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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Pentagon builds a $4.4 Billion death trap for sailors

"Ah! the Generalsthey are numerous, but not good for much!"

  • The Military-Industrial Complex is the only winner with our new ultra expensive destroyer.
  • In an age of missile technology the surface warship is as dead as 16th century wooden warships, but we keep building them. Only submarines and land based fighter jets have any chance to survive the opening hours of the next real war.

(ABC News)  -  The U.S. Navy will soon take charge of the first in its newest, most advanced line of warships: the angular, tech-savvy — and expensive — USS Zumwalt.
The largest and most technologically sophisticated destroyer in the Navy's fleet, the USS Zumwalt will be the first of an ambitious class of three destroyers planned since the 1990s.
At 610 feet long, the USS Zumwalt will be the largest destroyer in the Navy. The final cost to build the behemoth is expected to be at least $4.4 billion.
The ultra expensive, and very sinkable, USS Zumwalt.
The ship is actually one large coffin for its crew.

The official handoff to the U.S. Navy will take place in a Bath, Maine, shipyard on Friday, Navy officials confirmed to ABC News.
The USS Zumwalt has an unusual, imposing, sharp-angled geometric design that keeps most of the superstructure enclosed. Because of its lines and shape, it will be 50 times as difficult to detect on radar as conventional ships its size.
It's also an energy-efficient machine, whose four gas-turbine engines power an integrated electric system that runs the ship's systems, including the propeller motors.
"The quiet and economical design of the destroyers' power system generates 100 percent of the energy needed for each vessel's propulsion, electronics and weapons systems," according to Raytheon, the company that designed many of the technologies and equipment on board the Zumwalt.
The destroyer boasts a state-of-the-art weapon launcher designed to fire missiles for sea, land and air attacks, as well as an advanced gun system capable of striking targets over 70 miles away.
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Ship hit by torpedo.
Another $4.4 Billion at the bottom of the sea.

A Good Cost Ratio
A $1.5 million Tomahawk cruise missile
can sink a $4.4 Billion ship

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