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Monday, December 19, 2016

2.4 million Californians REFUSED to vote for U.S. Senate

The People's Republic of California

  • Last month yet another phony pretend election was held where California voters are given the "choice" between a Leftist open borders Democrat for Senate or a Leftist open borders Democrat for Senate.
  • Under California's corrupt top two primary system all small opposition political parties and independent candidates have been banned from the ballot.  You are allowed to vote only for the parties the special interest Elites allow you to vote for and your write-in vote has been declared illegal. In this case even a GOP candidate did not make it to the general election.
  • Millions of voters, including myself, did the only thing we could do, scream fuck you and leave that office blank on the ballot.

(Ballot Access News)  -  The California Statement of Votes for November 2016 is here. On page three, one sees that 14,610,509 ballots were cast. 
A few pages later, one sees the returns for U.S. Senate. Only 12,244,170 votes were cast for that office. This means that 2,366,339 voters cast a ballot, but did not vote for U.S. Senate. They represent 16.2% of all ballots.
There is always some drop-off between votes cast for President and votes cast for U.S. Senate, but 16.2% is very large and probably unprecedented in California. U.S. Senate is immediately below President on the ballot. The cause of this drop-off is surely that only two Democrats were on the ballot for U.S. Senate, with no write-in space.
The last time California had a U.S. Senate election and a presidential election in the same year, in which the top-two system did not exist, was 2004. In 2004, the drop-off was only 4.3%. 
In 2004 the number of ballots was 12,589,683, and the number of votes for U.S. Senate was 12,053,293. In 2004 voters had a choice of five candidates, and write-in space.
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One-Party Rule
Other countries where only one party is on the ballot include Communist North Korea, Communist China, Communist Vietnam and Communist Cuba.
Now the People's Republic of California joins their overseas Brothers in holding mock, pretend elections.

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