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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Friday, May 29, 2015

Carly Fiorina and other joke candidates for President

Captain Briggs: Don't you lecture me, you son of a bitch! Do you know who I am? Do you know my record?
Harry Callahan: Yeah... you're a legend in your own mind.

By Gary;

Dirty Harry is right yet again.  We are being subjected to a parade of candidates for President who are legends in their own minds.

The insane 24-7 Internet and cable TV news cycle is massively hungry for "info-tainment".  To feed their viewers and generate ratings (it is all about ratings) we are force fed a diet of fringe and loser candidates for President.

Does anyone seriously think Ben Carson could run the Federal Government? or George Pataki get the nomination? or Rick Santorum?

The list people who think they are great goes on and on to reach the point of being a national joke.  But the media machine will shove this parade of clown car candidates at us with a straight face and demand we watch them.

Many of these "candidates" are just auditioning for possible cabinet posts in a future GOP administration.  Others are on an ego trip and want to hear themselves talk.

This is 100% pure narcissism.

Other "candidates" bring nothing to the GOP electoral college table.  In 2012 a Romney-Ryan ticket failed to carry either of their home states.  The same would be true for many of the current crop of pretend candidates.  Some come from states the GOP would carry in any election or from states the GOP cannot win.

This herd needs to be rapidly and humanely thinned by the voters.  Let Darwinism bring us its magic as fast as possible.

Losing in a Landslide
Like Mitt Romney before her, Carly brings a big fat nothing to the GOP electoral college table.  2010 was a strong Republican year that saw the rise of the Tea Party and the GOP take over of the House.  With a GOP wave in full force Carly lost her Senate election by ten percentage points.  If she cannot bring California into the GOP column then she fails as a candidate.  

United States Senate election in California, 2010
DemocraticBarbara Boxer (Incumbent)5,218,44152.2
RepublicanCarly Fiorina4,217,36642.2
LibertarianGail Lightfoot175,2421.8
Peace and FreedomMarsha Feinland135,0931.4
GreenDuane Roberts128,5101.2
American IndependentEdward Noonan125,4411.2
N/AJames E. Harris (Write-in)410.0
N/AConnor Vlakancic (Write-in)110.0
N/AJerry Leon Carroll (Write-in)100.0
N/AHans J. Kugler (Write-in)50.0
Invalid or blank votes %
Total votes10,000,160100
Voter turnout %

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