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Friday, May 29, 2015

Army Terminators will leave humans 'utterly defenceless'

Russian Terminators
Russia has also been ramping up tests. Uran battle robots, wielding machine guns and anti-tank guided missiles 
passed through a battery of drills at a training ground in Southern Russia last week, attended by Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. A state-owned company, Rostec, is also deep into the development of a tracked robot platform capable of conducting military strikes, clearing mines, and venturing into areas impacted by radiation.  (The Diplomat.com)

Yes, we are that fucking stupid

  • The same mental midgets who thought it was a good idea to run guns to Syrian Islamists also have approved government programs to build Terminators.
  • We are within one or two generations of extinction. . . . maybe it is for the best.

(London Telegraph)  -  Killer robots which are being developed by the US military ‘will leave humans utterly defenceless‘, an academic has warned.

Two programmes commissioned by the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) are seeking to create drones which can track and kill targets even when out of contact with their handlers.

Writing in the journal Nature, Stuart Russell, Professor of Computer Science at the University of California, Berkley, said the research could breach the Geneva Convention and leave humanity in the hands of amoral machines.

“Autonomous weapons systems select and engage targets without human intervention; they become lethal when those targets include humans,” he said.

“Existing AI and robotics components can provide physical platforms, perception, motor control, navigation, mapping, tactical decision-making and long-term planning. They just need to be combined.

“In my view, the overriding concern should be the probable endpoint of this technological trajectory

“Despite the limits imposed by physics, one can expect platforms deployed in the millions, the agility and lethality of which will leave humans utterly defenceless. This is not a desirable future.”

 The robots, called LAWS – lethal autonomous weapons systems – are likely to be armed quadcopters of mini-tanks that can decided without human intervention who should live or die.

DARPA is currently working on two projects which could lead to killer bots. One is Fast Lightweight Autonomy (FLA) which is designing a tiny rotorcraft to manoeuvre unaided at high speed in urban areas and inside buildings. The other and Collaborative Operations in Denied Environment (CODE), is aiming to develop teams of autonomous aerial vehicles carrying out “all steps of a strike mission — find, fix, track, target, engage, assess” in situations in which enemy signal-jamming makes communication with a human commander impossible.

Last year Angela Kane, the UN’s high representative for disarmament, said killer robots were just a 'small step' away and called for a worldwide ban. But the Foreign Office has said while the technology had potentially "terrifying" implications, Britain "reserves the right" to develop it to protect troops.

Professor Russell said: "LAWS could violate fundamental principles of human dignity by allowing machines to choose whom to kill — for example, they might be tasked to eliminate anyone exhibiting ‘threatening behaviour’ 

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The Dawn of Killer Robots

Super Fast Hunter Killer Robots
Imagine a pack of 50 super fast Hunter Killers all installed with mounted 
machine guns.  The government will not only use them in war, but also to 
maintain "law and order" on American city streets.

U.S. Army "Big Dog" Hunter Killer Robots

Because we can.

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