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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Trump & Rubio - It's a two man race, Bush tanks, Cruz worthless

Wow! That was Fast

  • After only three contests we are already down to a two man race.  
  • My feeling is Ted Cruz is a shifty, opportunistic SOB.  Also his fundamentalist Bible Thumping love Jesus campaign is highly offensive to tens of Americans who have different opinions on faith. 

Jeb Bush. The $130,000,000 man

(NY Times)  -  $84,000,000 in campaign ads.  His campaign and a “super PAC” supporting him spent heavily on sunny advertising spots in the hopes of announcing Bush to the post-Tea Party Republican Party as a credentialed conservative.

$15,800 on Valets.  Donors’ cars don’t park themselves. With an aggressive fund-raising schedule and several major donor gatherings, Bush and the super PAC, Right to Rise, incurred a proportional parking tab.

$88,387 for "thought leadership."  Right to Rise, the super PAC supporting Bush, and then his campaign directly, retained 30 Point Strategies, a public relations company in Bethesda, Md., specializing in “thought leadership” and “brand journalism,” according to the firm’s website. But in the end, the most lasting label of Bush was supplied by Trump: “low energy.”

$10,000,000 for Consultants.  No doubt these bozos were worth every penny. The Bush team paid consulting fees to around 140 different companies or individuals, including senior campaign staff members, opposition research firms, and get-out-the-vote operatives in Iowa and South Carolina.

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