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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Trump will be on the ballot twice

A Choice, Not An Echo
The Conservative American Independent Party 
nominates Donald Trump for President.

(Los Angeles Times)  -  Donald Trump will be presented to California voters on Nov. 8 as the nominee of two different political parties, after leaders of the ultra-conservative American Independent Party voted to select the New York real estate developer as its standard bearer.

It will be the first time a presidential candidate is listed on the California ballot as the choice of two parties in at least 80 years, state election officials said.

“We are the demographic that Trump is appealing to,” said Markham Robinson, the secretary of the American Independent Party of California. “We are heeding the voice of our voters.”

Trump and his running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, were chosen over the weekend by AIP members at the party’s convention in Sacramento.

The state’s American Independent Party platform includes sharply conservative positions on abortion, as well as opposition to same-sex marriage and illegal immigration.

Trump’s stance on immigration, especially his promise to build a wall along the entire U.S. Mexico border was especially appealing to AIP members who voted on the party’s nomination.

“Obviously, the man is not opposed to immigration, because he’s imported workers,” Robinson said. “He’s against dangerous immigration and unfair immigration.”

The size of AIP voter registration in California — more than 457,000 in the late May report by Secretary of State Alex Padilla — ensures the party’s spot on the statewide ballot. 

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Banned in California
In 2010 Chelene Nightingale was the nominee of the American Independent Party
for Governor of California.  
Her party had been on the California ballot since 
1968 until "reforms" pushed by Democrats and Republicans banned her 
party from the general election ballot along with the California Libertarian Party
the Peace and Freedom Party, and the Green Party.  
Other nations that ban opposition political parties include Communist Cuba, Communist China and Communist Vietnam.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to shine things a little . But if Trump want to win , he`s doing everything to lose to Hillary ... i think he is "bought off " by foreign and domestic shadow undemocratic powers as he keep saying and doing stupid things .

Gary said...

Give me a break. A man who has spent his life crushing those who oppose him so he can win is "bought off".