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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Feds mandate a Black Box spy device on every car

The Bill of Rights is Abolished
The Federal Government mandates that private auto makers install Black Box spy systems on every car in America.
  • The Feds work around the 4th Amendment requirement for a search warrant by forcing private companies to gather your private information for the government.
  • There is total silence from America's so-called "leaders" who pretended to take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is expected to finalize a long-awaited proposal to make event data recorders standard on all new vehicles.

TRANSLATION  -  The NHTSA is a non-elected Federal agency fully funded by the Democrat US Senate and Republican House of Representatives.  Big Brother is totally bi-partisan.

In a notice posted Thursday, the White House Office of Management Budget said it has completed a review of the proposal to make so-called vehicle "black boxes" mandatory in all cars and trucks, clearing the way for NHTSA to publish its final regulation.

NHTSA's proposed rule, which would raise the percentage of vehicles required to have an EDR from 91.6 percent today to 100 percent of light-duty autos, would have an incremental cost of nearly $24.4 million, assuming the sale of 15.5 million light vehicles per year reports the Detroit News.

NHTSA said in August the agency was still working on making EDRs mandatory.

"The agency has made it a priority to work toward a proposed standard that would mandate these devices on all passenger vehicles on the nation's roadways," spokeswoman Lynda Tran said.

Vehicle Black Box Video Footage! In Car Camera
This is video captured with the new DR-200 Vehicle Black Box.

Stop Assaulting Americans, Scumbag Filthy Maggots!

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers — the trade group representing Detroit's Big Three automakers, Toyota Motor Corp, and Volkswagen AG — said the government needs to take into account driver privacy.

"Event data recorders help our engineers understand how cars perform in the real world but looking forward, we need to make sure we preserve privacy. Automakers do not access EDR data without consumer permission, and any government requirements to install EDRs on all vehicles must include steps to protect consumer privacy," said spokeswoman Gloria Bergquist.

Big Brother is watching your car.
All new cars manufactured and sold in the United States will be required by Big Brother Government to have a mandated black box device installed.
Big Brother is coming fast in a 100 yard dash to take control of your Internet, phone and now to watch you while you drive.

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