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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Jason Chaffetz the latest GOP Traitor and Obamatrade supporter

Benedict Arnold Lives

  • Phony "Conservative" Jason Chaffetz has allied himself with Dear Leader Obama and his Sith Lord John Boehner and rammed through Obamatrade without the American people being allowed to read it.
  • I have God Damn fucking had it with these Republicans who whore themselves for a taste of power while screwing the American people.

(Politico)  -  The House Republican crackdown has reached a new level of severity.

House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Jason Chaffetz has stripped North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows of his subcommittee chairmanship, just days after he defied leadership on the House floor by voting against a party-line procedural motion.

Traitor to America
Political Whore Jason Chaffetz

Losing a subcommittee chairmanship midway through a congressional session is among the most serious punishments thus far in Speaker John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) majority. Boehner and his leadership team have grown frustrated with Republicans who vote against the procedural “rule” motion. Those votes — which allow the Republican leadership to bring a bill up for debate and a vote — typically fall along party lines. 

But a group of conservatives has voted against the measures, mostly in protest of Boehner’s leadership. Republican leadership sees the move as unacceptable —akin to ceding power to Democrats.

On June 11, 34 Republicans voted against the rule that allowed for consideration of President Barack Obama’s request for fast-track authority to negotiate the largest trade deal in history.

Meadows was one of the 34 lawmakers who voted against the motion.

“I’m just going to leave it at that,” Chaffetz said, when asked about the other factors. “There were a variety of factors, but I did what I felt was in the best interest of the oversight committee.”

Chaffetz said he this was his decision, not the Republican leadership’s.

Totally Screwed: Obama Given
Fast-Track Authority

GOP Agrees with Obama on Secret
Globalist Trade Agreement

The GOP leadership has made passage of TTP and TTIP a top priority. The Trans-Pacific and Trans-Atlantic agreements are being negotiated in secret by the corporate masters of Obama and the GOP leadership. 

Elected representatives and the people they represent are not allowed to know what’s in the agreement as it is being fast-tracked. We can’t know what’s in it until they pass it. Sound familiar? Hint: it involves control of the internet, loss of national sovereignty and special privileges for multi-national corporations that domestic businesses won’t enjoy.

Jason Chaffetz' 30 Pieces of Silver
Chaffetz is yet another political whore who pretends to be "Conservative" while selling out the American people and the Constitution of the United States.
Chaffetz has bowed down to subserviently lick the boots of his Master, John Boehner.  Rather than be a man and stand up against Boehner and for the Constitution, Chaffetz sold his soul and the nation for his own 30 pieces of silver and power. 

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