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Monday, December 31, 2012

Gay Marriages start in Maine

The 1st & 10th Amendments at Work
Gay couples can now legally marry in either religious or civil ceremonies in the states of Maine, Washington and Maryland
  • Those who believe in traditional marriage and live that lifestyle are to be admired.  But in a free society those believers must in turn respect the right of others to peacefully live a lifestyle of their choice.

The first gay and lesbian couples have wed under Maine's new same-sex marriage law exchanged vows early on Saturday.

The 10th Amendment to the Bill of Rights was at work when Maine, Maryland and Washington state became the first three U.S. states to extend marriage rights to same-sex couples by popular vote with passage of ballot initiatives on November 6.

The Five Mile Rule  -  I created the five mile rule.  There is a house five miles for you.  You will never meet who lives there.  They will never meet you.  You have no idea if the residents are Black, White, Korean, gay, divorced, straight, Orthodox Christian, atheist, Buddhist or Hindu.

The point being, it should not matter to anyone how grown adults choose to peacefully live their lives.  Leave these people who you will never meet alone.  Don't try to run their lives for them.

In Maine about 15 couples took advantage of their new found freedom to obtain their marriage licenses, with plans to wed later.

"We've been together for 30 years and never thought that this country would allow marriages between gay couples," said Roberta Batt, 71, an antiques dealer and retired physician with silver hair and round eyeglasses, as she and her longtime partner, Mary, waited their turn to wed.

"We're just very thankful to the people of Maine, and I hope the rest of the country goes the way this state has," she added.

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Metropolitan Community Church of Los Angeles
Last year the church presided over 5000 holy union ceremonies for lesbian and gay couples.
(Left to right) Current Senior Pastor, Rev. Dr. Neil G Thomas; Minister of Latino Ministry, Rev. Alejandro Escoto; Minister of Congregational Life, Rev. Dr. Pat Langlois;  Founder of Metropolitan Community Church and MCCLA’s first pastor, Rev. Dr. Elder Troy D. Perry.
Link to the Metropolitiam Community Church of Los Angeles 

The Gay Friendly
Metropolitan Community Church of Los Angeles
Marriage can indeed be a religious ceremony.  But freedom of religion says it is not the business of Big Government to decide which is the "True Faith" and then write laws based on only the view of that religion to the exclusion of others. 
America is made of a huge variety of faiths from Baptist to Judaism to Scientology to Buddhism.  Government must let each faith run their own affairs.  Government issued marriage licenses should only be to provide legal guidelines for secular issues like property rights and inheritance. 

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