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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Syrian troops attacked by Obama backed forces

Obama Still Trying to Overthrow Syria

  • Caesar Obama has fully injected the U.S. into Syria's civil war with Kurdish troops attacking Syrian soldiers.
  • Call me a "crazy" Blogger, which I am, but for 10,000 years the peoples of Syria have managed to run their own affairs without the "help" of American bombs and weapons. Maybe, just maybe, we could mind our own business instead of spreading death and anarchy.

HASAKAH, Syria  (Daily Beast) – U.S.-allied Kurdish fighters have Syrian President Bashar Assad’s militias under siege in the northern Syrian city of Hasakah, and they are leaving them two options: “Surrender or die.”
In a conflict where alliances shift kaleidoscopically and the potential consequences of unwanted clashes are apocalyptic, this battle has raised the possibility Washington will be drawn into a direct conflict with the Syrian regime even as the Obama administration continues to focus its war effort on the forces of the so-called Islamic State, or ISIS.
The Americans’ key allies in the Syrian theater, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units, or YPG, are now very clearly fighting both ISIS and Assad. The lines of demarcation are increasingly hard to draw in Hasakah—and above it.

On Thursday, U.S. planes scrambled over the region when Syrian Air Force SU-24 attack planes launched strikes near the city.
A Defense Department spokesman, Navy Capt. Jeff Davis, suggested that “coalition personnel” were on the ground there. He did not get into specifics, but as we have reported previously, numerous American and European advisors are very close to the action in Syria.
Only a few days ago, these Kurdish forces—in alliance with some Arab contingents backed by U.S. airstrikes and supported by U.S. and other Western special forces—played a major role taking the strategic city of Manbij away from the fighters of the so-called Islamic State.
Now very confident, seasoned, and well-armed, the Kurds appear about to achieve a victory not just over Assad’s beleaguered partisans in Hasakah, but by extension against his strategic backers from Iran, Lebanese Hezbollah—and Russia.

Previously, the Assad regime and its supporters had acquiesced in the Kurdish operations against ISIS. Damascus was aware that the Kurds’ goal is to establish a federal autonomous (if not indeed independent from Damascus) region called Rojava along the northern Syrian frontier. That’s no secret.
But Damascus clearly thought it could address other threats first, putting its priority on crushing any remotely credible opposition, then perhaps turning on ISIS, which it initially helped foster, then taking care of the Kurdish problem one way or the other.
The Hasakah fighting has brought that tacit agreement to an end.
Moscow, hoping a deal might yet be made for a truce, sent a delegation last week to try to broker a ceasefire, but there was none to be had.
The Kurds now reject any form of agreement and demand regime forces leave the province of Hasakah altogether, giving the YPG and its political arm, the Democratic Union Party (PYD), complete control.
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Rebel coalition in northwest Syria's Idlib province

Kurds shelled with American weapons
The anti-ISIS Kurdish militia (YPG) are being attacked in Syria with U.S. weapons used by NATO member Turkey. The official story of ISIS is a lie. The Islamists are a creation of the CIA and our Islamist allies Turkey and Saudi Arabia..
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