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Saturday, August 6, 2016

1984 - Big Brother builds a pre-crime list of "possible" victims

Are You on Big Brother's List?

  • Police are secretly gathering computerized lists of "possible" crime victims . . . a list you are NOT allow to see.  
  • You can bet that if the police are building a computer list of possible victims to watch they are also doing a computer list of "suspicious" people to spy on.

(Chicago Tribune)  -  What if someone you knew had a 16 percent chance of being shot? Would you tell him or her? That 16 percent, by the way, is roughly the same odds of being shot in a game of Russian roulette with a six-shooter. What, if anything, would you do to get your friend out of harm's way?
Over the past three years, the Chicago Police Department has been using data analytics to generate what it calls its Strategic Subject List to inform people of probabilities just like the one above. 
The SSL contains the names of people that the CPD's predictive algorithm deems to be the most likely victims — and perpetrators — of gun violence. The logic underlying the SSL is that gun violence is intensely concentrated within small, identifiable social networks.
Chicago police Superintendent Eddie Johnson recently reported that 50 out of the 64 gunshot victims (or roughly 78 percent) from the Memorial Day weekend were on the SSL.
The CPD's use of predictive analytics to develop the SSL has come under intense national criticism. Why?

One reason is lack of transparency. The algorithm used to populate the SSL has not been made public and how the SSL is being used has not been clear. Secrecy during a time when mistrust of the police is high simply fans the flames of cynicism and mistrust. 

Reducing gun violence in our cities means valuing and saving the lives of the very people who are likely to be on any list of potential victims — including and especially those with a criminal record whose chances of finding family-sustaining employment, securing housing or finishing school are often blocked by practices and policies that have little to do with their individual situations.

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Homeland Security Pre-Crime Software

Philip K. Dick 
Dick was generations ahead of his time
in predicting Big Brother.

Big Brother is Watching You
and the mindless Sheeple roll over and bleat baaah.

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