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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Saturday Sultress - Hot Women on The Beach

Billionaire Leftist: we need a nuclear war to correct Trump

Liberalism is a Mental Disorder

(Washington Free Beacon)  -  Left-wing billionaire Tom Steyer said perhaps there could be a "nuclear war" that would provide a "real course correction" to Donald Trump's presidency during an interview published by Rolling Stone.
Steyer, who launched a national impeachment campaign against President Donald Trump last year, spoke with the liberal magazine about his efforts, which have been opposed by leading Democrats like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.).
Interviewer Tim Dickinson pointed out Pelosi's strategy of opposing impeachment of President George W. Bush, to take the issue off the table in 2006. Democrats took back both chambers of Congress in an electoral rout that year.
"She pointed to how she dealt with George W. Bush – whom many wanted to impeach," Dickinson said. "She believes the decision to take impeachment off the table helped Democrats take the House in 2006, and paved a path to Obama and a deeper correction."
"I remember 2006," Steyer said. "What happened is that George W. Bush, he put us in two disastrous wars and we were headed toward the biggest financial disaster since the Great Depression. So if the answer is that we need those three things to happen for a course correction, I'd prefer to move a little quicker. How about that? But I take your point. Maybe we can have, like, a nuclear war and then we get a real course correction."
Dickinson responded that was a "sobering" thought, and Steyer replied he would take back the "nuclear war" comment.
"We're trying to do what's right," he said. "And 2006/2008 did not happen because George W. Bush didn't get impeached, is what I'm saying. I should be a little bit more tempered: I take back that remark about nuclear war. The correction happened because the United States got screwed, and American citizens lost their houses and American citizens lost their lives – and, by the way, there was a terrible climate-related crisis, New Orleans, that the president fumbled."
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Muslim Cleric: Armenian Genocide 'Is a Lie Fabricated by the British'

The Armenian Genocide

Denial is not just a river in Egypt

(CNSNews.com) -- Although historians have documented and numerous governments have recognized the genocide committed by the Ottoman Turks against the Christian Armenians, which killed an estimated 1.5 million people between 1915 and 1923, an Egyptian cleric recently declared on Turkish television that the Armenian genocide is "a lie," and that Muslims have never committed mass atrocities against any group.

Egyptian cleric Sheikh Sharif Abadi said in an interview on the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Watan TV channel that, “We [Muslims] have never perpetrated a racial massacre.  We have never laid siege on a certain group and kill, let's say, all the Jews.”
When the interviewer asked Abadi, “So why do people say that the Ottoman Caliphate perpetrated a massacre against the Armenians?” he said, “It is a lie. The Armenians are the ones who betrayed [the Ottomans].  There is a historical story behind it, but [the massacre] never happened.  It is a lie fabricated by the British in order to topple the Ottoman Caliphate.”

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The Muslim Genocide Against The Greeks

Abadi then asked, “Are you saying that we had refrained from perpetrating racial massacres for 14 centuries, just to carry one out in the final two years of the Caliphate?  Does this even make sense?  It's a lie.”
“There was no racial massacre of the Armenians,” he declared. “They are the ones who started it.  They are the ones who betrayed us.  They are the ones who killed Muslims and burned mosques.”

Sharif Abadi further claimed, “We have never perpetrated a racial massacre or killed women and children…. The third thing is that we have never forced anyone to convert to Islam.”

In its “Overview” article on the “Armenian Genocide of 1915,” the New York Times wrote,  “There were executions into mass graves, and death marches of men, women and children across the Syrian desert to concentration camps with many dying along the way of exhaustion, exposure and starvation.”
The New York Times went on to note that the massacre of the Armenians was well documented at the time, and that even though the Ottoman Empire’s “ally, Germany, was silent at the time, in later years documents have surfaced from ranking German diplomats and military officers expressing horror at what was going on.”
Henry Morgenthau Sr., a U.S. Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire from 1913 to 1916, wrote in his 1918 memoir Ambassador Morgenthau's Story, “When the Turkish authorities gave the orders for these deportations, they were merely giving the death warrant to a whole race; they understood this well, and, in their conversations with me, they made no particular attempt to conceal the fact…. I am confident that the whole history of the human race contains no such horrible episode as this.  The great massacres and persecutions of the past seem almost insignificant when compared to the sufferings of the Armenian race in 1915.”
President Theodore Roosevelt wrote in a letter to Cleveland Hoadley Dodge on May 11, 1918, that “the Armenian massacre was the greatest crime of the war, and the failure to act against Turkey is to condone it….”
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"When the Turkish authorities gave the orders for these deportations, they were merely giving the death warrant to a whole race; they understood this well, and, in their conversations with me, they made no particular attempt to conceal the fact…"
U.S. Ambassador Henry Morgenthau, Sr. in 1918.

Muslim soldiers of the Ottoman Empire
Eyewitness account of J. A. MacGahan on Turkish atrocities in Bulgaria 1876.

"But let me tell you what we saw at Batak ... The number of children killed in these massacres is something enormous. They were often spitted on bayonets, and we have several stories from eye-witnesses who saw the little babes carried about the streets, both here and at Olluk-Kni, on the points of bayonets.
The reason is simple. When a Mohammedan has killed a certain number of infidels he is sure of Paradise, no matter what his sins may be ... It was a heap of skulls, intermingled with bones from all parts of the human body, skeletons nearly entire and rotting, clothing, human hair and putrid flesh lying there in one foul heap, around which the grass was growing luxuriantly. It emitted a sickening odor, like that of a dead horse, and it was here that the dogs had been seeking a hasty repast when our untimely approach interrupted them ... The ground is covered here with skeletons, to which are clinging articles of clothing and bits of putrid flesh. The air was heavy, with a faint, sickening odor, that grows stronger as we advance. It is beginning to be horrible."
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Friday, June 29, 2018

Friday Femmes with Firearms

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

LGBT re-education camps for straights to open

Thought Police
Think Only Government Approved Thoughts

Sweden is set to open the country’s first “LGBT-certified” sports stadium with dressing rooms and bathroom facilities specially adapted to be inclusive of everyone “regardless of gender identity”.

Teams and sports associations wishing to use the Studenternas stadium in Uppsala, which local media reports will be ready for the 2019 soccer season, will have to undergo training in LGBT legislation and ideology.

The ‘LGBT diploma’, for which the arena’s entire workforce will undertake months of education, also focuses on “norm-critical” thinking, which purports that “prevailing norms in society” such as “whiteness” and “the binary-gender norm” are a “problem” because they result in “discrimination”.

“Uppsala municipality aims to be open and inclusive, where everyone has equal rights and the same opportunities,” the city’s sports and recreation board explained in a press release Tuesday.

Studenternas, which will also host large music concerts and similar events, is being designed to be as “gender neutral” as possible, and will likely feature unisex changing rooms with individual shower cubicles, as well as unisex toilets where possible.

According to the municipality, facilities will be adapted to ensure the stadium and its activities are welcoming and accessible to all sportsmen and spectators “regardless of [their] gender, gender identity, gender expressions, and sexual orientation”.

“I am pleased that Studenternas is to become Sweden’s first LGBT-certified arena,” said Rickard Malmström, chairman of Uppsala’s sports and recreation committee.

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What Do Democrats Stand For In 2018?

Thanks to:  Ninetymilesfromtyranny.blogspot.com

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Facebook to spy on you through your phone

One Evil Fucking Bastard

  • Don't think for one second that Facebook is not sharing all your data with the Fascists in the NSA, FBI and CIA.

Profile picture for user Tyler Durdenby Tyler Durden

Social media giant Facebook continues to ramp up the creepy factor. According to a recently filed patent, Facebook wants to spy on you by hiding inaudible messages in TV ads.

Facebook has filed a patent for a system that hides audio clips in TV commercials. These sounds would be so high-pitched that they are inaudible to human beings. They would then trigger your phone to record all the background noises in your home. The patent application is called “broadcast content view analysis based on ambient audio recording.”

According to The Daily Mail, these secret messages would force your phone to record the audio of the private conversations you have without you even knowing. According to a patent application by the social media platform, clips taken of your background conversations and your movements across a room would help advertisers determine whether or not you are watching their promotions.

According to the patent, originally discovered by Metrothe system would use “a non-human hearable digital sound” to activate your phone’s microphone. This noise, which could be a sound so high-pitched that humans cannot hear it, would contain a “machine recognizable” set of Morse code-style beeps. 

Once your phone “hears” or recognizes the trigger, it would begin to record the “ambient noise” in the home, such as the sound of your air conditioning unit, plumbing noises from your pipes, and even your movements from one room to another. Your phone would even listen in on “distant human speech” and “creaks from thermal contraction”, according to the patent.
Facebook is currently working on the controversial software too, said a patent application published on June 14 this year. If you’re like the rest of us, you might think this sounds like an Orwellian nightmare technology which will let Big Zucker intrude upon the lives of millions of unsuspecting people in unprecedentedly terrifying ways.
The tech is going to be used to monitor what people watch on their “broadcasting device” so that the adverts they are shown on Facebook are likely to appeal to them. This would also allow companies to get an accurate sense of the size of the audience which has viewed their promotion. That’s what Facebook says in its patent, however, there is absolutely no mention of spying on our private lives, invading our privacy, recording our intimate conversations, and forcing advertising into the heart of our homes whatsoever.
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Marxism takes hold of the Democrat Party

"There is no difference between communism and socialism, except in the means of achieving the same ultimate end: communism proposes to enslave men by force, socialism—by vote. It is merely the difference between murder and suicide."


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a card-carrying member of the Democratic Socialists of America — a socialist — and she just won a congressional primary in New York City.
What a face slap to America.
What an affront to all the Founding Fathers forged.
Ocasio-Cortez is by socialist nature an enemy of the American way of life.
How would this woman, should she win in the general election, seriously take the oath of office? Socialism and the Constitution have nothing in common; the one cannot exist with the other.
Yes, Congress is now filled with other Democratic Socialists, either in name or in ideology. They caucus as the congressional progressives, a far-left group with around 70 members. And yes, Democrats as a party far too often these days tout what is basically a socialist style of governing; they just don’t call it that.

And yes, Bernie Sanders, a self-declared socialist who hid behind an independent label, did just run for president — and won over so many youthful converts in the process that he gave Hillary Clinton a near heart attack, figuratively speaking, that is.
They’re all enemies of America, too.
But Ocasio-Cortez actually pays dues to the DSA.
“Ocasio-Cortez [if elected] will become the only current member of Congress who is a dues-paying member of the Democratic Socialists of America,” TelesurTV.net noted.
America — real America — spits on those dues.
So how did she win this upset over her Democratic contender, Rep. Joseph Crowley?

Socialists rise through the ranks of the political world by selling promises of easy living — by basically sucking up to the lowest denominator of human kind and tossing out the victim card whenever and wherever possible. They do this for control, to grab power.
This woman, Ocasio-Cortez, wants to abolish U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. She wants to implement a federally imposed $15 per hour minimum wage. She wants to ban assault weapons — as the Democrats define assault weapons, of course. But more than all that: She wants to tear down all that this country represents, all that makes this country great, all that’s been in this nation’s DNA since its founding.
What is that DNA?
Only this — which is everything: The fact that in this country, individual rights come from God, not government. Socialists don’t recognize God as the bestower of rights and freedoms. Socialists only recognize themselves — themselves and their chosen cronies — as the granters and gifters and grand bestowers of all that’s good, all that’s fair, all that’s just.
She doesn’t say that — not in so many words.
Ocasio-Cortez presents herself as if she’s all about the little guy, all for the good of the people, all against the Big Bad Wolves of corporate control and government corruption. But you can’t be a socialist and a real American at the same time.

Read more at The Washington Times

Socialists no longer need their own party.  They have largly taken over the Democrat Party.
Socialists also control a lot of the "Conservative" GOP which has never voted to cut even one penny of Federal spending or abolish even one tiny insignificant government program.

GAME ON: “Repeal the Gas Tax” on the California ballot

A California GOP Governor?

  • There is an outside chance that GOP Governor candidate John Cox who helped put the gas tax repeal on the ballot might have a shot.

California’s Secretary of State officially placed the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association’s “Repeal the Gas Tax” initiative on the November statewide ballot Monday.

Howard Jarvis spokesman David Wolfe cheered what he referred to as an opportunity for Californians to vote on the appropriateness of the legislature passing one of the most “regressive” tax increases in California’s history.

Officially titled the “The Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017,” Senate Bill 1 raised the tax on gasoline by 12 cents per gallon and 20 cents per gallon for diesel. It also raised vehicle registration fees this year by $25, to $175 (depending on the value of the vehicle), and imposed a $100 registration fee for zero-emission vehicles, which will go into effect in 2020.

The car tax is “regressive,” in that it hurts lower-income families most. The owner who drives 25,000 miles a year in a car valued at $15,000 that gets 27miles to the gallon initially saw his or her monthly taxes increase by just $3.94. But when fully implemented, the monthly tax increase will jump to $17.19 a month, or $206.28 per year.

Gov. Jerry Brown told the San Jose Mercury News that because California has a $67 billion backlog in highway, bridge and road repairs, he will do everything in his power to defeat the gas tax repeal initiative.

Brown, as a termed-out governor, can spend the $15 million in his campaign account to try sway voters to preserve the tax. He has also assembled a coalition of contractors, chambers of commerce, unions, local governments, law enforcement officers, and firefighters to fight the repeal.

In a “taxes are good” campaign, the American Road & Transportation Builders Association is warning that repealing SB 1 could cost California 68,203 jobs and reduce $18.3 billion of annual economic activity and benefits for business and residents.

Breitbart California

The Peasants are Revolting

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

GOP Protects the Deep State, Again

GOP Corruptus in Extremis

  • You know "the fix is in" when the GOP Oligarch Elites want to hide Strzok's testimony behind closed doors far from TV cameras.
  • Molasses in winter moves faster than the GOP controlled Congress. There is no sense of urgency simply because they just don't give a shit.

Peter Strzok, the senior FBI counterintelligence agent who has drawn President Donald Trump’s ire for his anti-Trump text messages, will appear voluntarily Wednesday before House lawmakers, according to three Capitol Hill sources.

Strzok — whose role in the investigations of Hillary Clinton’s email use and the Trump campaign’s contacts with Russia was one focus of a recent Justice Department watchdog report — will meet with the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees. The interview will be held behind closed doors . . . . 

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47,000 illegal alien tent city at Camp Pendleton

The GOP Congress is Missing in Action

  • Patriots have to wonder what is the point of electing a "Conservative" GOP Congress that leaves our borders wide, wide open and allows illegals to game the court system and stay here forever. 
  • Trump stands alone as the Republican Congress refuses to do anything meaningful to protect our borders.
  • On election day we voters are give the "choice" of the slow motion Death of America under the GOP or a swift Clusterfuck of a death under the Marxist Democrats.

(San Diego Union Tribune)  -  San Diego County could become a destination for tens of thousands of unauthorized immigrants to be housed indefinitely by the U.S. Government, under the zero-tolerance policy implemented by President Donald Trump.

According to a report published Friday afternoon by Time magazine, military leaders are drawing up plans to create a tent city at Camp Pendleton to detain as many as 47,000 illegal immigrants from Central America and other locations over the coming months.

The facility at Camp Pendleton would be one of multiple temporary detention centers designated to house immigrants making their way into the United States.

According to an internal memo obtained by Time magazine, the U.S. Navy has been directed to establish “temporary and austere” encampments on military installations in Alabama, Arizona and California that each could host tens of thousands of detainees.

The document, prepared by an assistant secretary for approval by Navy Secretary Richard Spencer, suggests construction could begin at one site within 60 days. The structures would be designed to last for six months to one year, Time magazine reported.

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Starbucks to help cut off men's genitals

A World Gone Mad
The insane Left is mad with desire to cut off men's genitals

(The Hill)  -  Starbucks announced Monday that it will expand health benefits for transgender employees, including covering surgeries that were previously considered cosmetic.

The company has covered gender reassignment surgery since 2012, but will now cover services like breast reduction or augmentation, hair transplants, voice therapy and facial feminization surgery.

Starbucks partnered with the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) to create the new benefits. A WPATH official said that Starbucks is the first company to do so.

“The approach was driven not just by the company’s desire to provide truly inclusive coverage, and by powerful conversations with transgender partners about how those benefits would allow them to truly be who they are,” said Ron Crawford, vice president of benefits at Starbucks, in a statement.

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Trans Bathroom

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Why do we need more people in this country, anyway?

What Quality of Life?
The Left and the Right want open borders and cheap labor.

  • Cheap labor and more voters rules government policy. . . not the quality of life of current American citizens.
  • California residents literally spend years of their lives on slow moving freeways to travel to their vastly overpriced homes. Californian's are packed in shoulder to shoulder. 
  • It is rapidly becoming the same in cities all over America. But the Elites claim there are not enough people in the U.S.

Michael Anton

(Washington Post)  -  As Capitol Hill Republicans attempt for — what, the eighth? ninth? — time in the past two decades to jam through an amnesty that their voters have explicitly, loudly and repeatedly said they do not want, it’s worth asking a question that is rarely raised:
Does the United States — population 320 million and rising — need more people? If so, why?
To most ears, the question sounds blasphemous, which illustrates the rottenness of our immigration debate. Actually, “debate” is far too generous. One side has made sure that there is no debate. Good people want more immigration, and bad people object or raise questions. An inherently political issue has been effectively rendered religious, with the righteous on one side, sinners on the other.
The basic question remains. The pat answer over the past 20 years — “to do the jobs Americans just won’t do” — may seem to have some salience with a 3.9 percent unemployment rate. But that only further raises the question. After at least two decades of wage stagnation and even decline, now that we’ve finally reached the nirvana of full employment (and who knows how long it will last), why not take advantage of this tight labor market to raise wages across the board? Especially for the working and middle classes that got nowhere or even lost ground during the housing, finance and tech booms of recent years?

Just about everyone knows the answer: because the business community does not like tight labor markets and the concomitant necessity to raise wages. That’s bad for the bottom line. The solution? More workers! And so the Chamber of Commerce annex — a.k.a. Capitol Hill Republicans — dutifully attempt to do their donors’ bidding at the expense of their voters’ interests.
Economists in league with big business got good at torturing data to “show” that immigration benefits the economy. But as demonstrated by Harvard University’s George Borjas, one of the nation’s leading economists on the topic, immigration is a net economic benefit to immigrants and to their employers. To workers already here, not so much.
No matter, because the Democrats are no longer the party of labor. Back when they were — in the prelapsarian Clinton years — they sought tight labor markets precisely for their efficacy in boosting lower-end wages. But today’s Democrats are the party of high class, high tech and high capital.
This glamour coalition is not big enough by itself to win elections. So the left has hoodwinked some (but, as the 2016 election shows, by no means all) low-income voters into thinking that their interests align with those of Wall Street and Silicon Valley oligarchs.
It’s clear what the oligarchs get out of an endless influx of cheap labor. What the Democratic Party gets is also clear: more voters, and with them the tantalizing possibility of turning the country as irreversibly blue as Democratic policies have already done to New York, California and many other states.

Democrats used to be coy about this. The 2002 blockbuster “The Emerging Democratic Majority,” by John B. Judis, presented demographic change as an inevitability, not a deliberate plot to rig elections. But now, for the first time facing real pushback from those whose interests more immigration does not serve, the left is more open in exhorting their side and demonizing the other. Hence this year’s “How Democracies Die,” by Steven Levitsky, states openly that immigration favors Democrats, so the more the better. It also construes any opposition as (of course) racist.
Another argument for more people is to point to falling birthrates among the native-born. In fact, the United States remains near the top of birthrates in the developed world. Regardless, consider that immigration not only lowers wages but also raises housing prices by increasing demand and stresses public schools by adding non-English-speaking students. And as such factors worsen, research suggests that people are putting off marriage — which reduces birthrates.
Related is the claim that more people are necessary to solve our looming entitlement crisis. This quickly falls apart once you think it through. In 1967, future Nobel laureate Paul Samuelson favorably compared Social Security to a Ponzi scheme, arguing that it will be sustainable because younger people will always outnumber retirees. But does anyone really believe the United States — or any country — is capable of sustaining population growth without end? Somehow, the United States needs to find a way to meet its fiscal commitments without stuffing the land beyond the bursting point.
So again: Why do we need more people? For the extra traffic congestion? More crowded classrooms? Longer emergency room and Transportation Security Administration lines? Higher greenhouse-gas emissions?
We know how more immigration benefits big business and the Democratic Party. No one has yet convincingly explained how it benefits the American people as a whole. That’s the foremost consideration that should drive our immigration debate, and that’s what should determine our immigration policy.
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Again, What Quality of Life?