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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Back when people worked for a living

1908 - Back when people worked
Men Seeking Employment as Snow Shovelers, NYC

1908   -   We paid Americans to work.

2012   -   We pay Americans not to work.

By Gary;

I ran across this photo and the change in American culture frightens me to death.

In modern Socialist America we pay countless millions of people to sit on their asses rather than take jobs shoveling snow, cleaning the streets, building fire breaks or harvesting crops. 

My mother harvested crops on the family farm in Iowa.  But today we import foreigners to harvest our crops so Americans won't have to get their hands dirty and maybe break a sweat on a warm summer day outside.

Sucking at the teat is better than working.

In general, huge numbers of human beings have always been lazy.  Many have little interest in education or bettering themselves.  They are content with just getting by in life.  As long as they have food stamps, section 8 housing and a Obamaphone life is good.

The lazy gene exists in the middle and upper classes too.  Grown middle class adults in their 30s are living at home with mom and dad rather than taking the world by the throat and making it on their own.

Then you have those worthless shreds of human debris the wealthy trust fund babies.  The spoiled rotten children of the privileged classes and super-wealthy.  Their parents are content that their brat never comes into contact with anything that might involve real work.  They flit from socialite party to socialite party.  They "work" at so-called non-profit trusts shielded from taxation.  And sometimes they go into politics for fun.

So welcome to the United States of Lazy Americans where work is often optional and Big Government can be the daddy to millions of fatherless children.
(Museum Syndicate)

Obamaphone Lady
The classic looters and moochers are always the best ones.

Welcome to America the Lazy
Why work hard?  Someone else will pick up the bill.

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