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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Governor Susana Martinez is the future of the GOP

By Gary;

Readers of this Blog know that I thought the selection of Paul Ryan for VP was a total disaster from day one.  Ryan could not carry his own state for the ticket, plus his budget plan was a joke that added trillions to the national debt.

Marco Rubio was my choice for philosophy, taking the key state of Florida and the ethnic factor.  Rubio in 2016.

But my second choice was New Mexico Republican Governor Susana Martinez.

First, she is packing heat.  My kind of woman (see video below).

Second, in the interview video below with Greta Van Susteren of Fox News you can see her strength and personality come through.  With a Democrat legislature she took a nearly one-half billion dollar deficit and turned it into a budget surplus.  No BS.  Just action.

Would a 2016 ticket of Rubio-Martinez be asking too much?

Susana Re-qualifies for Concealed Carry

New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez On The Record with Greta Van Susteren

The Republican ticket of District Attorney Martinez and State Representative John Sanchez carried a state that voted Democrat for President and where Democrats control the state legislature.

If the GOP runs the right candidates it can win.

New Mexico gubernatorial election, 2010
RepublicanSusana Martinez - John Sanchez321,21953.29%+22.10%
DemocraticDiane Denish - Brian Colon280,61446.55%-22.27%
RepublicanKenneth Gomez (write-in)9940.16%
Republican gain from Democratic


Lt. Governor John Martinez
Republican, New Mexico

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