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Monday, December 5, 2016

Democrats Demand TSA Pander to Transsexuals

São Paulo LGBT Pride Parade Announces 2016 Event Will Focus on Transgender Rights

The Loony Left Strikes Again

At last word, the TSA has still never stopped a terrorist. According to a DHS report, it failed to detect banned weapons and mock explosives in 95% of trials. But as Shrillary might shriek, what difference does it make? As a federal agency, its main objective is to advance moonbattery. To that end:
Rep. Kathleen Rice, D-N.Y., introduced legislation [last] week aimed at changing airport security screening procedures for transgender people.
A description of the bill in the Congressional Record said the bill, H.R. 6420, is meant to “improve the screening of transgender persons at airport security checkpoints.”
Here’s the problem, according to moonbats:
Rice and other Democrats said machines require screeners to select “male” or “female” in order to configure the scanner for each person.
“This protocol may be well-suited to screen some cisgender passengers, but they do so at the expense of singling out transgender or gender nonconforming individuals whose physical appearances may not necessarily match their biological sex,” Democrats wrote. “Cisgender” is a term that refers to anyone who isn’t transgender.
After persons of sacred transgenderedness feel they are being pandered to with sufficient obsequiousness, then maybe the TSA will turn its attention to preventing terrorists from boarding with explosives.

Meanwhile the rest of us at the airport . . . 

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