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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Should Hollywood Select Our Presidents? - Popular vote vs Electoral College

Fact of the Week
Los Angeles (Hollywood) and New York City 
gave Hillary Clinton her entire margin 
of victory in the popular vote. 

By Gary;

We have NEVER been a democracy. Sometimes I wonder if we are even a republic . . . but I digress.

As we know an Electoral College of Sovereign States, not the people, elect the President.

The debate rages on abolishing the Electoral College in favor of a popular vote of all the people.

Don't feel left out if your vote does not count. Looking around the world many democratic nations do not have voters elect their leaders.  Parliaments elect the leaders of nations like Canada, Britain, Japan, Israel, Australia and India.

On the other hand, the direct election of Presidents exists in France, Brazil, Mexico, the Philippines, Kenya, South Korea, Taiwan, Argentina, Colombia and more.

The U.S. does indeed stand alone with a system that no one these days would deliberately choose.

Democracy vs. Federalism

Our system is a relic of a very brief moment in time. When the Constitution was written Monarchy was the standard of government. The mass voting of a population simple did not exist. Thus came the Electoral College to fill that gap.

If the Constitution has been written just 20 years later I doubt the College would have even been bothered with.

So what to do today?    Is every citizen equal? Do states have rights? Why should states have rights?

For many, many elections the country has been divided nearly 50/50. But voting patterns are not equal. The ultra landslide numbers in just Los Angeles and New York City can literally elect a President.

Is it right for two cities alone to decide the direction of a nation that is otherwise equally divided?

The debate goes on.

Los Angeles County Election Results
Nationwide the Hildabeast got 2.6 million more popular votes 
that Trump.  Los Angeles County and New York City alone 
gave Hillary 3.18 million votes.

New York City Election Results
Ultra mega landslides in just two urban areas gave Clinton 
her entire popular vote victory.
Should just two American cities dictate
who is President of an entire nation?



It's called United States of America for a reason

Anonymous said...

They even cannot select their Oscar awardees !!!
How can they do ...
Thats something for Will Smith and wife to do ...