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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Ron Paul: Ted Cruz is no libertarian

Just say no to Ted Cruz

  • Ron Paul rips Cruz for not being libertarian enough. Be that as it may, I am not sure that Cruz is even all that Conservative. 
  • I view Cruz as a right-of-center opportunist.  I have Blogged on how Cruz has "adjusted" his positions on assorted issues to appeal to the audience he is targeting on a given day.
  • Cruz has flipped on Obamatrade, Cruz is pro open borders wanting a massive increase in legal aliens to take jobs from American citizens and in an anti-Gay outburst Cruz proposed electing the Supreme Court allowing Leftists to vote out Conservative judges.

(Politico)  -  Now that Rand Paul is out of the race for the White House his father Ron Paul, who ran in 2008 and 2012, isn't impressed by Ted Cruz's attempts to pick up the "free market" libertarian banner.

“You take a guy like Cruz, people are liking the Cruz — they think he’s for the free market, and [in reality] he’s owned by Goldman Sachs. I mean, he and Hillary have more in common than we would have with either Cruz or Trump or any of them so I just don’t think there is much picking,” Paul said of the Texas senator on Fox Business’ “Varney & Company" on Friday.

Surprisingly, the elder Paul seemed more attracted to the views of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is giving Hillary Clinton a run for her money in the Democratic primary.

“On occasion, Bernie comes up with libertarian views when he talks about taking away the cronyism on Wall Street, so in essence he’s right, and occasionally he voted against war,” the former Texas congressman said when asked if there was a candidate who was truly for the free market.

"It's hard to find anybody -- since Rand is out of it -- anybody that would take a libertarian position, hardcore libertarian position on privacy, on the war issue and on economic policy," Paul added.

“So I always say: You can search for a long time, but you’re not gonna find anybody in the Republican or Democratic primary that even comes slightly close to ever being able to claim themselves a libertarian,” he concluded.

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