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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

'Knight' Mascot Dropped Because of the Crusades

Knights of the Kingdom of Jerusalem - Kingdom of Heaven (2005)

Idiots Run The Universities
So-called "Teachers" blame the Crusades on Christians rather than on invading Muslim armies.

  • Invading Muslims took Jerusalem, Syria, Egypt, North Africa and Spain by force and made the Christian peoples second class citizens in their own lands. 
  • Then in 1071 the Muslims invaded into the heart of the Eastern Roman Empire slaughtering Christians and "re-populating" the area with Muslims.
  • The "evil" Christian Crusades were a response by the West to aggressive and genocidal invasions by Islamist armies.

(Fox News)  -  The College of the Holy Cross announced it would drop its Knight mascot and related imagery to avoid ties to the violence committed by Christian armies during the Crusades. 
The Massachusetts school's president, Rev. Philip Boroughs, said in a letter to students that "the visual depiction of a knight, in conjunction with the moniker Crusader, inevitably ties us directly to the reality of the religious wars and the violence of the Crusades.”
“This imagery stands in contrast to our stated values. Over the coming months, the College will gradually phase out the use of all knight-related imagery," he wrote.
Students and faculty members unsuccessfully urged the school to drop the Crusaders name entirely, arguing it associates the school with the violence committed against non-Christians nearly 1,000 years ago. 
On "Fox & Friends," Lawrence Jones, editor-in-chief of Campus Reform, said this story is yet another example of the political correctness running amok on campuses.
"The social justice warriors and the speech police are out to destroy history," he said, asking where this all stops. 
"Why not ... just remove the 'Cross' from the name Holy Cross? That's ultimately what the Crusaders were defending," said Rachel Campos-Duffy.
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A troop of Turkish soldiers pose with their rifles, circa 1912 or 1913.
Muslim Atrocities Are Ignored
Jihadist Muslim Turks controlled much of the Balkans.
The Muslims were twice beating at the gates of Vienna, Austria in wars.
The Turks had conquered all of the Balkans reducing the Christian population to 
near slaves
in their own nations.  In war after war the Austrians and Russians 
slowly pushed the Muslims out and liberated the Christians peoples.

Christian Wars of Liberation in Europe

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Muslim Genocide against the Armenian people.
 Greek Genocide by Muslims.

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