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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

FAKE NEWS - Dem says Electoral College should consider Russian "hacking"

More Corporate Fake News

  • The Obama run CIA claims in a secret report that Russia hacked the election. No proof at all is offered and we simple peasants are not allowed to read this report because it is secret.
  • Naturally the bought and paid for Corporate Media Machine runs with this latest Fake News story to discredit President Trump.

(Politico)  -  A Democratic congressman is suggesting that members of the Electoral College should be able to consider Russian interference in the presidential election — and whether it influenced the outcome — when deciding how to cast their vote.

"To the extent that foreign interference in the United States presidential elections may have influenced the final result, I believe the electors have the right to consider that,” Rep. David Cicilline (D-R.I.) said in a statement to POLITICO on Saturday.

Cicilline appears to be the first member of Congress and the highest-ranking elected official in the country to endorse the notion that electors aren’t simply rubber stamps for their states’ popular vote. 

Earlier Saturday, he retweeted a Rhode Island-based national security expert who argued that the intelligence community “must brief electoral college about Russia before vote.”

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Anonymous said...

better roll Putin as electoral counsellor of american elections