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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Secret Police files on Star Trek fans were kept

A Government of Idiots

  • The retards that run our "security services" waste their time on fans of TV shows.

(Daily Mail)  -  Star Trek and The X-Files were among science-fiction TV shows monitored by Scotland Yard over fears they posed a potential threat to national security, it was revealed yesterday.

Nineties TV shows Dark Skies, Roswell, Millennium and the film Lawnmower Man were also watched by the Metropolitan Police Special Branch, according to newly-released files.

Police were concerned British fans of the US shows would kill themselves or turn against society, while they also kept tabs on the shows to protect the country from rioting and cyber-attacks.

The report compiled in 1997 said that viewers obsessed with the programmes could go into a frenzy triggered by the millennium, leading to anarchy and ‘an act of extreme violence’.

It read: ‘Fuel is added to the fire by television dramas and feature films mostly produced in America. These draw together the various strands of religion, UFOs, conspiracies, and mystic events and put them in an entertaining story line.

‘It is not being suggested that the production companies are intentionally attempting to ferment trouble. However, producers of programmes, including The X-Files, Millennium, Dark Skies and Star Trek, know what psychological buttons to press to excite interest in their products.

‘Obviously, this is not sinister in itself. What is of concern is the devotion certain groups and individuals ascribe to the contents of these programmes.’

The report maintained that as the nineties drew to a close, various groups were showing ‘an unhealthy interest’ in microchip technology and barcodes.

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