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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Syria launches air strikes against ISIS in Palmyra

A Syrian bombing run against rebels.

Warning to Readers
Using your reasoning power might be dangerous.
  • FACT #1  -  ISIS attacked and captured the Syrian held city of Palymra.  Now the Syrian government has launched 15 air strikes against ISIS trying to recapture Palymra.
  • FACT #2  -  The U.S. and our Islamist allies of Turkey and Saudi Arabia have shipped mountains of weapons into Syria to overthrow that government which is fighting against ISIS.
  • SO THINK  -  If the Russian backed Syrians are fighting against ISIS then who is providing the weapons and ammo resupplies to ISIS to continue their war against the Syrians?  Spell it out all together now:  C-I-A. 

(The Telegraph)  -  The Syrian government has launched at least 15 airstrikes around the ancient town of Palmyra as it tried to loosen the grip of Islamic State (Isil) militants there.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a monitoring group, said that at least four civilians were killed in the bombing raids, the most intense since the jihadists overran the city on Thursday. Dozens of people were reportedly wounded in the raids, and Isil is believed to have suffered losses when a military security building was hit.

Isil is accused of executing hundreds of people in and around Palmyra - a Unesco world heritage site - since it swept into the city last week after a lightning advance across the desert from its stronghold in the Euphrates Valley to the east. The group has released photographs showing beheaded corpses lying in the streets.

The Islamic State flag flies from Palmyra Castle

They have also taken hostages: in one recent set of images, 20 terrified soldiers could be seen, packed into a small room.

Video footage posted online on Saturday appeared to show damage to civilian homes on Palmyra’s outskirts, apparently the result of fighting between the regime and the militants. At one point, the camera pans across the horizon, offering viewers a glimpse of the majestic classical ruins that sit outside the city limits.

As well as devastating communities, Isil’s rampage from the Middle East and North Africa has resulted in the destruction of some of the region’s most precious archaeological sites. Last week, Isil hung its black flag in part of Palmyra’s ancient city, raising fears that its destruction would be imminent. Although the militants have tended to spare historical sites that do not depict deities, damage to Palmyra’s ruins could have propaganda value.

 Monday’s airstrikes targeted several areas of the city, including some close to the Greco-Roman ruins, a military source told Reuters.

The loss of Palmyra and its surrounding gas fields marked a major blow for Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, severing a key supply line to his embattled forces in the eastern province of Deir Ezzor and depriving his western strongholds from an important source of energy. The fall of the city is seen as indicative of a wider collapse among regime forces. 

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