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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

My White Privilege makes me feel "very gross" says Chelsea Handler

More Anti-White Racism
 . . . From Whites

  • Liberalism is indeed a mental disorder. Insane Leftists hate themselves, their culture, their religion and their own nations.

Far-left comedienne Chelsea Handler said her supposed white privilege makes her feel “very gross” about herself, adding that her skin color and Jewish heritage has played an instrumental role in her success.

In an interview with ABC’s Ellen DeGeneres, Chelsea Handler discussed her upcoming Netflix series on the issue of white privilege and what inspired her to do it.

“I just started to think about all the privilege I’ve benefited from in this industry, specifically — being a Jew is a bonus, being a girl as a comedian when I was coming up,” she explained. “I had every advantage. Every door opened for me.”

“When I started to look around at people that don’t have as successful of a career or are working twice as hard to achieve the same things, I started to feel very gross about myself. On a very fundamental level, I wanted to explore it further … [starting] with my own white privilege. I’ve been badly behaved for 20 years and getting tons of money thrown at me for being a loudmouth. You could say I’m talented, but you could also say I’m not talented.”

She described Kavanaugh’s eventual confirmation as an embodiment of “white people male power,” but said that she hoped women would now pull together to deliver a crushing victory for the Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections.

“For it to happen is just representative of white male power to me,” she said of Kavanaugh’s confirmation. “It just looks like a bunch of older white turtles and men who are 85-plus, saying, ‘Women, you don’t get a voice.’ And we have to say no to that.”

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