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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Greek pensioners totally betrayed - Is U.S. Social Security next?

A world of, by and for the banks

  • International Bankers make monster huge loans to nations like Greece that can never be paid back.  Then the Bankers use their bought and paid for politicians to act as "enforcers" to collect the debt, take over national governments and drive people into poverty.
  • Greek pensioners have been targeted for cuts to help pay off the Bankers.  Already we are seeing GOP hacks running for President taking about cutting Social Security.  Our liar hacks have never abolished a program or cut a budget in their lives, but they are drooling over being able to rape Social Security.

(RT News)  -  Angry pensioners have hit the streets of the Greek capital, protesting against the reports of a new austerity plan being ushered onto them. It comes as Greece and its lenders debate the nation's €240 billion debt.

Demonstrators say they feel betrayed by the measures of the upcoming deal, which, according to AP, suggests increasing the contributions that employees pay for pensions, and phasing out the right to early retirement.

Around 70 buses reportedly arrived in Athens on Tuesday, full of pensioners eager to protest against the proposed deal.

“We feel totally betrayed, totally disappointed, that this government is continuing the cut-throat policies that every other government also enforced. What we are seeing are countless indirect and direct taxes that, once again, the little man on the street will be forced to carry,” 75-year-old Manolis Rallakis, general secretary of the federation of Greek pensioners, told the Guardian.

“Pensions have been cut by between 60 and 40 percent and now they want more with additional income for health care and the like, services that we paid for all our working lives through contributions to funds. It is outrageous ...why should we go on paying the price?” Rallakis added.

But the plan, submitted on Monday, is being seen as a turning point for those involved in the talks, following about six months of gridlock surrounding the country's €240 billion (US$268 billion) debt.

Greece's creditors want to slash €1.8 billion ($2 billion) in pension spending in exchange for €7.2 billion ($8 billion) in bailout loans. The country needs the loans urgently, as it faces a debt repayment on June 30 that it cannot otherwise afford.

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