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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Conservatives looking to sweep Japan's elections

Nationalist Conservatives want to shake off the American imposed "peaceful" Japan

Shinzo Abe, the opposition leader of the conservative Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), is poised to return to office with a landslide majority with a campaign built on calls to re-write the constitution and turn Japan's Self Defense Force into an army.

Abe is likely to become prime minister for a second time this month as the LDP wins as many as 300 of the 480 seats in the House of Representatives, according to a poll last week reports the Telegraph.

Core issues for the right:
  • Transformation of the Japanese Self Defence Force into an army.
  • The restoration of the Rising Sun flag.
  • Resistance to foreign claims over off-shore islands.

Abe also wants to drop an agreement to take into account the views of China and South Korea when approving history textbooks. And he has said the government will retract a 1993 admission that Japan used "comfort women" during the war, forcing women to work as sex slaves in the countries it occupied.

Former Conservative Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe may return to power.

Yoshihiko Noda, the prime minister, has seen his left-of-center Democratic Patry lose ground as it resists the opposition march to the Right.

Launching his party's manifesto last week, he warned: "Hard-line posturing and xenophobia will set our people and our country on a dangerous path."

The polls show Noda's party may retain as few as 70 of the 230 seats it holds in the lower house.

If the Liberal Democratic Party wins on December 16th it would be Abe's second term as prime minister.

BBC News Right wing parties on the rise in Japan. 

Threat from the Far Right

Abe has a flank of new parties expousing hardline positions Toru Hashimoto, the Osaka mayor and founder of the Restoration Party of Japan, has called on nations invaded by Japan to "prove" their claims of abuses.

"I'm saying 'show us the proof' this is where Japanese nationals need to be aware. Confront Korea and argue back fight it out verbally until you foam at the mouth," he wrote on Twitter post.

The Restoration Party is positioning itself as a deal-making third force in Japanese politics. The Kyodo News poll suggested it may win 50 seats in the upcoming election.

(UK Telegraph)

Right wing Japanese are looking to restore the Rising Sun flag

Special advisory to American readers.
Do not be alarmed. This is called a free election with many real political parties on the ballot. Free elections are something the United Stated used to have. Don't worry, this moment of confusion will pass and you will return to the modern undemocratic US system of only two choices on election day.

Current party breakdown in the Japanese lower house.

Political groups
DPJ/Club of Independents (306)
LDP (118)
Kōmeitō (21)
JCP (9)
SDP/Shimin Rengō (6)
YP (5)
SPJ (2)
former "Hiranuma group" (2)
Independents (6)
Vacant (1

The Japanese House of Representatives is the lower house of the National Diet of Japan. The House of Councillors is the upper house.

The House of Representatives has 480 members, elected for a four-year term. Of these, 180 members are elected from 11 multi-member constituencies by a party-list system of proportional representation, and 300 are elected from single-member constituencies. 241 seats are required for majority.

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