"There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with
power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Saturday Sultress - Nata Lee

Nata Lee was born on February 17, 1999, in Russia. Ever since Lee was a kid, she was passionate and interested in modeling and fashion. As she grew up, Lee became an Instagram star who earned a lot of fame and attention for sexy modeling portraits, mostly in a bikini which she uploads on her Instagram account.  

Lee has already amassed more than 2.7 million on Instagram alone.

Pothole Filler Pete Buttigieg got only 8,500 votes in his last election

Pete The Pothole Filler
Runs For President
Mayor Pete is Famous for Two Things:
1)  Filling potholes as mayor of a tiny town
2)  Having sex with men

EDITOR  -  Mayor Pete might, on a good day, be "qualified" to move from city hall to a State Senate seat - - - but the White House???  What an ego.

Democrats continue ripping Mayor Pete Buttigieg for only earning 8,500 votes in his last campaign for re-election as the Mayor of South Bend, Indiana — which has a population of roughly 100,000 people.

Former Deputy Chief of Staff to Sen. Harry Reid Adam Jentleson mocked Buttigieg on Friday after the mayor released a new ad against giving tuition-free college education for children of wealthy parents.

“A guy who received a total of 8,500 votes in his last election now wants to be POTUS because he believes in his own ambition above all else,” he wrote on Twitter.

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Friday, November 29, 2019

Leftists Ban Natural Gas to Stop Global Warming

Democrats Want a Return 
To The Dark Ages
Leftist loons in yoga pants want to sit around in the cold dark and read Chairman Mao

(Scientific American)  -  Cities in California and Massachusetts are advancing what has become the newest trend in the local fight against climate change: bans on natural gas hookups in new buildings.
In July, Berkeley, Calif., outlawed them. A handful of other California communities soon followed. Then, last week, Brookline, Mass., took up the cause. In a 200-3 vote at a town meeting—the form of citizen government employed by many New England towns—Brookline residents approved a plan to block gas hookups in new homes and in major renovations.
“We need to do something about climate change,” Werner Lohe, one of the measure’s sponsors, toldThe Boston Globe. “We need to stop burning fossil fuels inside our buildings. ... This is the first step in Brookline toward an all-electric, all-renewable-energy world.”
Berkeley and Brookline have a lot in common. Both are among the most liberal communities in overwhelmingly blue states. Both are well-educated and affluent.
Brookline’s vote nevertheless signals an important shift in local climate action. Where municipalities previously have focused on reducing emissions in electricity generation, attention is shifting toward the carbon footprint associated with heating and cooling buildings.
In Massachusetts, residential buildings account for roughly 15% of the state’s greenhouse gas emissions. Commercial buildings represent another 9.5%. Power plants, by contrast, are responsible for almost 20% of Massachusetts’ greenhouse gases.
“If we are going to decarbonize the economy, we have to stop putting gas in new buildings now,” said Deborah Donovan, Massachusetts director at the Acadia Center, an environmental group. “Building stock built now will be us in 2050 when we need to be decarbonized.”

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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving

The first Thanksgiving was more 
interesting than we were told.

Happy Thanksgiving

If you are on this Blog this Thanksgiving weekend then your life is perhaps even more pathetic than mine.

In any case thanks for coming by. I am taking a couple of days off from the Internet news grind. We are all here for way too short a time. Family and friends come first. The world is no doubt going to Hell, but I suspect it will still be there when I get back to the laptop.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Traitors in DOJ pay Billionaires to Hire Foreign Workers

The Government is Full
of Fucking Traitors

  • Just when you think you have seen it all more insane treasonous acts of our "leaders" come to light. 
  • The bought and paid for whores in government fall all over themselves to find new ways to fuck over American citizens.
  • QUESTION - Where is Trump?

The Department of Justice has joined with business groups to defend the program which pays investors more than $2 billion in tax breaks for hiring roughly 300,000 foreign graduates instead of their recent American counterparts.

The government lawyers replied to a lawsuit against the Optional Practical Training program by saying it is a legal extension of laws that allow foreign students to enter U.S. universities.

But the American plaintiffs in the lawsuit say the OPT program was not created by Congress. The program is merely a lobbyist-created, cheap labor program which discriminates against American graduates, and also transfers at least $2 billion each year from Social Security and Medicare to the wealthy investors in technology companies.

The OPT program allows roughly 300,000 foreign graduates of U.S. colleges to get U.S. jobs, usually at low wages, for one or three years. The program helps the foreigners compete for green cards, it sidelines American graduates into unemployment and low prestige jobs, and it also lowers salaries for a wide range of American professionals, say critics.

The case is likely to be heard by Judge Reggie Walton in May, said John Miano, the lawyer for the American plaintiffs, at the Immigration Reform Law Institute.

“I think things are looking good,” he said. “The law is clear here, [and] at the end of the day,  the courts are not going to rule to that the scheme which Congress has set up is meaningless and that [the Department of Homeland Security] can change the terms of the [student] visa when the alien gets to the United States.”

But, he warned, “the thing you always worry about is that if the judges decide ‘This is the outcome I want to get’ … there are opinions out there where judges can stretch the law.”

India’s government strongly backs the OPT program because it funnels roughly 50,000 of India’s graduates into prestigious and well paid American jobs, usually with the mutual aid of Indian recruiters and managers. The program also feeds many Indian graduates into the H-1B program,  which keeps roughly 750,000 Indian graduates in American jobs. Once in those jobs, the Indians outsource more jobs to India via the U.S.-India Outsourcing Economy, so denying those jobs to Americans graduates.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

The Ghost of the Star Wars EU - A Rant

Kill Star Wars Now
It is time to retire Star Wars before Disney and the Left totally destroy it.

Liberal Madness
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Star Wars Blaster Pistol Censored by Disney

End Star Wars now.
It is becoming a theme park joke.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Google is Shadow Banning "The Federalist" - Big Brother is Here

Google has Banned My Stories

  • The Federalist Blog has been actively suppressed by Google for a long time now. My Blog has gone from 173,345 page views in August 2017 down to 31,000 and change for this month.
  • Call me a crazy Blogger, which I am, but our stories do not show up on Google searches - - - strangely our stories do come up on other search engines.
  • These days I am using duckduckgo.com for most of my searches.

By Gary;

The Federalist is being censored by Big Brother Google.

When I read 1984 in high school, never in my wildest dreams did I think I would grow up to be a Thought Criminal.

But I am basking in my Through Crime.

What the Fascists at Google do is bury Conservative websites so deep that no search will ever find them.

So in yet another test I ran a Google search on one of my articles with an unusual title:  Jewish Vet Banned by Facebook for "Hate Speech"

I gave up looking after going five pages in. Using the exact title the article could not be found on Google.

But then I search that same title on Bing, Duck Duck Go and Yahoo and in all three cases it was the #1 listing of all searches.

Fuck Google and Fuck the bought and paid for corrupt GOP that will not stand up for the 1st Amendment.

A Search on Google
I am shocked, shocked to find censorship going on here.

Searching for the exact title produces zero results even after going five pages in.

Meanwhile over on Yahoo
Our article is #1 on the list

Meanwhile over on Bing
Our article is #1 on the list
but also has its own box

Meanwhile over on DuckDuckGo
Our article is #1 on the list

1984 Spying Legalized by GOP & Democrats

The Bi-Partisan Police State
Republicans and Democrats agree to fully support and fund the 1984 Police Surveillance State

Even in our polarized and right vs. left political paradigm, there is one thing both republicans and democrats can agree on: The federal government should have vast snooping powers and conduct mass surveillance on everyone. They simply disagree over who should be in charge of abusing those excessive powers.
The impeachment circus did one thing successfully. It took attention from the government’s mass surveillance programs that are constantly expanded. As Reason proposed: If Democrats really feared Donald Trump’s exercise of the powers of the presidency, why would they propose extending the surveillance powers of the controversial Patriot Act?
House Democrats have successfully slipped an unqualified renewal of the draconian PATRIOT Act into an emergency funding bill – voting near-unanimously for sweeping surveillance carte blanche that was the basis for the notorious NSA program.

Buried on the next-to-last page of the Continuing Appropriations Act, meant to keep the government’s lights on and dated yesterday, is the following language:
Section  102(b)(1)  of  the  USA  PATRIOT  Improvement  and  Reauthorization  Act  of  2005  (50  U.S.C.  101805  note)  is  amended  by  striking  “December  15,  2019”  and inserting “March 15, 2020”.
This relatively innocuous language pushes back the sunset provision of the Patriot Act by three months, leaving its vast powers in the hands of a president who Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden charges with “failure to uphold basic democratic principles,” who House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has accused of “alarming connections and conduct with Russia” and, joined by Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer, says is making an attempt to “shred the Constitution.” –Reason
If democrats honestly believed that Trump was all of the things he’s being accused of, why trust him with the Patriot Act?
The American Civil Liberties Union agrees, calling the Patriot Act “an overnight revision of the nation’s surveillance laws that vastly expanded the government’s authority to spy on its own citizens, while simultaneously reducing checks and balances on those powers like judicial oversight, public accountability, and the ability to challenge government searches in court.”
Attempts to roll back the spying powers of the government have all failed. This power is only expanding and it’s going to get harder for people to protect themselves against the government when they abuse this power. The last time (in 2018) libertarian-leaning Republicans and a handful of Democrats wanted to strip the government of some of its mass surveillance power, it failed.
“It became quickly apparent that leading Democrats intended to side with Trump and against those within their own party who favored imposing safeguards on the Trump administration’s ability to engage in domestic surveillance,” The Intercept‘s Glenn Greenwald wrote at the time. 
“The most bizarre aspect of this spectacle was that the Democrats who most aggressively defended Trump’s version of the surveillance bill—the Democrats most eager to preserve Trump’s spying powers as virtually limitless—were the very same Democratic House members who have become media stars this year by flamboyantly denouncing Trump as a treasonous, lawless despot in front of every television camera they could find.”

Learn How The NSA And Big Tech Are Framing People For Crimes

The NSA has colluded with Big Tech in order to frame certain people for electronic crimes they did not actually commit. Former NSA head William Binney joins Alex to break down exactly how this is possible and how you can protect yourself from the Deep State.