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Friday, December 16, 2016

Liars, Whores and Traitors - The Slow Death of the Republic

The Left Attacks Trump
  • Trump thinking for himself is not allowed. Trump must get daily propaganda "briefings" from the liars in the CIA and NSA.
  • From big city voter fraud to trying censor "fake news" we seen the Left drifting to totalitarianism.

By Gary;

I feel like I have entered the Twilight Zone.

There used to be things called Honor and Patriotism.  No more.

The great liar, former CIA Director Leon Panetta, said with a straight face that President Trump risks getting the blame if he does not listen to the BS intelligence briefings belched out by the corrupt CIA, NSA and FBI.

This is coming from the traitor who allowed our men to die in Benghazi and who lied to the families of the dead heroes.

And the press treats liar creeps like Panetta as a God and says, "Bow down to our Master Panetta. He held a position in government."  Screw that.

The uncle of Sean Smith who died at Benghazi got it right when he ripped into Panetta, Obama and Clinton.

He demanded that the Obama administration be “held accountable for their criminal acts.”
I pray that we elect a President in 2016 who has a moral compass, who doesn’t arm and fund our enemies, who does not overthrow heads of state because they oppose a new world order, and who does not operate in the shadows of the Oval Office.
I pray for justice for my nephew Sean Smith, Ambassador Chris Stevens, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods.
Lastly, I pray that President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Leon Panetta, and all those involved in the events that lead to the Benghazi attack are held accountable for their criminal acts. The lesson of Benghazi is that both political parties share the guilt.
But as usual no one in the corrupt leadership ever goes to jail. 
What is perhaps more frightening is no one in the bought off media machine has the balls to call these bastards out to their faces on live TV. 
Where are the patriots? Everyone allows the lies and corruption to go on and on in the hope they might get a share for themselves by playing along.

Abolish the CIA & NSA
Conventional wisdom says we need the CIA and NSA to protect the country when in reality the CIA makes us less safe by arming Islamic terrorists and running unconstitutional wars.
With liars and scumbags like Panetta, James Comey and James Clapper running these agencies I think we are worse off with the agencies existing than if they were abolished.
The NSA spends almost all their time unconstitutionally spying on the American people. . . . . not on Islamist monsters. The FBI spends their time covering up for the Elites.
Also none of the agencies and their spying did jack to protect us from Islamic massacres like the Boston Bombing, the Orlando Nightclub massacre or the San Bernardino butchery.
The CIA is simply a joke. The world is an open book with military satellites and Google Earth watching everyone and billions of cell phone users photographing everything and uploading it to the net for all to see. 
The "spying" the CIA claims they are doing is nearly meaningless. If a nation does a military build up or crosses some border it is all over the Internet in 2 minutes.
Are there any patriots in these spy organizations? Some. But I do not think there are enough patriots to change the agencies and their culture of corruption. 
Can Trump drain a corrupt swamp? I doubt it. The agencies themselves are the problem. Appointing a few new zoo keepers will not change the animals in the zoo.

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Anonymous said...

they are been "freeze up" by the dark powers in the Republic ... the dark powers of the New World Order