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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Boehner acts like fascist, crushes Tea Party

Tea Party Phonies

  • The so-called "Tea Party" wing had their chance.  Some 40 to 60 Conservatives could have withheld their votes for Speaker.  Instead they planted their lips deep in John Boehner's ass.  Now that they have no leverage the Tea Party Conservatives pretend to be shocked that Boehner is cracking the whip. 

(Newsmax)  -  Fed up with the most conservative faction of its party "throwing a wrench" in its agenda, the House GOP leadership is laying down the law and taking a heavy hand with dissenters, Politico reports.

The 30 or so tea party members who attempt to foil the party’s agenda by opposing leadership with nay votes on procedural motions, known as rules, will receive harsh and swift punishment, according to the website.

Example: Florida Rep. Richard Nugent stopped receiving financial support from corporate PACs and was barred from congressional trips to Iraq and Guantanamo Bay after he supported fellow Sunshine State Rep. Daniel Webster in his bid to oust Boehner as speaker, according to Politico. Both men were both booted from the Rules Committee.

The vast majority — some 200 members of the caucus — favor consequences for those who dissent from the majority in the form of "stripping the rebels of gavels, denying them travel, halting campaign cash and blocking their bills from the floor," according to The Hill.

"The fact is we’ve got more than 200 rank-and-file members who are royally ----- off at those guys for voting to turn the House floor over to Nancy Pelosi," a senior GOP leadership aide told the website. "There’s plenty of anger to go around, but the large majority of it is from members who believe much more punishment should be doled out."

Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Majority Whip Steve Scalise have issued direct warnings about dealing with party heretics.

"McCarthy has privately told committee chairmen they need to ensure their senior members are voting with the party," according to Politico, and Scalise "has privately encouraged stiffer punishment for wayward Republicans. He kicked a few Republicans off of his vote-counting team after they bucked leaders on procedural votes."

Members who vote against procedural motions, considered "tests of party unity," are viewed as publicly rejecting leadership, The Hill says.

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"That's right.  Together we can fuck the Tea Party."

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