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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Mark Steyn - The Criminalization of Dissent

Leftist Criminalize Freedom of Speech

By Mark Steyn

Readers and listeners have kindly asked for an update on the law suit brought against me by the global-warming "hockey stick" inventor and Big Climate enforcer Michael E Mann. Recently I touched on the subject in an interview on "climate denial", etc, with Ben Weingarten of The New Criterion.

Other than that, the case is now approaching the start of its fifth year in the choked toilet of the District of Columbia "justice" system. For a word on its current status, including its delivery into the hands of a judge who takes three years to deliver rulings, see my recent testimony to the United States Senate

The hearing was an instructive experience for a foreigner. If you missed it, here's my opening statement:

The point I made - about the criminal enforcement of state ideology - has since been reinforced by the disgusting behavior of 20 (so far) attorneys-general from California to the US Virgin Islands ganging up to investigate and charge "climate deniers" for the crime of holding a different opinion and exercising their First Amendment right to express it. 

As I noted in my testimony, a group of lavishly enriched climate scientists led by Professor Jagadish Shukla of George Mason University recently urged the President to prosecute climate dissenters under RICO racketeering laws. In fact, the behavior of Shukla and his gang more closely resembles that of racketeers - as does the conspiracy of state attorneys-general. The freedom-of-information release of Shukla's emails is most instructive. As one professor, Alex Bozmoski, cautions his colleagues:
It's just an impossible topic to not scream hard-core left. You're talking about prosecuting conservatives.
Quite. This is the pitiful state to which "settled science" has been reduced: show trials for apostates.

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Everyone Uses Global Warming
Both the Left and the Right mindlessly beat on almost every issue to either make cold hard cash for their buddies, confuse an uneducated mouth-breathing public or both.  Global warming is no different.
The problem is everyone has an agenda. The Media Machine (Left & Right) uses it for ratings. Left-wingers use warming to get greater control of the business and want tax money for green industries. Right-winger anti-warming groups are often funded by oil and coal firms and prance around spewing "free market" ideas that just happen to benefit those industries.
No one is really interested in the truth.

Super smog hits the north China city of Harbin - Los Angeles Times
Conservatives Ignore Warming Gasses
As a John Muir Conservative Environmentalist I have an open mind on global warming and even lean in that direction.
Forget the BS politics for a moment. Common sense says you cannot pump millions of tons of warming gasses from under the ground and into the atmosphere and not have an impact.  Science 101: for every action there is a reaction. The degree of the reaction and the economic impact is where I am looking.
But common sense has no place in this debate.

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