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Friday, May 8, 2015

Open Borders Parties Pull 89% of UK Vote

The Sheeple of Britain have Spoken

It is the Death of the West as open borders 
parties win elections in all nations.

  1. SNP sweeps through Scotland, wiping out Labour seats
  2. Labour's Douglas Alexander and Jim Murphy lose seats
  3. Exit polls suggest Tories will win 316 seats - just short of a majority
  4. Labour predicted to win 239 seats - down 19
  5. Liberal Democrat support dives - forecast to lose 47 seats

By Gary;

I will be dealing with the British elections in the next 24 hours.  But for now let me bring up the real story of the election.  The story that will not be covered by corporate owned media machines on both the Left and the Right:

Open Borders parties won 89% of the vote.

The multi-national corporate big business interests that own the media machine make up bullshit issues to keep a Sheeple public distracted from open borders policies designed to flood the markets with cheap labor and water down the voting base of native born citizens.

The anti-immigration UK Independence Party (UKIP) tried their best to break through the media clutter and attacks on them.  But some 89% of the voters proved that they:

  1. Don't give a damn about their own culture any more. 
  2. Don't care about their jobs being threatened by imported labor.
  3. Proved they are mindless Sheep who obey their Masters in government out of some stupid "loyalty" to their corrupt party.

I am not just singling out the British here.  Open borders parties are winning elections all over Europe.  Meanwhile in the good old USA both of our corrupt parties are open borders.

It is the Death of the West.

But you know, if the Sheeple of the U.S. and Europe are too fucking stupid to elect people who will protect their borders then maybe the West deserves to die.

Open Borders Britain
The British Sheeple eagerly elect hack politicians who deliberately want to import people into the country who hate British culture and Western valures of freedom.

A Lost Opportunity
The UK Independence Party gave British voters a clear opportunity to get control of their borders.  But the Sheeple have spent a lifetime worshiping the open borders Labour and Conservative parties.  The Sheeple knee-jerked and voted to abolish their own country. 

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