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Monday, June 29, 2015

Robots to replace 90% of workers at factory

A robot manufacturer in China's Harbin Economic and
Technological Development Zone.

Say Goodbye to Jobs
The rapid rise of robots, the Internet and computers 
is abolishing jobs by the millions.

(CNBC)  -  An increasing number of Chinese factories are ditching human workers for machines as a robotic revolution gets underway in the world's second-largest economy.
In the past month, two companies in the southern province of Guangdong, a major manufacturing hub, have reported plans to fill their factory floors with robots.
Evenwin Precision Technology is building a factory that will boast more than 1,000 industrial robots, China Daily reported in May. A maker of mobile phone components, Evenwin told the newspaper the move would reduce the number of frontline workers by at least 90 percent.
Meanwhile, home appliance maker Midea recently replaced 14 workers on one of its major assembly line, according to a Caixin report last month. Soon, it plans to replace quality-control supervisors with robots too.
China is already the world's largest industrial robot market - the country also manufactures the robots it uses - and it's expected to boast more industrial robots by 2017 than both Europe and North America combined, the International Federation of Robotics said earlier this year.
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Robots replacing human workers may leave millions out of job

Construction Robotics has developed the semi-automated mason (SAM) that can lay up to 3,000 bricks in a day. SAM is working on an actual construction project for the first time.

Now Construction Jobs Will Vanish

(Independent)  -  An Australian engineer has built a robot that can build houses in two hours, and could work every day to build houses for people.

Human house builders have to work for four to six weeks to put a house together, and have to take weekends and holidays. The robot can work much more quickly and doesn’t need to take breaks.  (Might I add robots work for free and no health insurance - editor.)

Hadrian could take the jobs of human bricklayers. But its creator, Mark Pivac, told PerthNow that it was a response to the lack of available workers — the average age of the industry is getting much higher, and the robot might be able to fill some of that gap.

“People have been laying bricks for about 6000 years and ever since the industrial revolution, they have tried to automate the bricklaying process,” Pivac told PerthNow, which first reported his creation. But despite the thousands of years of house building, most bricklaying is still done by hand.
Hadrian works by laying 1000 bricks an hour, letting it put up 150 houses a year.

It takes a design of the house and then works out where all of the bricks need to go, before cutting and laying each of them. It has a 28-foot arm, which is used to set and mortar the brick, and means that it doesn’t need to move during the laying.

Pivac will now work to commercialise the robot, first in West Australia but eventually globally.

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Masonry Robot Working on the new Laramie, WY High School

Welcome to Eternal Poverty
The poverty of the 1930s Great Depression is coming back.  The moronic politicians and TV talking heads blunder forward thinking the future will look like the past, and they talk about new jobs and economic recovery.
Those of us still able to think for ourselves see the writing on the wall.  Technology, robotics, the Internet and outsourcing are permanently abolishing jobs by the millions.  At some point the consumer economy will collapse as people with jobs to buy products simply vanish.

The successful political party of the future will run on a "Jobs for Humans" platform.  It will be a  return of the Luddites as millions of people permanently made unemployable by machines demand help just to live.

Anarchy and Violence
Expect massive social unrest and violence in the streets as tens of millions of permanently jobless people get angry at having to live on the most basic of welfare payments, food stamps and crappy government housing.

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