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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Insane Mark Levin defends exporting American jobs

Mark Levin Goes Insane
Defends Exporting Jobs
No wonder so-called open borders 
"Conservatives" were defeated by Trump

In Conservative Review a totally unhinged Mark Levin rips into the "evil" Donald Trump for daring to try and prevent the export of middle class American jobs to Asia and Mexico.

  • Levin:  Trump has not only proposed slapping a 45 percent tariff on all goods made in China, and massive tariffs on other countries like Japan and Mexico, but he repeatedly declares that he will personally impose punitive taxes on Ford Motor Company if it follows through with plans to build a manufacturing plant in Mexico.  He has also threatened punitive penalties against Apple Inc. if it continues making iPhones in China. It would seem, like Barack Obama, Trump has his own autocratic pen and phone. 

Translation  -  Basically, Levin tells American workers to go fuck themselves.

How dare these dirty peasant actually want jobs! To Levin only the super rich open borders Wall Street Elites have the right to make money.

But more, the Levins of the world claim we have no right to control the trade that passes over our borders. That we MUST take in the exports of other nations even when the goods are made under slave labor conditions.

Nike Communist Slave Labor
Moron "free traders" somehow forget to mention that Wall Street is firing American citizens and moving those jobs to Communist nations like China and Vietnam.  Under the Communist police state there is no freedom of speech or of the press or freedom to form a union.
The Wall Street Elites have effectively hired Communist thugs run their sweat shops, to be their modern day Pinkertons, keep wages low and prevent union formation.  A "free" market it is not.

  • Levin:  The times of greatest economic growth and progress in America, resulting in the creation of the vast American middle class, grew not from government control and management of the economy by politicians and bureaucrats, but market capitalism.

Translation  -  Pure Bullshit. Until recent history the U.S. did not have so-called "free trade" agreement with other nations that resulted in job exportation. We had market capitalism within the borders of the U.S. but barriers and tariffs were in place that protected American industry and jobs. The end result was the growth of the middle class.

The 1994 NAFTA "free trade" agreement and then in 2000 giving Communist China "most favored nation" status marks the gutting of American industry and a flood of jobs out of the country.

Like Trump I believe in fair trade, not free trade. If we are to remain an industrial power trade must be a two way street. A level playing field.

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Giant Sucking Sound - Ross Perot
In the 1992 election Ross Perot warned us that Republicans and Democrats were joining arm-in-arm to betray American workers and export middle class jobs to Mexico. But the American Sheeple worship any corrupt fool with the magic "D" or "R" after their names.
Everything that Perot warned us about has come true.

Goodbye USA, Hello Mexico
Nabisco, creators of Oreo, announced that half of its 1,200 employees at its Chicago Southwest Side branch would be laid off in the coming year in order to transfer funding to its newest factory in Salinas, Mexico. 

The Chicago Tribune reports that the company opted out of a $130 million dollar upgrade for the factory, and is instead investing that same money in a state-of-the-art production system in Salinas called "Lines of the Future."

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