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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Phony as a $3 bill - Ted Cruz flips on Obamatrade

Ted Cruz - Liar and Bullshitter

  • I am God Damn shit fucking mad about the open borders GOP whores selling out American jobs to their Wall Street Masters.
  • Now we see Ted Cruz revealed as the great phony that he is.  With the Presidential debates coming up fast Cruz flips on Obamatrade and "magically" discovers there is language in the treaty creating open borders.  Language that had to be put out there by Wikileaks because the treaty is locked up so the American people cannot read it.
  • Personally I am at the point of permanently leaving the GOP.  I am already a Conservative RINO if you will.  The GOP is so corrupt and has moved so far Left that I have trouble thinking of myself as a Republican.

(Dallas Morning News)  -  For months, Sen. Ted Cruz backed a critical part of President Barack Obama’s trade agenda. But after weeks of taking heat from conservatives over his support for Trade Promotion Authority, Cruz abandoned his support on Tuesday.
Also known as fast track, TPA prevents Congress from amending trade deals, only allowing a yes-or-no vote. The White House has pushed for Congress to pass fast track so it could finish off the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a massive trade deal with up to 11 Pacific Rim countries.
Cruz, a 2016 presidential candidate, announced his change of heart in an op-ed for the conservative news site Breitbart, published hours before a crucial procedural vote. He cited concerns about Republicans appeasing Democratic concerns over unrelated legislation and a separate trade deal, the Trade in Services Agreement, which he asserted could impact U.S. immigration law. Cruz voted no, but the bill moved ahead 60-37.
Cruz wrote that he wouldn’t support fast track unless the Senate passed amendments introduced by him and Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., to ban the United States from agreeing to a trade deal that effects immigration law.
While he’s repeatedly said TPP doesn’t impact immigration, Cruz wrote that TiSA, outlined in a June 3 document leak, could.
“Several chapters of the TiSA draft posted online explicitly contained potential changes in federal immigration law,” wrote Cruz. “TPA would cover TiSA, and therefore these changes would presumably be subject to fast-track.”
But in between the June 3 document leak and today’s vote, Cruz made several appearances on conservative radio shows to beat back criticism from a Republican base that typically fawns over him.
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Fuck Ted Cruz
Cruz did nothing to help save America from the corrupt Obamatrade bill.  Without Julian Assange and Wikileaks we would know nearly nothing about the top secret bill that Cruz supported and that is under lock and key in a secret room.

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