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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

1984 - YouTuber faces prison for joke video

Thought Criminal

UK barely recognizable as a free country anymore

(Infowars)  -  A YouTuber has been convicted by a UK court of being “grossly offensive” over a video in which he trained his pet dog to do a Nazi salute and now faces prison time.
Mark Meechan created a satirical video to annoy his girlfriend in which he trained his pug called Buddha to raise its paw when he said the words “Sieg Heil”.
This led to a long drawn out “hate crime trial” which came to a close today when Meechan was convicted of being “grossly offensive,” creating the chilling precedent that offensive humor is against the law.
Meechan was convicted despite the fact that not a single person complained about the video. He was also defended by David Baddiel, one of the UK’s top Jewish comedians.
Authorities evidently wanted to make an example of him from the very start.
During the reading of the verdict, it was reportedly mentioned that the UK is a “multi-cultural” society.
Apparently, you can’t have multiculturalism and free speech at the same time.
Given that border authorities are now banning people from entering the country for the crime of little more than criticizing Islam, the UK is now barely recognizable as a free country anymore.
Meechan faces up to 6 months in jail.

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