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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Ron Paul Urges Wyoming Governor to Sign Bill to Treat Gold and Silver as Money

The Olden Days When Gold and Silver was Money.
When gold and silver was money somehow the sun came up every day, children played, businesses did business, people went to work and lived their lives.  But our ever so smart economists from the very best schools (who think loaning money to Greece and Puerto Rico is a good idea) tell us we are the "crazy" ones for wanting a stable gold backed currency and balanced budgets. 

(Tenth Amendment Center)  -  Ron Paul produced a video message urging Wyoming residents to contact Gov. Matt Mead and urge him to sign a bill that would define gold and silver specie as legal tender and eliminate all taxes levied on it. Paul said the legislation “has a great deal of significance.”

Titled the Wyoming Legal Tender Act, House Bill 103 (HB103) defines gold and silver specie as “legal tender,” meaning it would be recognized as a medium of exchange for the payment of debts and taxes in the state. Practically speaking, gold and silver specie would be treated as money, putting it on par with Federal Reserve notes in Wyoming.
If Mead signs the bill into law, it will pave the way for the use of gold and silver in everyday transactions and could help undermine the Federal Reserve’s monopoly on money.
Paul said the bill isn’t even doing anything new. It simply takes a step toward aligning the state with the U.S. Constitution.
“The states are supposed to use only gold and silver as legal tender. It’s as simple as that.”
Paul noted that things move agonizingly slow in Washington D.C. Passing bills like this at the state level are an important step toward real monetary reform.
“It’s just to me sad that we are so far removed from the Constitution. But a little bit here and a little bit there, there is going to be a revolution in monetary policy.”
Paul emphasized that monetary reform is an important step toward reducing the power of the federal government.
“Believe me, the size and scope and interference of government would change a whole lot if we could rein in the monetary system, rein in the Federal Reserve and rein in this spending.”
Paul said the big thing now is to convince the governor to sign HB103 into law.
If you live in Wyoming, contact Gov. Mead at 307-777-7434 and ask him politely but firmly to sign HB103 into law.
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Sound Money
The GOP stood for Sound Money in the election of 1896 but have become insane big spenders printing endless "free" paper money to cover an obscene national debt.  Now there is a revolt at the state level demanding that gold and silver be brought back as legal tender.

"Paper money eventually returns to 
its intrinsic value: zero."

"Not worth a Continental"
From day one the American Congress printed money out of thin air with no real world value.  By the end of 1778, Continentals retained from 1/5 to 1/7 of their face value. By 1780, the bills were worth 1/40th of face value. Congress attempted to reform the currency by removing the old bills from circulation and issuing new ones, without success. By May 1781, Continentals had become so worthless that they ceased to circulate as money.

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the good days of gold bullion are over since 71
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