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Thursday, May 19, 2016

"Too many dead white dudes" Students protest curriculum

Anti-White Racism at University

  • Let's be blunt. Students don't know jack about shit. That is why they are students in the first place . . . they are there to learn from those who actually know something.
  • So yet again we see the uneducated dictating their own education.  I say kick all their spoiled butts into the street.

(Seattle Times)  -  For seven days and counting, dozens of Seattle University students have been holding a sit-in in the lobby of a university administrative building, demanding an overhaul of one of the university’s elite programs and the resignation of a college dean.

At issue, they say, is a classical curriculum that focuses on Western ideas and history, in part through the teachings of philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle.

Students say Matteo Ricci College — a small, 194-student college that teaches the humanities — was sold to them as an elite, innovative program that promoted critical thinking and scholarship.

They expected Matteo Ricci to help them knit together Seattle University’s commitment to social justice with a rigorous academic program that would leave them well-prepared for leadership and teaching careers.

Matteo Ricci’s dean, Jodi Kelly, has said she will do a comprehensive review of the college’s curricula, hire a consultant to assess the college’s culture and climate, and train faculty and staff in racial and cultural literacy.

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