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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Monday, February 29, 2016

POLL - 38% of voters think Cruz could be Zodiac Killer

Yes, People are that Fucking Stupid
And the vote of these morons is equal to yours

(Infowars)  -  A poll by Public Policy Polling found that a surprising number of Florida voters believe Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz could be the Zodiac Killer.
While a 62 percent majority of voters answered “No” when asked if they believed Cruz was responsible for the string of murders in the early 70s, 10 percent answered “Yes” and an additional 28 percent said they were unsure.
Several reports say the rumor stems from a speech Cruz delivered at the Conservative Political Action Conference in 2013 titled “This is the Zodiac Speaking” and has become popular again since he began his presidential campaign.
Public Policy Polling, a Democratic polling firm, asked the question relating to the bizarre Internet rumor after dedicating its inclusion “weird twitter”, when asked if it would appear on their latest round of voter polls.
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ISIS Training Camp in Pakistan-Afghanistan

The ISIS Abu Bakr al Siddiq Battalion

  • It's like cockroaches. Crush one with your foot and 20 more scatter out from under the furniture.

(Long War Journal)  -  The Islami State’s “Khorasan province,” which is comprised of followers in Afghanistan and Pakistan, promoted yet another of its training camps in the region.
The Islamic State showcased the training of dozens of fighters from the “Abu Bakr al Siddiq Battalion,” according to the SITE Intelligence Group, which obtained and translated the video. The Abu Bakr al Siddiq Battalion has not been previously identified in the Afghan-Pakistan region.
The video was released today on social media sites associated with the Islamic State. In the video, dozens of fighters, all who are in uniform, conduct firearms drills and training, and are shown practicing clearing a building. At the end of the video, the fighters march an “apostate,” who is dressed in bright orange clothing, to a field and execute him by shooting him in the head.
The video is part of an effort to highlight the Islamic State’s training capabilities in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The last such video, released at the end of January, showcased the “Cubs of the Caliphate Camp,” which hosted a group of young and teen-aged boys.
There are thought to operate at least three other training facilities in the region. In October 2015, the jihadist group promoted the “Sheikh Abu Omar al Baghdadi camp” and the “Sheikh Abu Musab al Zarqawi camp.” The two facilities are named after the former leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and the founder of al Qaeda in Iraq (the predecessor of the Islamic State), respectively. [For more information, see LWJreport, Islamic State promotes training camps in ‘Khorasan’.)
In August 2015, photos emerged purporting to show the “Shahid Hakeemullah Mehsud camp,” which is named after the last leader of the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan and is thought to be located somewhere in Pakistan’s tribal areas. This facility has yet to be officially confirmed by the jihadist group.
The Islamic State continues to fight an uphill battle to gain supporters in Afghanistan and Pakistan, where the main Taliban factions and al Qaeda still have the upper hand.
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Embedded in Northern Afghanistan:
The Resurgence of the Taliban

Click to enlarge
Screenshots of ISIS training camp

Trump ahead in Florida, Georgia & Tennessee

Florida is Looking Good
And Trump is beating Rubio by 16 points
with 99 Delegates on the line

(QUINNIPIAC)  -  The Donald Trump juggernaut rolls into Florida where the GOP front-runner leads native son Sen. Marco Rubio 44 – 28 percent among likely Republican primary voters, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas has 12 percent with Ohio Gov. John Kasich at 7 percent and Dr. Ben Carson at 4 percent. Men back Trump over Rubio 49 – 25 percent, while women go to Trump 39 – 31 percent, the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University Poll finds.

Trump gets a low negative score in the Sunshine State as 21 percent of likely Republican primary voters say they “would definitely not support” Trump for the nomination, with 26 percent saying no to Cruz and 17 percent saying no to Rubio.

Five percent of Florida likely Republican primary voters are undecided.

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Georgia Primary - 76 Delegates
40%  -  Trump
29%  -  Cruz
22%  -  Rubio

(CBS News)

Tennessee Primary - 58 Delegates
40%  -  Trump
22%  -  Cruz
19%  -  Rubio

(NBC News)

Mitch McConnell: Senators can run negative ads against Trump

The GOP - A Party of Whores
The corrupt GOP Elites are working overtime 
to sabotage their own party nominee.

(Rickey.com)  -  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has assured Senate candidates running for reelection that they can run ads against Donald Trump even if he wins the GOP nomination for president.
According to the New York Times, senators attending private lunches with the Majority Leader have been advised to take the position that Donald Trump will lose badly in the general election and should prepare themselves for a Hillary Clinton presidency.
Looks like McConnell is conceding the nomination to Trump, but won’t give him any support in November. He is telling other senators that this is OK:
While still hopeful that Mr. Rubio might prevail, Mr. McConnell has begun preparing senators for the prospect of a Trump nomination, assuring them that, if it threatened to harm them in the general election, they could run negative ads about Mr. Trump to create space between him and Republican senators seeking re-election. Mr. McConnell has raised the possibility of treating Mr. Trump’s loss as a given and describing a Republican Senate to voters as a necessary check on a President Hillary Clinton, according to senators at the lunches
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The Best Senator Money Can Buy
Bought and paid for by open borders special interests.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunday Comics

Judge Rules White Girl Will Be
Tried As Black Adult

Terminators being built for Russian Army

"Justice is coming to all of us, no matter what the fuck we do. You know, mankind's been trying to kill each other off since the beginning of time. Now, we finally have the power to finish the job. Ain't nothing gonna matter once those nukes start flying; we'll all be dust."
The Comedian

(The Moscow Times)  -  Russian military institutions are working on a program of robotization of the army that will introduce combat robots able to act independently on the battlefield, deputy head of the Defense Ministry Pavel Popov said in an interview with the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper.
Special military units of robots will be operated by a united control system, Popov said, adding that many robotic and pilotless vehicles are already employed in the Russian military.
Military expert Viktor Murakhovsky confirmed that Russia is actively developing new robotic machinery, though the concept is not widely discussed, Moskovsky Komsomolets reported.
"We cannot talk about a serious 'leap forward' in robotics before the artificial intelligence is developed, but robots still make continuous progress," Murakhovsky said, adding that the current tests of innovative pattern recognition algorithms may "show curious results."
According to experts, the supply of new systems to the army in the next two years will mark a milestone for Russian robotics, Moskovsky Komsomolets reported.
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Russia's defense technology agency says the robots will complete complex
missions in space and on the battlefront
Russian Foundation for Advanced Research Projects

(International Business Times)  -  Rather than risk the lives of their astronauts, Russian government scientists are now working to develop humanoid robots that can perform complex tasks on the outside of the International Space Station (ISS) while astronauts control them safely from within the station.

According to Vesti, the Russian military is currently working on a great many high-tech inventions that will likely remain classified, but it is known that the Fyodor robot is also being developed to help soldiers deal with threats remotely, such as shooting down enemy drones.

The Russian military has clearly taken an interest in improving its soldiers' capabilities, as the roboticists also showcased a new exoskeleton suit that aims to help soldiers aim and shoot better, as well as giving them better power. They're also developing an Iron Man-style communications system where information flashes up on the soldier's helmet screen, providing real-time information about threats in the area.

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The Terminator Series

Our "all knowing" and "wise" politicians are spending mountains to cash to destroy the human race.  In other words, what else is new?

Check out a few of the most recent articles in our Terminator series.


Ben Carson offered money to drop out

"Corruptus in Extremis"

  • INSANE!!!  Now they are trying to fix the Presidential elections by offering to pay Ben Carson to drop out.

(The Dallas Morning News)  -  Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson told supporters Saturday in Irving that he has heard plenty of calls to drop out of the Republican presidential primary.
Some “special interests” have even made personal appeals to him, he said.
“I’ve got unanswered calls on my phone right now, ‘Oh, if you did this or did this, and did this, or if you drop out and support this guy, we’ll give you all this money and we’ll make sure you’re a senator here,’” Carson said. “What a bunch of crap. This is about saving our nation. This is not about horse-trading and making deals.”
Carson told a reporter afterward that he wasn’t going to say who called him, but said his reaction is those people can “go jump in a lake.”
The one-time Iowa frontrunner vowed to fight on days before the Texas primary, where polls show him in a battle with Ohio Gov. John Kasich for a distant fourth place in a field of five contenders. And in his speech at the Northeast Tarrant County Tea Party event, Carson continued to zig as his Republican rivals zag.
While Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and business mogul Donald Trump have traded insults, Carson said he didn’t think it was a good idea to criticize of his fellow Republicans and invoked his faith at every turn. 
Carson said he doesn’t think the other candidates talk enough about the $19 trillion national debt. He said that he was “very disappointed in the so-called debate”  Thursday night in Houston.

“We’re just trying to entertain people,” Carson said. “It reminds me so much of ancient Rome — everyone wants to go to the Coliseum and somebody stabs someone with a sword and they go, ‘Yeah, this is great.’ And a tiger tears somebody’s head off, and they go, ‘Ah, this is wonderful.’ And nobody is paying attention to the crumbling society around them.”

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Put all the corrupt bastards in jail.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Saturday Sultress - Adrianne Curry

Adrianne has made multiple appearances
in costume at Comic Con.

Adrianne Curry is an American model, reality TV personality and spokeswoman. She is best known as the star of VH1's reality show My Fair Brady and being the first winner of the reality television series America's Next Top Model.

She appeared on the cover and in a nude pictorial for the American edition Playboy in February 2006. She returned for a second cover and nude pictorial in the January 2008 issue. Curry made Playboy's 2008 top 25 sexiest women, along with the top 100 Playboy spreads 2008 edition.  (More)

Adrianne being painted to become Poison Ivy for Comic Con.
Where do I sign up to get this job?