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Friday, May 6, 2016

You Tube censors Islamic Terrorism footage

Thought Crime
A few days ago I published a story on the Al-Shabaab Islamic Terrorists. With the article I included a video of Al-Shabaab attacking troops in Kenya.  It appears that images of Islamic terrorism disturbed the pansy Leftists at You Tube, so the video was removed because of "bullying".  Yep bullying.
Those mean terrorists were bullying their neighbors in Kenya, and images of bullying are so disturbing they must be banned. Images of bullying are harassing and fall under Thought Crime.

Foreign fighters abandoning 

Al-Shabaab to join ISIS

(Kenya Star)  -  The number of foreign fighters joining the Al-shabaab group has declined drastically following the reemergence of Islamic State (IS) group according to US security experts.
Dr Error Southers on Wednesday said more European fighters have opted to join the IS because of their elaborate propaganda strategies through social media message .
Addressing foreign journalists in University of Southern California, Southers said al-shabab has suffered a major blow in funding and it’s currently facing a division because of the IS group.

“We are not finding foreigners leaving here to fight for al-shabaab as it has almost stopped, one of the al-shabaab faction has sworn allegiance to IS, I think we expect to see more internal fighting in the group.” said Southers.
“The al-shabaab has executed former colleagues on suspicion that they are IS supporters.” he added.
He said the IS has been able to effectively lure foreigners to join the group to join jihad course against the west to further their ideologies.
Southers said Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI pulls down over 93,000 hate messages on IS website daily.
Last month Inspector general of police Joseph Boinet said almost 200 Islamic extremist fighters have split from Somalia's al-Shabaab have instead pledged allegiance to IS.
Boinnet disclosed that among those who have joined the pro-IS faction of al-Shabaab is Mohamed Kuno, alias Gamadhere, who is wanted for the Garrisa University attack in which 148 people were killed.
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