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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Obama's Libyan war rages on and on

The Unconstitutional Libyan War

  • Bi-Partisan  -  Note that the GOP acts as cheerleaders for Comrade Obama's endless unconstitutional wars in Libya, Syria, Yemen and Somalia.
  • We use the CIA and the military to ship in weapons and then when all Hell breaks out both parties call for more war to stop the war we just started.

(Long War Journal)  -  US Africa Command announced today that the US has carried out 62 “precision” airstrikes since Aug. 1 in support of “Operation Odyssey Lightning,” which seeks to dislodge the Islamic State from its stronghold in Sirte, Libya. On Aug. 17, the US bombed 13 “enemy fighting positions” and a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED).
Al Bunyan Al Marsoos (“Solid Structure”) operations room, which draws fighters from militias based in Misrata and is allied with Libya’s Government of National Accord (GNA), is the main ground force seeking to clear the city. Special Forces from the US, and possibly other Western nations, are on the ground in Sirte as well.
Yesterday, Al Bunyan Al Marsoos released a map of the situation in Sirte, highlighting areas where clashes are taking place in the interior of the city on the Mediterranean coast. 

The map, which can be seen above, is generally consistent with an infographic the Islamic State released earlier this week. However, the Islamic State claimed to be in control of four neighborhoods that, in reality, appear to be contested.
Despite losing ground, the Islamic State continues to launch suicide bombings and other attacks inside the city. The Islamic State’s fighters have carried out a string of VBIED assaults since the offensive against Sirte began in May. The American precision airstrikes have taken out some of these VBIEDs, but not all of them.
Earlier today, two suicide bombers detonated VBIEDs in the western part of Sirte. The Associated Press cited a spokesman for Al Bunyan Al Marsoos as saying that the suicide terrorists came from outside the city into the interior to support their fellow jihadists, who are surrounded. The initial reports indicate that there are significant casualties, with 10 or more killed and many others wounded.
Even as the Islamic State detonates VBIEDs inside Sirte, Al Bunyan Al Marsoos is emphasizing a return to normalcy in parts of the city. Al Bunyan al Marsoos released the photos seen below on its official Twitter feed today. Below that set of pictures are images tweeted on Aug. 16 depicting fighters from Al Bunyan Al Marsoos advancing in Residential area no. 2, which is also highlighted on the map reproduced above.
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            Colonel Gaddafi captured, tortured and killed

Bombing Libya so Islamists can take over

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Blast from the past cartoon

Obama's Military Intervention in Libya
The United States deployed a naval force of 11 ships, including the amphibious assault ship USS Kearsarge, the amphibious transport dock USS Ponce, the guided-missile destroyers USS Barry and USS Stout, the nuclear attack submarines USS Providence and USS Scranton, the cruise missile submarine USS Florida and the amphibious command ship USS Mount Whitney.

A-10 ground-attack aircraftB-2 stealth bombers, AV-8B Harrier II jump-jets, EA-18G Growler electronic warfare aircraft, P-3 Orions, and both F-15E and F-16 fighters were involved in action over Libya.U-2 reconnaissance aircraft were stationed on Cyprus.

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