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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Government: We must kill the bird in order to "save" the bird

Big Government wants to kill Edgar the raven.
Debbie Porter and Edgar, the raven, sing to each other.  Fish and
Game wants to kill Edgar.

Killer "Environmentalists"
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services confiscate and kill rescued birds
  • A California State Fish and Game warden arrived at her door to take her raven. They want to take him and euthanize him.
  • Is it a civil service job requirement to be a fucking idiot

Debby Porter was at home caring for her animals when the knock came at the door. Employees from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services confiscated her birds and euthanized them.

The Washington Examiner reports that Porter is a retired professional stunt woman who rescues animals.  “After I retired from doing stunt work in 2004 I began to rescue animals. I got into crow and raven rescue when I found a crow in my backyard that had been shot. He couldn't be returned to the wild, so I kept him.”

Porter’s interest soon expanded. “I learned online that I could purchase an African hybrid raven. I was excited because I hadn't had much interaction with ravens, and always thought they were beautiful.

“Edgar arrived at LAX in a nest box from Alabama. He was only six weeks old. He was the most beautiful thing I'd seen, with his baby blue eyes (their eyes turn a dark grey-brown when they get older) and pink mouth. He had been captive raised and hand fed, and bonded to me immediately.

Edgar plays with the family cat.
Insane Big Government rules say injured birds must be killed.  Not cared for and loved. 

Porter moved to the High Desert and had a 12-foot by 20-foot stainless steel aviary built in her back yard so that she would have the proper place for her birds. Unfortunately, according to U.S. Fish and Wildlife laws, any bird that is blind, missing a limb or otherwise injured to the point where it cannot survive in the wild must be euthanized.

“I gave sanctuary to these unfortunate birds, who were otherwise healthy, to live out their lives as a community of happy, well-fed and cared for sentient beings,” says Porter. But three months ago agents confiscated and killed the birds.

“I have rescued ravens and crows for eight years, giving them medical care and sanctuary at a great financial and personal cost to me. I was in the process of being permitted Federally. They euthanized the birds which couldn't be returned to the wild, even though my outdoor aviary is equipped for handicapped birds.”

“Corvids are not allowed to be kept by private parties. I'm not a hoarder, I let these birds have life, and the ones that were rehabilitated were set free,” Porter continued.

That was not the end of it. A few days ago a California State Fish and Game warden arrived at her door to take her raven, saying that she doesn’t have a state permit. They want to take him and euthanize him, and threatened Porter with a misdemeanor citation.

Edgar is her only remaining bird, which the Federal Government said she could keep. Now the state wants to kill him. He is an African Pied Crow/Brown necked raven hybrid.

“All I'm asking is for Fish and Game to give me the permit needed to keep my raven,” says Porter. She has started a petition at EdgartheRaven. Edgar has his own Facebook page.

(Washington Examiner)

Ranching since 1844  -  Now only a memory

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The Elk were slaughtered by order of 
Environmentalist fanatics

Elk were brought to the California Channel Islands in 1909 and thrived because of the lack of predators and good conditions. The elk and deer herds were exterminated by order of insane environmentalists in order to make the island "natural".   Hunters will no longer be allowed on the island because there is nothing left to hunt . . . but the native grass that is left will be natural.

Santa Rosa Island, California is now a museum.

During boom times there were as many as 8,000 cattle on the island. The cows were brought to the island in the winter and fattened up on grass until two spring later, when they were rounded up and sent back to the mainland. Now both the animals and jobs are gone thanks to insane Luddite Environmentalism.
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Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing my and Edgar's story. Bless you, Debby

Gary said...

Bless you Debby. You are doing the Lord's work by caring for those who cannot speak for themselves. Good luck.