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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Texas Nationalist Movement narrowly defeated by GOP

Davy Crockett at the Alamo

GOP Blocks Texas Independence Vote

  • I am sympathetic to Texans who want independence from an oppressive Federal government. 
  • If Ireland can become independent from Britain or Ukraine from Russia then why not Texas? or for that matter Florida?  California? or New England?  maybe the U.S. is just too big.

(London Daily Mail)  -  Texas secessionists were narrowly defeated after nearly forcing the state Republican Party to vote on their cause.

A committee of Texas GOP leaders threw out drafted language in the party platform that supported a referendum on Texas leaving the United States Thursday - but only by a tiny margin.

The political platform fell just two votes shy of going to the convention floor of nearly 4,000 delegates.

It wasn't expected to survive a floor vote, but secessionist supporters say their efforts had never made it this far.

A committee of Texas GOP leaders narrowly threw out drafted
language in the party platform that supported a referendum
on Texas leaving the United States.

The Texas Nationalist Movement, once a grassroots organisation has been leading the effort for ten years and as Thursday's near-vote shows, is now becoming more mainstream.

The group's president Daniel Miller told CNN'We want Texas to become an independent state. It's not that far-fetched of an idea.

'This idea that people have the right of self-determination and places like Texas can assert their right of self-determination and become independent nation states is not that odd at all.'
President Sam Houston
Republic of Texas

But the Texas Nationalist Movement has no support whatsoever from top Republicans.

Texas GOP chairman Tom Mechler  told the Houston Chronicle that the Nationalist Movement was not a Republican group and was simply using the state party as apparatus to push its cause. 
He added: 'Republican is not even in their name.' 

While Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said 'too many people died for this country' to support secession. But the push has had support from some of the lower ranks. 

SREC member of Senate District 11 in the Greater Houston area Tanya Robertson has led the drive for an independence vote within the party.

She told the Chronicle last year: 'There's been a big groundswell of Texans that are getting into the Texas independence issue.

'I believe conservatives in Texas should have a choice to voice their opinion.'

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