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Thursday, June 25, 2015

GOP votes to make Obama Dictator

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TPP PASSES Obama Now A Dictator

GOP Creates an Obamatrade Dictatorship

  • The people voted for the Republicans only to see them join with Dear Leader Obama to betray the Constitution.
  • Our "elections" are a sham.  The corrupt Ruling Elites have no fear of the voters.  On election day the people are presented with a phony "choice" of two bought and paid for candidates both of which will do the bidding of Wall Street.   

(Infowars News)  -  One of the most devastating blows to US sovereignty since the country’s founding was dealt today as the Senate handed President Obama his Trans-Pacific Partnership victory.
Despite massive opposition from the American people, Tea Party Republicans and a majority of Democrats, Obama was granted fast-track authority by a 60-38 vote.
Sections of the TPP published by Wikileaks have revealed the treaty’s vast influence over multiple areas including individual rightsinternet freedom and even the rule of law itself. Unelected corporate boards and the President can now wield unprecedented control over almost every aspect of human activity.
“If you read, write, publish, think, listen, dance, sing or invent; if you farm or consume food; if you’re ill now or might one day be ill, the TPP has you in its crosshairs,” Wikileaks’ Julian Assange wrote.
Secret TPP chapters regarding immigration also grant President Obama an even greater ability to erode the country’s Southern border.
“Obama will be able to finalize all three of the Obamatrade deals, without any Congressional input…” notes Breitbart.
The TPP, which covers 12 countries and more than 40% of the world’s economy, will place North America under the same global government structure as the European Union, where laws are increasingly crafted outside of public influence.

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