"There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with
power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Friday, July 31, 2015

Socialist Venezuelan soldiers seize private property, destroy beer production

Shutting down capitalist beer production in 
the name of Karl Marx.

“I’m scared not just for my job 
but for the entire country.” 
Beatrice Pellicer
a 24-year-old Polar corporate relations worker

(ABC News)  -  Venezuela's largest food distributor on Thursday denounced the government occupation of a Caracas warehouse amid accusations that the company is hoarding goods.
Soldiers took over the warehouse complex used by Empresas Polar late Wednesday just as Venezuela's federation of brewers announced that Polar's beer manufacturing subsidiary is shutting two of its six plants because of a lack of imported barley.
The South American oil-exporting nation is grappling with chronic shortages of all kinds of staples from sugar to toilet paper, which businesses blame on the socialist government's economic policies.
President Nicolas Maduro has accused Polar of sabotaging the economy by hoarding goods and intentionally creating shortages, a charge the company denies. As December congressional elections approach, Maduro has been levying frequent attacks on sectors that he claims are staging an economic war against Venezuelans.
Workers said the takeover was intended to provide land for new houses, another resource that has become scarce in Caracas in recent years, pushing people to live in shacks in the hills outside the city.
Member of national guard patrols a supermarket in Caracas. (Bloomberg)

Photographer: Juan Barreto/AFP via Getty Images

Polar executive Manuel Felipe Larrazabal asked the administration to reconsider the occupation, saying it had already paralyzed the company's supply chain in the capital.
"We're not questioning the desire to build homes, which are so necessary, but we wonder why there is this need to disrupt active industrial facilities," he said Thursday.
The Ministry of Housing declined to comment on the takeover of the complex, which is also used by several other large companies, including PepsiCo Inc. and Nestle SA.
Some of the 650 employees that Polar said work at the warehouse protested against the seizure as armed police looked on. Government supporters staged a counter-demonstration outside the complex. By nightfall, the crowds had mostly gone home.
It has been a rough couple of weeks for Polar.
In addition to the beer plant closures, which the brewers' federation said could affect a quarter of domestic beer production, Polar has also been embroiled in a dispute with union workers demanding pay raises.
Members of some of the dozens of unions representing Polar workers have limited distribution of the small bottles of light beer that are favored in Venezuela. While there are no signs of shortages on shelves so far, the company says it is struggling to get deliveries to the central part of the country.
Earlier this month, the head of Venezuela's liquor store federation warned that the nation was about to run out of beer because brewers had reached "zero hour" amid widespread shortages in raw materials. Days later, he was detained for reasons that remain unclear.  
Polls suggest most Venezuelans are not buying Maduro's economic war narrative. On Thursday, residents of the humble homes around the warehouse complex came out to show support for Polar and its employees.
Luis Ignacio Moreno said the housing situation is dire, but there is no need to pit one group's needs against another's.
"I want them to build, but not to drive Polar out. That's where a lot of my neighbors work," he said.
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Socialists destroy Venezuelan beer production.
They are mad, mad men all of them!

Obama and Turkey screw the Kurds

Just Bend Over and Enjoy It

  • United States  -  Dear Leader Obama starves the Kurds of weapons to fight ISIS while arming Islamists in Syria.
  • Turkey  -  Backing ISIS as a weapon against the Kurds.
  • Saudi Arabia  -  Backing ISIS in their religious war against Iran.
  • The Kurds  -  Just trying to survive after being fucked over by everyone.

(Associated Press) — Just when it seemed Turkey was getting serious about the fight against IS, it has turned its military focus to pounding its old foe: the Kurdish rebels.

In Turkey's Kurdish heartland, the government's renewed military onslaught against the rebels has left many people crying treachery — with suspicions rife that Turkey used a brief offensive against IS as a cover to launch a broad attack against the Kurdistan Workers Party, or PKK. Many Kurds also are venting frustration against the United States, accusing Washington of turning a blind eye to Turkish attacks on the Kurds in exchange for logistical support on IS.

"We are used to this. Kurds have witnessed betrayal for centuries" said Axin Bro, a musician. "National powers use us for their own ends."
The U.S. had welcomed Turkey's air assault last week on the Islamic State group, along with its decision to open air bases for American sorties, as a sign that Turkey had dropped its reluctance to fight the extremist group. Since then, the jets taking off from this city in Kurdish-dominated lands have been hitting PKK targets in northern Iraq.
Turkish jets again pounded PKK targets in northern Iraq in an operation Thursday that lasted two and a half hours, a government official said.
The mayor of Diyarbakir said distrust is growing toward both the government and the U.S.
"People here see that there have been several weak operations against IS while there have been repeated operations against Kurds both politically and militarily," Gultan Kisanak said in an interview. She said many constituents are asking whether there was a tacit deal between Turkey and the U.S. — for the U.S. to look the other way on Kurdish operations in exchange for access to Turkish air bases.
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Iraq War 2015 - Battle For Mosul
Kurdish Peshmerga Heavy Fighting During Push Towards Mosul

Peshmerga vs. the Islamic State

Bernie Sanders: Corporations want immigration to drive wages down

Go Bernie Go!

  • On immigration Leftist Bernie Sanders makes the open borders GOP hacks look like the bought and paid for tools of Wall Street that they are.

(NBC News)  -  Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, one of the 2016 Democatic presidential candidates, accused corporate America of backing immigration reform to import lower wage labor that competes for jobs with U.S. youth, including Latinos.
Sanders, participating in a forum for presidential candidates hosted by the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, said there's a reason why Wall Street and all of corporate America likes immigration reform.
"What I think they are interested in is seeing a process by which we can bring low-wage labor of all levels into this country to depress wages in America and I strongly disagree with that," said Sanders who is seeking the Democratic presidential nomination.
With high unemployment rates for high school-age kids in America - 36 percent for Hispanics - "I frankly do not believe we should be bringing in significant numbers of unskilled workers to compete with those kids. I want to see these kids get jobs," Sanders said.
Sanders' views on immigration have made some immigration activists uncomfortable, particularly the view that immigrants take Americans' jobs. 
"There's such a thing as illegal employers as well," Sanders said. "People do not come over the border and get jobs without the full expectation their employers understand exactly what's going on, pay them under the table and in fact exploit them," he said. "I find it interesting that my law-and-order friends, politicians, ignore that simple reality."
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Caucasus Emirate in Syria displays US-made anti-tank missile

A jihadist poses in front of a US-made TOW anti-tank missile 

Your Tax Dollars at Work

(The Long War Journal)  -  A fighter from the Caucaus Emirate in Syria, an al Qaeda-affiliated group, released a photo showing ownership of a US-made BGM-71 anti-tank missile. It is unclear when or where the photograph was taken, but it is likely recent and taken in northern Syria. A note card reading “Imarat Kavkaz” or “Caucasus Emirate” in Chechen can be seen in the foreground.
The Caucasus Emirate in Syria was formed when the former emir of Jaish al Muhajireen wal Ansar (Army of Emigrants and Helpers), Salahuddin Shishani, was removed from his post along with his deputy, Abdul Karim Krymsky, last month. Shishani announced his pledge to Muhammad Abu Usman, the new leader of the Caucasus Emirate, in a short video that was released by Akhbar Sham, a Russian-language website that previously promoted Jaish al Muhajireen wal Ansar’s activities and leaders in Syria. 
However, according to From Chechnya to Syria, a website that tracks Russian-speaking jihadists in Syria, it is not a new organization; rather, it is the same group in Syria that had sworn allegiance to the Caucasus Emirate, only now independent from Jaish al Muhajireen wal Ansar.

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Russian Special Forces op against suspected
Caucasus Emirate jihadist leader

Militants of the Caucasus Emirate were neutralized during a counter-terror operation in Dagestan after they tried, but failed, to break out.

Proposed Caucasus Emirate

Wilāyah Ghalghaycho of the Caucasus Emirate
bringing Jihad to Russia.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

It's official: Turkey is helping ISIS - Now "Undeniable"

You have been played for a sucker
"ISIS commanders told us to fear nothing at all because there was full cooperation with the Turks."

  • This is just the tip of the top secret CIA iceberg.  I have been blogging about this from day one.  Expensive weapons and the cash to run wars do not appear by magic.  I have seen evidence from the start that the U.S. has been arming the Islamists through the CIA using our Islamist allies Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the UAE as fronts.

(REUTERS/Umit Bektas)  -  An ISIS fighter walks near a black flag belonging to the Islamic State as a Turkish army vehicle takes position near the Syrian town of Kobani, as pictured from the Turkish-Syrian border near the southeastern town of Suruc, Sanliurfa province, October 7, 2014.A US-led raid on the compound housing the Islamic State's "chief financial officer" produced evidence that Turkish officials directly dealt with ranking ISIS members, Martin Chulov of the Guardian reported recently.
The officer killed in the raid, Islamic State official Abu Sayyaf, was responsible for directing the terror army's oil and gas operations in Syria. The Islamic State (aka ISIS, ISIL, or Daesh) earns up to $10 million a month selling oil on black markets.
Documents and flash drives seized during the Sayyaf raid reportedly revealed links "so clear" and "undeniable" between Turkey and ISIS "that they could end up having profound policy implications for the relationship between us and Ankara," senior Western official familiar with the captured intelligence told the Guardian.

I am sure the mountains of weapons shipped into Syria by the CIA and
our Islamist allies Saudi Arabia and Turkey had nothing at all to do
with the rise of ISIS.  That would be "crazy" talk.

NATO member Turkey has long been accused by expertsKurds, and even Joe Biden of enabling ISIS by turning a blind eye to the vast smuggling networks of weapons and fighters during the ongoing Syrian war.
The move by the ruling AKP party was apparently part of ongoing attempts to trigger the downfall of Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime.
Ankara officially ended its loose border policy last year, but not before its southern frontier became a transit point for cheap oil, weapons, foreign fighters, and pillaged antiquities.
In November, a former ISIS member told Newsweek that the group was essentially given free rein by Turkey's army.
"ISIS commanders told us to fear nothing at all because there was full cooperation with the Turks," the fighter said. "ISIS saw the Turkish army as its ally especially when it came to attacking the Kurds in Syria."
But as the alleged arrangements progressed, Turkey allowed the group to establish a major presence within the country — and created a huge problem for itself.
"The longer this has persisted, the more difficult it has become for the Turks to crack down [on ISIS] because there is the risk of a counter strike, of blowback," Jonathan Schanzer, a former counterterrorism analyst for the US Treasury Department, explained to Business Insider in November.
"You have a lot of people now that are invested in the business of extremism in Turkey," Schanzer added. "If you start to challenge that, it raises significant questions of whether" the militants, their benefactors, and other war profiteers would tolerate the crackdown."
A Western diplomat, speaking to The Wall Street Journal in February, expressed a similar sentiment: "Turkey is trapped now — it created a monster and doesn’t know how to deal with it."
Ankara had begun to address the problem in earnest — arresting 500 suspected extremists over the past six months as they crossed the border and raiding the homes of others — when an ISIS-affiliated suicide bomber killed 32 activists in Turkey's southeast on July 20.
Turks subsequently took to the streets to protest the government policies they felt had enabled the attack.
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See our articles:
‘US allies against ISIS are actually ISIS’ main allies’
Turkey and Saudi Arabia arm Islamists in Syria

The politician's lap-dog media 
somehow "forgets" to ask where ISIS gets 
their weapons and funding.

Bernie Sanders comes out against open borders

A Leftist Against Open Borders

  • A true Leftist would naturally oppose open borders in order to protect the jobs and income of the working class from endless waves of immigration.
  • But Bernie is a bit off saying open borders is a right-wing thing.  Wall Street has bought off both political parties in order to flood the nation with cheap labor and fuck over American citizens.  Also as a "bonus" Leftists deliberately want to turn America into a third world nation through immigration.

(Vox.com)  -  When Sen. Bernie Sanders launched his presidential campaign, few treated it as a serious challenge to Hillary Clinton. Sanders, after all, isn’t even a Democrat: He’s a "democratic socialist." But his campaign struck a chord. He’s raised more than $15 million, primarily from small donors, and he’s turning out the largest crowds of the presidential race. But amidst all the media attention given to Sanders’s rapid political rise, there’s not been that much exploration of what he actually believes.
So on July 16, Vox sat down with Sanders for a wide-ranging interview about his policy ideas and political theories. The discussion touched on everything from single payer to open borders to Zionism, but it began with perhaps the best-known but least-understood facet of Sanders’s political philosophy: his self-identification as a socialist. A transcript of the conversation, edited for length and clarity, follows.

Ezra Klein

You said being a democratic socialist means a more international view. I think if you take global poverty that seriously, it leads you to conclusions that in the US are considered out of political bounds. Things like sharply raising the level of immigration we permit, even up to a level of open borders. About sharply increasing ...

Bernie Sanders

Open borders? No, that's a Koch brothers proposal.

Ezra Klein


Bernie Sanders

Of course. That's a right-wing proposal, which says essentially there is no United States. ...

Ezra Klein

But it would make ...

Bernie Sanders

Excuse me ...

Ezra Klein

It would make a lot of global poor richer, wouldn't it?

Bernie Sanders

It would make everybody in America poorer —you're doing away with the concept of a nation state, and I don't think there's any country in the world that believes in that. If you believe in a nation state or in a country called the United States or UK or Denmark or any other country, you have an obligation in my view to do everything we can to help poor people. What right-wing people in this country would love is an open-border policy. Bring in all kinds of people, work for $2 or $3 an hour, that would be great for them. I don't believe in that. I think we have to raise wages in this country, I think we have to do everything we can to create millions of jobs.
You know what youth unemployment is in the United States of America today? If you're a white high school graduate, it's 33 percent, Hispanic 36 percent, African American 51 percent. You think we should open the borders and bring in a lot of low-wage workers, or do you think maybe we should try to get jobs for those kids?
I think from a moral responsibility we've got to work with the rest of the industrialized world to address the problems of international poverty, but you don't do that by making people in this country even poorer.
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Bernie is Partly Right
Sanders comes at income inequality from a Socialist point of view and ignores other aspects of the issue.
As a true Conservative I see many businessmen for what they really are: crooked predators.  Just because some asshole puts on a businessman's three-piece suite does not make him a saint.  Big business uses their money to buy and sell politicians in order to get special tax breaks, government contracts or open borders for cheap labor.
Many big businesses love to have everyone else pick up the tax bill for police, schools or the military while they avoid supporting the system.
I believe in free enterprise, not corrupt crony capitalism that is gaming the system for their own ends.

Star Trek engine gets you to the moon in four hours

It was only a matter of time
Better buy that beach front property 
on Titan before the rush.

(Mirror)  -  Flying to the moon could take just FOUR hours thanks to a British invention that uses solar power to produce thrust.
The EM Drive, which has been compared to the impulse drive in Star Trek, was developed almost 15 years by British boffin Roger Shawyer but was originally mocked as being impossible.
Experts at NASA have since climbed down and admitted they believe it works while a scientist in Germany has been able to show how the invention produces thrust.

The EM Drive propulsion engine

Martin Tajmar, professor and chair for Space Systems at the Dresden University of Technology, presented his work at the American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics' Propulsion and Energy Forum, saying: "Our test campaign cannot confirm or refute the claims of the EM Drive but intends to independently assess possible side-effects in the measurements methods used so far.
"Nevertheless, we do observe thrust close to the actual predictions after eliminating many possible error sources that should warrant further investigation into the phenomena.
"Our measurements reveal thrusts as expected from previous claims after carefully studying thermal and electromagnetic interferences.
"If true, this could certainly revolutionise space travel."
It is believed the EM Drive works by using solar power to generate multiple microwaves that are held in an enclosed chamber and move back and forth.
Basically, the drive converts electrical energy into thrust without the need for rocket fuel.
Dr Harold White at the Johnson Space Center has also done theoretical testing on the invention and thinks it could work.
The EM Drive has been compared to the Impulse Drive on board the Starship Enterprise in Star Trek, but continues to baffle experts as it goes against the principles of physics that state if something is moving forward there must be a force pushing in the other direction.

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Cops arrest man for "offending" Muslims

Obey Your Masters
Only speak or think government approved thoughts.

(Infowars)  -  Former English Defense League leader Tommy Robinson was reportedly re-arrested by police in the United Kingdom to prevent him from attending a meeting involving the organizers of a ‘draw Mohammad’ cartoon contest, a shocking illustration of how offending Muslims is being treated as a thought crime.

British police refused to deny the sensational claim, first made by left-wing activist group Hope Not Hate, that Robinson had been, “returned to prison for breach of license (for a conviction for mortgage fraud) in what appeared to be an attempt by the authorities to prevent him from getting in the cartoon plot.”
When contacted by Breitbart London the National Probation Service did not distance itself from the allegation and said in a statement, “Public protection is our priority. Offenders on licence are subject to strict conditions and are liable to be recalled to custody if they breach them.”
Although a separate claim made by the left-wing group, that Robinson and others were planning to start a “civil war” in the UK by distributing Mohammad cartoons in Muslim areas, was subsequently debunked, it is important to emphasize that Robinson himself believes that the police arrested him because they (mistakenly) thought he would be attending a meeting related to the draw Mohammad event.
“I believe they kept me in to prevent me attending a meeting on the 23rd,” tweeted Robinson in response to being asked by someone if the Breitbart article was true.

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UK Thought Police Arresting People
Who May Offend Muslims

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Bipartisan Open Borders - America is Doomed

Aliens Pour into America
  • Both open borders parties support the screwing over of American citizens, and there is nothing we can do to stop them.  Say goodbye to the America that you knew.

By Gary;

It has been decided for you.

The Elites of Wall Street, the GOP and the Democrats have decided to do everything in their power to destroy the American middle class.

The most recent story has illegals outnumbering American unemployed by 11 million to 9 million.  The horrible truth is far worse with illegals running closer to 30 million and "legal" immigrants in the millions more.

Bottom line this.  Conservative, liberal, Republican, Democrat - it all means nothing.  This immigration insanity is an act of bipartisan gang rape, and honestly no one is going to stop it.  America as we knew it is doomed.

A financially independent Donald Trump might address these issues, but I still don't think Trump's campaign is serious.  At this point I put his campaign as a "bucket list" item.

Bipartisan Open Borders Immigration

The Democrats are living a Leftist wet-dream fantasy of aborting the native population and replacing American citizens with the citizens of foreign nations.

The open borders GOP is the greatest evil.  On the orders of their Wall Street Masters the GOP sold out the American people to import millions of legal and illegal aliens to drive down wages.

The Republicans talk as if they have no control over anything.  Someone else is in charge, not us.  But the GOP has controlled the House for 16 out of 20 years and the Senate and White House for many other years.  Most of the 30 million plus aliens came in on their watch.

Together the one Republicrat Party that rules American has decided the fate of Americans - extinction.  We are to be replaced by the citizens of foreign nations.

Bipartisan Open Borders "Free" Trade

Say goodbye to middle class jobs.  Backed by a Democrat Congress, Republican George H.W. Bush pushed through the NAFTA "free trade".  Since then millions of manufacturing jobs have vanished.

Now it is reversed.  We have a Democrat President, backed by a GOP Congress, ramming through the top secret Obamatrade bill that no one is allowed to read.  This treaty will kill what is left of the American worker.

No American can compete with Vietnamese Communists who work for $150 a month.  That is why Nike moved their factories to Communist Vietnam years ago.  The Communists work with Nike to make sure labor unions do not form and wages are kept low.

Right now only 39% of U.S. youth have jobs.  That future of unemployment and poverty is what both parties want for you . . . . and you Sheeple voters keep voting for the same bastards who are screwing you.

Jobs - The Issue of Our Time

Both parties are working together to import countless legal foreigners to replace American citizen workers.  Add in the endless millions of illegal aliens allowed in over the decades and you see why wages are trend downward and permanent unemployment trending up.

Frankly neither party has any interest in changing the system, and because Wall Street funds both parties there is a financial incentive to make it worse.

Thanks to the GOP and the Dems you can say goodbye to middle class jobs and hello to a future of increasing American poverty. . . . but I can guarantee that you Sheeple will still vote for the same collection of scumbags because that have that magic "R" or "D" after their names.

Since we are doom anyway I guess I might as well vote for Trump.

Bipartisan "Free" Trade Kills Jobs
Millions of middle class jobs flee to Mexico and Asia
never to return.

ISIS gift store sells beheading swords

ISIS Capitalism in Action

(RT News)  -  Pictures of a gift shop in northern Iraq selling a whole range of souvenirs with Islamic State logo on them have emerged on social media, suggesting the extremist group has made yet another step to becoming a full-fledged state with relevant attributes and functions.

Following the recent publication of a tourist guide on its realm, the terrorist group Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) is providing the on the ground infrastructure that a potential sightseeing traveler would expect from a major city. Images appearing in Arabic social media on Sunday show a souvenir shop in Mosul filled with IS black flags, baseball caps and clothing featuring the group’s logo.

Side by side with them Kalashnikov assault rifles can be seen, as well as gun accessories and swords similar to those used in some of the notorious execution videos that IS frequently releases.

Mosul is the de-facto Iraqi capital of Islamic state. The lightning-strike seizure of the city in the summer 2014 provided the previously relatively unknown group with a few billion dollars of cash stored in local banks and a large arsenal of US-provided weapons, including tanks and helicopter gunships that the fleeing Iraqi army left behind.

IS declared itself a state shortly afterwards, a claim that was internationally rejected as ludicrous. In a year that past since then the entity that sprawls across a great part of Syria and Iraq has become relatively state-ish, producing a functioning bureaucracy to back its fighters in the field. It’s a brutal authority that expels or slaughters those it sees unfit, but it has found things to offer the subjugated population.
The militants for example maintain a form of social security, covering damages sustained from warfare – either from its own fighters requisitioning vehicles and other resources or suffered from airstrikes of the US-led coalition.
One thing I’ve repeatedly heard from Syrian refugees is that ISIL moves very quick to restore basic services and provide compensations to civilians whose property has been damaged by the coalition airstrikes. There is a wide-spread perception in the contested areas of Syria that coalition airstrikes are doing more damage to civilians than they are to ISIL targets,” Mara Revkin, political science PhD student at Yale University, told RT.
IS has voiced plans of introducing its own currency. The group brings not only the back-to-basics version of Islam for its ideology, but also a large skill pool of former Baathist functionaries, who saw their livelihoods hurt under the US-backed Shiite government and are making a bid for a comeback as part of IS. Former Saddam officials provide the talent for Islamists’ military HQs and civilian administrations.
This is a group that is absolutely committed to developing a state, expanding their state, so this is not merely symbolic. It’s both in developments and it is also a state that’s on a continuous war-time footing, fighting a war on multiple fronts, so I think it’s much better understood as an ongoing revolutionary organization,” Andrew March, associate professor of political science at Yale told RT.
Keeping the machine running costs, and IS group’s budget is estimated to get up to $100 million in revenue. A large portion of it comes from smuggling oil through Turkey or Iraq. Taking toll from passing caravans trafficking illegal goods is another one. A big chunk comes from squeezing wealthy people by kidnapping them and holding for ransom and other forms of raiding.
Islamic State has built an empire, functioning as both a company and a state: selling oil and trafficking precious art while building a formidable army,” Middle East political analyst Catherine Shakdam told RT.

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