-music career with her debut single "Touch Me (I Want Your Body)", which hit Number 1 in 17 countries. In 1988, Fox received a Brit Award nomination for Best British Female Artist.

"I Only Wanna Be With You"

A top 40 hit single in 11 countries

Touch Me (I Want Your Body)